Tony Podesta throws Kim Fritts under the Uranium One bus in Podesta Brothers BOMBSHELL

By John Miller

Wednesday the 1st of November, 2017


Before today we all wondered exactly what Tony Podesta did, except eat Cheese Pizza and collect disgusting images of little children and hang them in his living room. Now we know he was also collecting bags of cash from Moscow, and not just because the Russians were enthralled by his talents as a speaker (does he even speak Russian?), but because Tony Podesta and Podesta Brothers Inc. were THE LOBBYISTS FOR THE URANIUM ONE DEAL!

Tony Podesta

Are you freaking kidding me. Is there a single person in the entire Clinton cartel who wasn’t raking in the dough for selling Putin 1/5 of America’s highly enriched uranium?

I mean nobody even gets close to Bill and Hillary Clinton, they raked in $145 Mil for giving Russians the deadly high-grade uranium that rogue nuclear states can’t get enough off, but come on.

Now we know that Skippy and his brother were in bed with Putin all along too.

No wonder Putin wagered a cool $35 Million on Joule. The coronation of Hillary was looking good, and Creepy McSpiritcooker and Fat Tony were as good as radioactive money in the bank for the Russians.

Poor Putin had to pull the plug on his $35 Million-dollar investment in the Podesta brothers last August, which coincidentally was just when Fat Tony was getting another interesting phone call from some dirty G-Men at the Mueller-Weissmann fishing expedition.

Mueller sold his soul to Hillary Clinton when he delivered a sample of Highly Enriched Uranium directly to Moscow while he was still Director of the FBI in 2009. Weissmann never had a soul to sell.

The muckraker from the Obama Department of Obstructing Justice has a long history of sham convictions, most famously when Chief Justice Rehnquist slapped Weissmann down for destroying 85,000 jobs at Arthur Anderson on a capricious whim. Mostly reversed in lesser courts since then, Weissmann remains the Dems go to guy for quick and dirty bogus convictions.

Imagine my shock then when it turns out Tony got a shady call from a dirty G-Man, tipping him off that indictments were about to fly, and that if Tony wanted to stay out of jail he ought to retroactively fill out all his forms for the work Podesta Brothers did for hostile foreign governments.


Tony then handed Podesta Brothers over to new CEO Kimberley Fritts.

Kimberley Fritts who he lists as the contact for Podesta Group client, URANIUM ONE.

Ruh roh. Looks like Kim Fritts got some splaining to do…


3 thoughts on “Tony Podesta throws Kim Fritts under the Uranium One bus in Podesta Brothers BOMBSHELL

  1. and now Fritts is fronting a new “Firm” that is just the Podestas all over again in disguise while Both Podestas have been getting their assets, like art work, overseas for over a year now. Just like the Awan Family SPY RING in Congress embedded by House Dems were allowed ample time to send Millions of $$ back to Pakistan. If it wasn’t for George Webb and Jason Goodman literally visiting the offices of Reps saying Awan Awan Awan…… YOU would still think that “simple” bank fraud was all Imran Awan was guilty of…..and they’re Stalling THOSE Court Proceedings at that as they push another date from Jan. 2018 to Feb. 2018. George still wears his Ask me About Awans T-Shirt sometimes.

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