Less civilians die every year in Syrian civil war than are murdered each year in South Africa

By John Miller

Wednesday the 1st of November, 2017


Welcome to South Africa, population 54 Million, a country at peace, but where every year between 15 thousand and 20 thousand of are its citizens are murdered.

By way of comparison take Syria, population 18 – 20 Million, a country at war. The brutal civil war in Syria has shocked the world, and Syrian refugees are welcomed with open arms in most countries. In no year of the civil war have civilian casualties exceeded 14 thousand, except for 2014 when ISIS joined the conflict and were most brutal.

In that most terrible year of civil war in Syria, ISIS and Assad between them managed to kill 17,790 Syrian civilians. Last year in South Africa, 19,016 innocent people were murdered.


The total number of homicides has been rising year-on-year in South Africa since 2011/12. What in the name of God is going on in South Africa, and why is nothing being done about it?

In Australia, the population is less than 25 Million. In 2016 there were 452 homicides, up from 416 the year before.

There is no good reason why South Africa, which is also a Christian nation, should have any more than 1000 murders every year.

May God forbid even that, for South Africa has suffered enough, and it is high time that it reached its full potential as a nation.

It is disgraceful that there are so many who treat the nation and its laws with no respect.

The government ought to take a good hard look at itself too, and provide all its citizens with the safety that they deserve, to lead rich and fulfilling lives, without the terror of wondering when their loved ones might be snatched away from them in such a despicable manner.

The Church needs to do all it can, and together with the whole community help the government and the police to rid the nation of South Africa of this vexatious curse.

God bless South Africa, and may Christ protect you all in these troubled times.


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