Globalists in the Ukraine: Paul Manafort, the Oligarchs, Human Traffickers and Cheese Pizza

By John Miller

Tuesday the 31st of October, 2017


We know exactly what Paul Manafort did in the Ukraine, he was Viktor Yanukovych’s Svengali, the untouchable bare knuckle political technologist who seduced Yanukovych and his east Ukrainian voters with sexy demagoguery about NATO, and got a narrow parliamentary victory over the darlings of the West, Tymoshenko and her Orange Revolution in 2006.

This was by no means the end of pro-Western forces in the Ukraine, who still dominated the western half of the country and its parliamentary delegations, and more importantly the Presidency was still theirs.

In 2007 pro-Western guy President Yushenko dissolved the parliament. Pro-Western girl PM Tymoshenko took control of the parliament again, but Manafort’s guy Yanukovych stuck around as part of a national unity government. This coalition lasted until the next Ukrainian political crisis, in 2008, when pro-Putin guy Yanukovych withdrew his support of PM Tymoshenko.


By 2010, when the next Presidential elections were held, Tymoshenko was on the rise, and she crushed her rival Yushenko in the voter pool that they both drew from. Yushenko retired from public life with a humiliating 5% of the vote in the first round of presidential voting. Tymoshenko took her shot at the brass ring against Manafort’s slick campaign for Yanukovych of NATO-baiting, which demonised her as Western puppet, which in all fairness she kind of was.

Yanukovych beat Tymoshenko 48 to 45, but it was a resounding victory for Moscow. Their guy Yanukovich then set out to busily loot the country, and Tymoshenko got Russian justice in 2011, when she was sent to gulag.

Manafort allegedly used his cache with the Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs to become a mini-looter, and if there is any good outcome of the Mueller fishing expedition against President Trump, it is that Manafort got caught out not paying taxes on the $75 million he allegedly stashed in Russian banking havens such as Cyprus.

Silly billy Manafort should have sent his dough to Ireland and the Caymans to get washed like the Globalists. Just put it in a slush fund and buy influence with it like Soros does. HA HA HA imagine going to jail for a paltry $75 mil in unpaid. Get on George Soroses $13.3 BILLION-dollar level Manafort, you chump. You think fake G-men like Mueller and Weissman are ever gonna come for the Soros?


Then something something Obama falls out with Yanukovych, Nazis, Crimea, Putin bad again.

We all know Manafort was a greedy little boy, allegedly, but he made his dirty fortune three years before he met Trump, who gave him a shot at redemption. Manafort duly obliged, put his Young Republican Turk hat back on, and steamrolled #NeverTrump (AKA Paul Singer, Jeff Flake, John McCain, Herbert Walker Grabby McButtcheeks, the Guys at the Manhattan Institute, and Little Marco).

Alas, we won’t remember Manafort as the guy who Forded Reagan, or who Morninged Us In America for Reagan. All that fence jumping eventually caught up with Paul, when Putin sent his Fusion GPS client assets, Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin, to go have a sit down with Manafort, Donald Junior and Jarod Kushner at Trump Tower. At that time crafty Veselnitskaya and Akhmetshin were passing themselves off as foes of Clinton, with all the dirt.

OOOH! You helped Putin trap the president’s son and son-in-law in a honeypot for Hillary. SAD!


Going to down with Manafort is his protégé Rick Gates, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong mentor. Gates allegedly decided to become a mini-mini-looter. Apparently GEOTUS pegged Gates early as hanger-on who rode Manafort’s coat-tails, and now it looks like he will ride them into jail.

Less likely to go to jail is Friend of Hillary and Cheese Pizza aficionado, Fat Tony Podesta, the famous super-lobbyist brother of Creepy McSpiritcooker. What did Tony do while brother John worked all the angles in the Obama Whitehouse, and later ran the Clinton campaign into the ground?

Poor John and Tony, by 2016 they were both already thinking past the election, to all the money they were going to make for Putin on his $35 Million investment in Joule. Alas, Joule became worthless after John failed to do something so simple as rig an election for the Clintons, and in August of this year Putin wound it up.

tone podesta_0

Tony can’t even give the Russians part of his art collection if the Russians come for their money. Putin isn’t into little children bro.

Why am I even mentioning this creep? Well guess who else had their fingers all over the looting of the Ukraine. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy. It’s Fat Tony. I can’t remember if Mueller tried to pretend that they were just Company A or Company B. Does it matter?

What’s important is now we get to take a good look at what these devil worshippers were up to in the Ukraine. I mean Manafort had all the political stuff covered. I’d be more interested to know if Laura Silsby took any flights from Kiev. How about it Mueller, remember back when you used to be a good American, before you sold your soul to Hillary?

Guess who buried the 2008 report on Human Trafficking in the Ukraine put out by the US State Department? Ayyyyyyyyy it’s Fat Tony and Laura Silsby’s buddy Secretary Clinton, and her guy Creepy McSpiritcooker.


Too bad about WikiLeaks. I’ll just leave this here:

“Ukraine is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children trafficked transnationally for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. Ukrainian women are trafficked to Russia, [etc. multiple countries]”

Hey, but read it for yourself.

Will the Molester brothers ever get indicted? That would be some spicy Halloween candy.

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