Daily Caller outs itself as last bastion of Counter-Reformation, runs Fake News headline about Martin Luther in Hell

By John Miller

Tuesday the 31st of October, 2017


Is this some kind of Halloween joke, Tucker? Bedford?

I honestly didn’t even know who Christopher Bedford was, until I took a look to see what passes as an editorial board at the Daily Caller, and I’ve still got no idea what his credentials are, apart from slandering one of the greatest Christian men who ever walked the earth.

Luther translated the Bible into German, and he built a Church that gave hope, faith, and salvation to millions upon millions upon billions, principally in northern Europe, amongst Germans and Scandinavians, but also many, many, others.

This great man Luther, whose legacy was spread across the globe by Lutheran missionary societies is now to be demonised by Cucker Tarlson, Chris Who, and some fellow from the Saint John Vianney Seminary?


And what was Luther’s great crime?

He had the audacity to tell Protestants to read the Scriptures for themselves, and translate them into the native language.

I am not going to punch right against the Catholic Church, because it is a fine and holy institution, but we all know that it has had its share of Borgia Popes, so I think we can all take with a grain of salt some salty theologian with a grudge against Luther.

Would you like me to defend each one of Luther’s actions? Oh ho don’t make me laugh, Catholic Church. How did you even pick out that mote in Luther’s eye, against the beam in your own?

Are you so offended that we Protestants rely so heavily upon the grace of God, and our faith in Christ? Is the Daily Caller News Foundation really the place to pick at the theological debate of faith against works?

Who made you the Pope of who gets into Hell, you petty little man, Alan Fimister.

Disavow and apologise to every Lutheran and every Protestant immediately, Tucker.

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