Trump 1 – Swamp 0, Manafort goes under the bus

By John Miller

Monday the 30th of October, 2017


When Paul Manafort organised a meeting between the Kremlin lawyer and the Kremlin lobbyist who were paying Fusion GPS to subvert the Magnitsky Act, he was at the same time creating proofs for Fusion that some tenuous link existed between Trump and the Kremlin. No link existed at all before Manafort got Donald Junior and Kushner to meet with the Russians.

Once upon a time before they desperately needed him to go under the bus the Swamp used to laud Paul Manafort. The young prodigy who helped Ford fend off Reagan in ’76. The genius who sold Morning In America for Reagan in ’84. The middling talent who wheeled out Dole in ’96. Manafort has served the Swamp admirably.


When Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin needed an introduction to the Trump camp, Paul was their guy. The Kremlin lawyer and the Kremlin lobbyist presented themselves as opponents of Hillary, with intimate knowledge of her crimes, but we all that the Kremlin had been working hand in hand with Clinton since 2009 at least, because we have her emails. Putin funnelled at least $145 million to the Clintons in exchange for 1/5 of America’s uranium.

In June 2016 Hilary Clinton was widely expected to become the next President of the United States. Putin had a $35 million-dollar stake in Skippy Podesta via a company named Joule. Clinton had a $12 million-dollar deal in place with Fusion GPS to smear Trump. Fusion were long-time associates of Veselnitskaya and Akhmetshin. Could it be any more obvious what Clinton crony Mueller is desperately trying to obfuscate here?

Donald Junior and Jared Kushner had no idea who Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin really were, but Paul Manafort knew. Everybody at Fusion GPS knew too. What a remarkable coincidence that at the same time as Christopher Steele was banging out lurid memos for Fusion about Trump and the Russians so they could collect a $12 Million-dollar bounty from Hillary Clinton, that Manafort should introduce Veselnitskaya and Akhmetshin to Don Jr and Kushner as implacable foes of the Clintons. What a sick joke.


Mueller wasted everybodys time looking for proofs of the Fake Dossier that Hillary paid Fusion for, and it has been decided somewhere in the bowels of the Swamp that McCain did nothing wrong when he gave the dossier to Mueller’s buddy Comey. It looks like the sacrificial lamb is going to be Manafort, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Manafort is the gift that keeps on giving to the Swamp, whose real enemy has always been Trump. They hated the President long before he fired Comey for trying to smear him with a Fake Dossier. They have been massively invested in tearing Trump down since at least October 2015, when Paul Singer and the Fake Conservatives behind Little Marco started throwing bags of money at Fusion GPS.

Trump got his first national Security briefing on August 17, 2016. He got rid of Manafort two days later. No amount of outrage about what Manafort did or didn’t do during his days as a lobbyist in the Ukraine in 2013 can alter those facts.

Here are the facts about Hillary Clinton. As Secretary of State she took a $145 Million dollar bribe from a hostile power to facilitate a deal that recklessly endangered the life of everyone on the planet – and she should be in jail.


Trump has always acted honourably and in the best interests of America. He has always remained faithful to the Republican base, and he has served their interests above his own.

No other politician in the history of the world has been as demonised and scrutinised as Trump, who from the first days of his administration has been investigated by his enemies, and the best they can come up with after ten months is some garbage the guy who set him up did three years before he met him.

Imagine my shock when it turns out Manafort was always a scumbag.

The culmination of the efforts of the plotters behind the June 2016 meeting was the Mueller investigation, and it has produced nothing at all incriminating on Trump.

A clean bill of health. Trump 1 – Swamp 0.

Mueller has been carrying water for Hillary for a long time, and he is utterly shameless. He and Weissmann are no strangers to fabricating crimes out of nothing, and they have already been given long enough to cause mischief.

Mister President, tell this dirty cop and his dirty lawyer friend to pack their bags and go, and give us the Special Counsel that America demands, one who will properly investigate everything that Putin did with Fusion GPS. Hillary Clinton thinks she is above the law. Time for a real investigation into Uranium One.

Manafort is not enough. We demand that everybody who took money from Putin be properly investigated. Mr President, it’s time to counter-punch these dirty crooks.

Clinton, Podesta, and the whole gosh darned Swamp, your days are numbered. Trump won’t take this lying down.



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