Flashback 2010: Good pals Obama and Yanukovych, laughing about Obama giving Putin all that uranium.

By John Miller

Tuesday the 31st of October, 2017


Russia collusion? Never heard of her.

Remember when it was OK to collude with Russia, as long as you were only giving them 1/5 of your highly enriched uranium by approving the Uranium One deal? Thanks Obama.


Yes, 2010 was a much simpler time, when nobody was cynical about Bill Clinton giving those $500,000 speeches to Renaissance Capital in Moscow. I wonder if anybody told him that Renaissance was the bank buying all the Uranium One stock for Putin? Boy I’ll bet his face was red when he found out. Something like that could really tarnish a guy’s image.

A bumper year for the Clinton Foundation too. How did the Russians know Hillary Clinton would need exactly $145 Million to lose the 2016 Presidential race? Good guy Putin, always coming through for his friends.

And let’s not forget lovable rogue Viktor Yanukovych, and his chief political strategist Paul Manafort. Back in 2010 those guys were super-duper. Real class acts.

Hooray for 2010. Good times bro!

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