Bolshevik Hajis off our streets: the unholy union of Al Qaeda and AntiFa against the West

By John Miller

Tuesday the 31st of October, 2017


Meet Sean, a 20-year-old high school dropout with no car, no job, no money, and no future. A year and a half ago, Sean was arrested for a drunken brawl. These day he gets arrested for LARPing as a communist revolutionary. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy. Profit.

On most days Sean is just another deadbeat who lives in a halfway house, but on the special days when he does his AntiFa cosplay, Sean can pretend to be Batman. Dressed all in black and pepped up on dope, Sean is one of the many idiots who gets the adulation he craves through AntiFa violence. Sean gets his kicks supressing free speech at Berkeley, where differing points of view are no longer considered groovy.

If you want to know more about why Sean and his Godless Bolshevik buddies are fantastic, read the fluff piece on domestic terrorism in last month’s Washington Post.

These are not the Christian soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy fighting for liberty. These guys aren’t even fit to tie those guys bootlaces.

There is mounting evidence that AntiFa has crossed the Rubicon, and gone to war against America as a fully-fledged terrorist organisation.

Edward Klein sets out the case for treating AntiFa no differently than ISIS and Al Qaeda,  in his book, All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump. According to Klein, radical Leftism and radical Islam are already working hand in hand to destroy Europe, and American AntiFa operatives have gone to Europe this year and met with known Islamic terrorists.


America is steadily drawing closer to the seamless integration of the deranged Left and radical Islam which terrorises the European continent.

On August 27 the police arrested Sean and 12 others. They were amongst the more than 100 AntiFa domestic terrorists that violently assaulted Trump supporters. Welcome to politics as blood sport. Free speech at Berkley? Not in my safe space!

The spectacle of a dozen or so ordinary Republicans getting assaulted by a wild mob of vigilantes was too much even for the Democrats. Calls for AntiFa for be classified as a criminal gang were given brief consideration by the tolerant Left, who then decided that it would just be better if the Right stopped making speeches at Berkeley instead.

AntiFa violence is on the increase, and not only in Commiefornia. This is a well-funded international criminal organisation. Nobody took them seriously, because we all want to believe that guys like Sean will eventually get their life together.

Don’t hold your breath.


AntiFa has been around for decades. For most of that time they have battling with racist Nazis. This year the definition of racist Nazis was expanded by the petulant Left to conveniently fit every Trump supporter, and AntiFa obliged.

AntiFa is a classic Marxist cult, and at the same time a loosely affiliated tribe of anarchists. Their progressive ideology is nothing but slogans. Squashing fascism before it takes root in the United States is an admirable slogan, but who will save us from the fascism of AntiFa?

Do AntiFa really think that punching Republicans who disagree with them will stop the Nazis?  Who are these Nazis?

Is Steve Scalise a Nazi because he doesn’t support socialised medicine? Is that why he was shot?

Is everybody who voted for Trump a Nazi?

Are Christians Nazis because we adhere to the Word of God?


The sad truth is that for every reasonable person on the Left who knows that not everybody who disagrees with you is a Nazi, there are plenty of guys who do think that Scalise deserved to get shot, who support violence against the supporters of the president, and who would love nothing more than for all our Churches to be destroyed, and all Christians massacred.

The worst of them constantly advocate for violence, and are engaged in what they see as tit-for-tat reprisals with the police. Their grievances run deep, and they have been organising since Occupy Oakland and Black Lives Matter first came to prominence, in 2009.

They get their funding from major corporations, many wealthy individuals, and even governments that are hostile to United States.

This has become a spectator sport. The tolerant Left lionise violent youths in the Washington Post. Forgotten in all this is the ordinary citizen, and his or her rights and liberties.

The violence has escalated from fists to sticks and bike locks. Some young idiots are going around with knives now. It is only a matter of time before the next innocent person dies.



The sad fact is that American youth, and Western youth in general, are becoming increasingly tribalized. The voices that they listen to on YouTube, and communicate with on social media and online forums are often insidious forces that glorify violence.

Previous generations fought to defend civilisation like decent and honourable Christian soldiers, bravely dying for our freedom at Normandy and other places. This new generation despises everything our ancestors built. They are little Robespierres, hell bent on terror and violence against every real and imagined enemy of their revolution.

Their evil twins in the Alt Right revel in infamy too, glorifying Hitler in their forums, and mocking the Holocaust. It is very hard to find something sympathetic about the Alt Right, and for this reason AntiFa has gotten a pass in some quarters. They are prima facie much less disgusting than their foes.

Not all Anti-fascists are infatuated with violence either, but those who are have the loudest voices these days.


Yvette Felarca does not seem particularly dangerous. You might even feel sorry for her that she faces felony assault charges for fighting white supremacists. If you listen to her rabble rousing though, it is not so far removed from anything you might have heard in a Munich beer hall in the 1930’s.

According to Chris Hedges, whose Menshevik faction have become almost non-existent in America:

“I’ve battled continuously with Antifa and the Black Bloc. I think they’re kind of poster children for what I would consider phenomenal political immaturity. Resistance is not a form of personal catharsis. We are not fighting the rise of fascism in the 1930s. The corporate elites we have to overthrow already hold power… So Trump’s not the problem. But just that sentence alone is going to kill most discussions with people who consider themselves part of the left.”

And this is the crux of the problem. The Left has followed up on its inchoate rage at the election of Trump with violent fury. Every organ of their Fake News pumps out a twenty-four-hour cycle of sixty-minute hate screams, all directed at the president.

There are few Chris Hedges, but Yvette Felarcas everywhere.



Klein writes about an ongoing FBI investigation which reported to Acting Director Andrew McCabe on July 11, 2017 that resistance movements on college campuses against President Trump have been infiltrated by violent American anarchists with links to foreign terrorists. He claims direct links between home grown Leftist terror cells and both the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

Amongst the findings of the investigation were that representatives of American AntiFa not only travelled to Hamburg this year to protest G20 and network with European AntiFa, but also to liaise with known associates of ISIS.

Amongst those being most closely watched by the FBI right now are the anarchists from Oakland, and specifically those associated with Berkeley, whose penchant for violence has increasingly alarmed the nation.

The ultimate finding of the FBI report: the rising tide of Leftist violence represents the greatest challenge to law enforcement since the Weather Underground and the Black Panther Party.


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