Italian scumbag goes to jail for infecting girls with AIDS, would still be free in California

By John Miller

Sunday the 29th of October, 2017


Governor Moonbeam and the tolerant Left have done a lot of stupid things over the years in Commiefornia, but at the top of that list is surely championing the rights of evil predators like Valentino Talluto.

The Italian monster went on an orgy of unprotected sex with at least 53 women after getting his HIV diagnosis. Talluto groomed his victims on the many social media platforms that exist to cater for adultery and fornication, and where degenerates like Talluto are often rampant. Without informing them of his deadly state of contagion, and using the pseudonym Hearty Style, Talluto infected all of the women willingly with AIDs. The youngest of his victims was just a 14-year-old girl.

On Friday, an Italian judge sentenced the 33-year-old to 24 years in prison.

That’s not as good as the bullet he deserved, but still twenty-four more years than Talluto would have gotten in California.


Governor Jerry Brown beam earlier this month signed into law a bill put on his desk by the deranged Left, which downgraded knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV without disclosing the infection down from a felony to a misdemeanour.

State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblyman Todd Gloria (D-San Diego) were the authors of the outrageous bill. They offer Californians the cold comfort that modern medicine allows those with HIV to live longer lives, and nearly eliminates the possibility of transmission.

This is all very and good if somebody is doing their best to not infect the rest of the community, but hardly reassuring to those hoping to escape infection at the hands of one of the legion of perverts who may now prey upon their victims in the darkness, and with the complete compliance and protection of Governor Jerry Brown.

Even worse, the measure also applies to those who give blood without telling the blood bank that they are HIV-positive. So even if you lead a completely chaste and Christian life, you and your children are still at the mercy of one Governor Moonbeam’s sickos.


As Californians and their children begin to die of the AIDs, it will probably reassure them to know that, to quote State Sen. Scott Wiener: “California took a major step toward treating HIV as a public health issue, instead of treating people living with HIV as criminals.”

Rather than extend tougher penalties to those who expose others to other infectious diseases, as Republican lawmakers argued for when they voted against the bill, Democrats chose the most tolerant route instead.

Thanks Governor Moonbeam, for making Commiefornia the kind of place where Valentino Talluto can finally be free from the bigotry of the Christian Right.

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