How to MAGA in Asia: God, Freedom, Prosperity, and the Donald

By John Miller

Sunday the 29th of October, 2017

Donald Trump is coming to Asia, and the natives are setting out their wares in the bazar. The Chinese and the Japanese are the wealthiest and most powerful factions in the marketplace, and these rivals bitterly hate each other.

The Chinese are ostensibly Godless Communists, but there are more fervent Christians in China than there are dedicated Communists. Whatever the Xi sycophants at the South China Morning Post may tell you, one day Xi Jinping will die and be forgotten, but there are one hundred million Chinese who will never deny Christ.

Japan on the other hand is full of Christmas trees and Western values, but the country that drove Saint Francis Xavier to declare that Japanese Buddhism was the invention of the Devil and throw up his hands in despair remains more Godless than the alleged Godless Chinese Communist state.

Donald Trump was a long time coming to Christ, but he has always loved his mother, and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump gave Donald a good Presbyterian upbringing. Wealth turned his head, and his mouth functions in such a way sometimes that John Knox might well have admonished him with a fiery sermon, but Donald is the zeitgeist of lapsed Protestantism everywhere in the West.

Members of the clergy lay hands and pray over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights

The hubris of cocky youth has a short span of days, and you are soon left pondering what lies in the endless abyss of days to come. Suddenly you are an old man, and aware that if you had just once turned your eyes up towards Heaven, that Christ was always there.

Donald Trump goes to Asia as a representative of Christian Democracy, and if the heathens think this isn’t true even in our wicked age, then let them all unburden themselves of their innermost convictions that we Christians are reprehensible, and let them all be swiftly unseated by their Christian voters.

Jews and Christians share a common love of Israel and God of course, and we have formed an admirable and symbiotic coexistence in the modern Christian West. Believers understand the value of the Holy Land, and of Israeli democracy. We are committed to its defence, and so we should be. That is where are holy places are, and they are in friendly hands. But what is there for us in Asia?

Should Christians be prepared to go die in Asia for the Quadrilateral Alliance that Japan is seeking?

If it is standing up to Godless Communism, absolutely. Trump ought to stand up for the Church in China, and get amongst the pastors and the regular faithful. He ought to let the Reds know in no uncertain terms exactly who we support.


The Quadrilateral Alliance which Tillerson and Abe are quietly pushing is another thing altogether. It is the Japan-India Axis that opposes Chinese hegemony in the region. The neo-conservative influence peddlers are pushing hard for the United States to expand its Pacific and Indian Ocean presence, and lead their pet project for dominance of the non-Atlantic worlds. The fourth wheel is Australia, which will get on board if America does, and Malcolm is looking to Donald to understand what he ought to be thinking and saying about this.

Conservative Christians in Australia will give Malcolm the spine he needs to do what is right. Their ranks include many ardent admirers of GEOTUS, and they want to see him MAGA in Asia.

This Quadrilateral will be so powerful, we are told, that the Chinese won’t dare upset the balance of power. On the other hand it can be reasonably argued that the nations of Asia are just as suspicious of a resurgent Japan as they are of creeping Chinese nationalism. The subjects of the mostly benign Pax Americana look to Washington for guidance.

If it were Clinton going to Asia instead of Trump, as the catty dead eyed Foreign Minister of Australia secretly wishes in her innermost heart, we would all be in the Quadrilateral already.

Trump isn’t Clinton though, as those who wasted their university years and ended up working in journalism instead of doing something useful with their lives are oh-so-fond of reminding us each and every day. Trump’s decisions are based on a gut-check appraisal. There is no obvious hierarchy of Foundation donors who will win every time, regardless of what America needs, and have their uranium samples hand-delivered to Moscow by some morally bankrupt Cartel minion who ought to have been catching criminals instead of serving them.



As President Trump comes to Asia then, I say welcome sir, and please stick it to Reds, wherever you find them trampling on the Church. Beware of Tillerson and the Japanese too. The Chinese and the Japanese do not fight cold wars, they fight very hot ones, and Christians ought not to die over where the border between China and Japan or China and India is, on any particular day.

With all due respect to our pagan friends, if this were about liberal democracy, then we would already be choking the rivers of China with our dead to liberate Tibet, or whatever slogan country is going to be less important than Chinese trade next time.

The Quadrilateral is not our fren. They would not come and die and for us.

To be honest, we are all bound by the ties of prosperity.  The difference between Rocket Man and Xi Jinping is that one started out cleaning pig pens under Mao and the other has always been a spoiled brat who feasted like a pig at the expense of his comrades. When your father is purged by the morally and financially bankrupt state, and then you see it rise up on a tide of Western prosperity, you are likely to be amicable to the West, even if you are at heart a Stalinist dictator.


Rocket Man has always been on the other side of purges, he is a shameless glutton that probably doesn’t even know that his people are starving because of him, because all his advisers dare to tell him is that everything is a Western conspiracy. Even Xi despises him, and I wish the leaders of Asia all the best in figuring how to get rid of Mr Kim without killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Koreans.

To pivot back to the Quadrilateral however, and having advocated against it, I will now outline where our sympathies ought to lay. Fear not, I am not an organ of the Chinese state, wantonly bashing our allies like some South China Morning Post round-eye edition propagandist.

The United States and Australia ought to draw closer to Japan and India, but not too close. Freedom and Democracy yes, Sino-Indian-Japanese border wars no.

We ought to hold closest to our breast our most natural regional best ally instead, the Christian democracy of the Philippines, which has always loathed Communism, but threatens nobody except scumbag drug dealers and violent Hajis.

The Chinese have ceased their impress upon the borders of the Philippines in the South China Sea for now, and there is almost no downside to a Trilateral Alliance of Christian Democracy.

We ought not to be in the neo-conservative game of stirring up wars, but stay in the best Christian tradition of finishing them when needed.

The Arsenal of Democracy is nothing without Christ.

I want to see Trump and Duterte shoulder to shoulder, and Malcolm too.


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