Evil old bastard Mugabe gearing up to steal next Zim election, Trump and Xi ought to discuss it over cake

By John Miller

Sunday the 29th of October, 2017


Despair is giving way to apathy in Zimbabwe, whose utterly insane Socialist dictator Robert Mugabe has been foisted upon them by Beijing. The perpetual embarrassment of Mr Mugabe is only outdone by that of Mr Kim, his fellow crazy ratbag, in the less than illustrious stable of Stalinist dictators propped up by the Chinese Reds.

The Chinese like the rest of us are impatiently waiting for Mugabe to just go quietly into the long night of God’s judgement, but Mugabe isn’t done with his looting and corruption yet.

The man who famously turned the breadbasket of Africa into a beggar’s bowl of starvation has at least one more rigged election in him, and he is presently marshalling his forces. If the people of Zimbabwe are to stand any chance at all, it will require the personal intervention of Trump, to politely but firmly ask the Red Chinese to get a grip on their African madman.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe, president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, sits in the Plenary Hall of the United Nations (UN) building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, during the 12th African Union (AU) Summit.

The Chinese are invested in unstable state actors all over the place. They are presently pulling away from Mr Kim. Does Mugabe even cross Xi’s thoughts? He ought to, and Trump ought to bring him up.

So thoroughly looted is Zimbabwe by the Mugabe regime that it uses live wildlife as a currency to settle its debts with China, often removing young elephants from their herds. This act is so highly damaging to the animals and to the herd as a whole that it can only be considered a mad act of cruelty.

Red China deserves praise for its attempts to crack down on the working and sale of ivory, but continues to take young live elephants as barter from Harare. Live elephants go to China for the purposes of farming ivory, or often to provide circus performers, to settle military-related debts.

Of one batch of 37 baby elephants captured in Zimbabwe last year, only 35 were still alive at the beginning of the harrowing journey to China, and God alone knows what has since happened to the rest of them.


Zimbabwe sells them in packs of 100 to Chinese “””zoos””” for the bargain price of $4,000,000 per set of elephants, with no refunds for damaged goods.

The people of Zimbabwe are not all as kawaii as baby elephants, but they deserve our sympathy and support no less. In the broken wasteland of mismanagement and corruption that is Mugabeland, only 10% of the seven million voters who ought to have registered for next year’s elections have bothered so far, since President Robert Mugabe announced they were entitled to vote last month.

Eligible voters are required to provide the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) a proof of residence and a national identity document or a valid passport. The ZEC is actively purging the electoral rolls, using Mugabe-friendly “””community leaders””” such as village heads or chiefs to certify the affidavits needed as proof of residence in their communities.

These community leaders are often not above taking bribes either, demanding the villagers pay between $1 and $5 to have their documents approved. Even this option is often not available for anyone affiliated to an opposition political party, who are routinely shunned.

Despite promises from the ZEC that Commissioners of Oaths would be made available for voter registration by affidavits, few have materialised, and they appear only where Mugabe cronies want them to.


Across the country there has been widespread misinformation, with many voters being told that their voting choices would be traceable in next year’s election. Registrants are often forced to submit their names along with serial numbers of voter registration slips to so-called community leaders, as a way of intimidating them into believing that it is in the best interest of their personal health and safety to vote Mugabe in the upcoming 2018 election.

Voter registration ends in January, and our hopes and prayers are with the brave people of Zimbabwe that are prepared to take a stand against Robert Mugabe, in the elections slated for July 2018.

Trump and Xi are next scheduled to have cake together again in November.


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