Buzzfeed and CNN hype Mueller’s Manafort indictment, everybody forgets Fake Dossier from Hillary

By John Miller

Monday the 30th of October, 2017


Either Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann are far less competent investigators than we have been led to believe, or somebody has leaned on them to come up with indictments on short notice, because right now the Russia investigation is looking like a hot mess.

Mueller was a Clinton cartel bagman who delivered highly enriched uranium directly to Putin in Moscow in 2009 according to the WikiLeaks cables, and he is still doing Hillary’s dirty work – very poorly.

Trump Special Counsel Q&A

It is no coincidence either that the same two sham news organisations that spread the scurrilous allegations from the Steele Dossier which Hillary paid for are back leaking the results of the sham investigation which ensued.

Surprise, surprise. Nothing about Trump and Russia. The Fake Dossier was a dud. So how about an entirely new narrative?

CNN broke the story of the Mueller indictments just in time for the rest of Fake News to spend the entire weekend speculating about the demise of Trump. How convenient for Hillary and Bill. Just when we were finding out that those guys were up to their neck in shady dealings with Russia. Exit Uranium One. Enter the Ukraine.


CNN never gave us any details, only innuendo. Once again it would fall to Buzzfeed to spew out the claptrap details. You know, in case it all turns out to be complete and utter BS like the last time….

And according to Buzzfeed the grand result of the Mueller fishing expedition is that Paul Manafort did something shady in 2013. Wow, who would have thought you could find dirt on a lobbyist if you went back, like, three years before he worked for Trump. Thanks for everything, Mueller.

Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough to be outraged.

No wait. Let me try this as Bloomberg


Wow, that sounds way more ominous than the autistic screeching from Buzzfeed.

According to Bloomberg IT WAS MARCH 2013 and ….. dropped.

Honestly, can Fake News just take a hike already?

None of you gave a fig that Fusion GPS was shilling for Putin against the Magnitsky Act and taking wads of cash from Paul Singer and the Clintons, but suddenly when you want to hold Trump liable for what Manafort was doing three years before Trump hired him to count delegates and then kept him around for five months because he won, you hypocrites suddenly care so much about FARA?

Trump got his first National Security briefing on the 17th of August, learned what the allegations about Paul Manafort were, and dropped him two days later. Problems?

You want to jail Manafort? Good. I don’t trust anybody who took money from Putin. Start with Manafort, and then jail the Clintons next.

They got $145 million from Putin in return for 1/5 of America’s highly enriched uranium. And jail yourself while you’re at it Mueller, you dirty rotten Clinton cartel bagman.

This whole boondoggle began with Fusion GPS and a fake dossier. Unless Mueller properly investigates that he is nothing but a dirty cop.



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