Fusion GPS: Dirty deeds done quite expensively

By John Miller

Saturday the 28th of October, 2017


In 2009, Sergei Magnitsky died in a Moscow prison after investigating a $230 million tax fraud scheme which involved Russian officials. Magnitsky was refused medical treatment for months, and he was eventually beaten to death while in custody.

Seven years later, in June 2016, Donald Junior was lured into taking a meeting with a Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya. She titillated the over-eager scion with tales of Hillary corruption. What the younger Donald wasn’t aware of was that Veselnitskaya had hired a pack of dirty operators named Fusion GPS to smear the memory of Magnitsky. These same guys were also hard at work on a dirt file filled with lurid tales about his father and the Russians, for some less than savoury characters.


Fusion GPS was hired by the Washington Free Beacon for open borders globalist hedge fund bloodsucker Paul Singer in October 2015, when his guy Little Marco Rubio was locked in a four-way struggle for the Republican presidential nomination. Fusion GPS brought Christopher Steele on board in the same month. Fusion and the Russians had been in bed together for years.

Whether Paul Singer and what would eventually become the #NeverTrump movement ever conspired against President Trump with the Russians at the Manhattan Institute is at this moment an open question. Let’s take a look at the facts.

When Fusion GPS was hired by Paul Singer and the queer globalists at the Washington Free Beacon, his three main rivals in the Republican primaries were Trump, Carson, and Cruz. Fusion GPS were at the same time also trying to subvert American Democracy as lobbyists for Vladimir Putin.

Remember that guy who discovered that Putin’s buddies weren’t paying their taxes and who got beaten to death? Well Congress passed a law called the Magnitsky Act to stick it to the dirty Russian oligarchs, so that the poor man’s death would count for something.

So who else would we find trying to subvert Congress for the Russians and repeal the Magnitsky Act, but the scumbags at Fusion GPS?

Natalia Veselnitskaya wasn’t well known to Donald Junior, but she was thoroughly acquainted with Fusion, who were actively helping her and Putin try and subvert the will of Congress.

Veselnitskaya’s relationship with Fusion and its founder, Glenn Simpson, is illustrated in the depressing facts of the Prevezon case, and Bill Browder. Prevezon was a Russian holding company based in Cyprus accused by the US government of laundering stolen cash into New York City real estate. Browder had blown the whistle, telling prosecutors that the laundered money was stolen from Russia as part of the tax-fraud scheme that Magnitsky was beaten to death over.


In 2013, Veselnitskaya hired the law firm BakerHostetler, and BakerHostetler hired Fusion to dig up dirt on Browder. Veselnitskaya, who was Prevezon’s Russian lawyer, also hired Fusion to pitch anti-Magnitsky stories to American journalists.

Paul Singer and the Washington Free Beacon ostensibly cut all ties to Fusion GPS in May 2016, when the #NeverTrump movement was just getting into first gear.

Singer and Rubio might not have their fingerprints on the Veselnitskaya honey trap in June, or on the Steele Dossier. The 17 memos in the Fake Trump Dossier are officially dated between June 20 and December 13. Apparently Chris Steele had writers block from October 2015 until, uh, just after Singer stopped writing cheques.

It almost beggars belief to think that Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS would smear Trump out of the goodness of their hearts. Thank goodness Hillary Clinton came to their rescue in October with another bag of money.

So what was Putin’s angle sending Veselnitskaya to meet with Donald Junior in June?


We all know that Putin had a $35 million-dollar stake invested in Joule which guaranteed him future access to Podesta, and he was hardly scared of the woman who sold him 1/5 of America’s uranium becoming president.

Whatever Putin’s intentions may have been in June, by October the explosive, unverified dossier that detailed President Trump’s alleged ties to and lurid escapades in Russia was wholly owned by the Clintons.

The Russian spy who helped Christopher Steele compile his Fake Trump Dossier was found dead of Putincide the following Boxing Day, but there are still plenty of Russians who Congress ought to be talking to about their work with Fusion GPS.

Rinat Akhmetshin, the Russian-American lobbyist who retained Fusion to lobby against the Global Magnitsky Act, is a former Soviet military intelligence officer. Akhmetshin  works for Veselnitskaya and her client, Denis Katsyv. Akhmetshin and Veselnitskaya went to see Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner at Trump Tower.

It’s unlikely that either Donald Junior or Jared Kushner will turn out to be Russian agents. Paul Manafort is in a world of trouble right now.

Fusion’s work was clearly aligned with Kremlin interests, but nobody yet has produced any evidence of collusion between the #NeverTrump people and the Russians.

As the #NeverTrump gang slowly realise that there is far more circumstantial evidence that they were conspiring with either Hillary Clinton or Vladimir Putin or both, many are heading for the exits. Jeff Flake, anybody?

To take the Veselnitskaya meeting with Donald Junior and Kushner so entirely out of context that you begin screaming about Trump collusion with Russia you would probably have to be as devious and as stupid as Rick Wilson. Do you get your news from MSNBC, bro?

In recent testimony to congress Fusion come across as the kind of sleazebags who just take money from anyone and spew out such obvious BS that I’m surprised it even gets a run on Fake News. Well, you know, apart from the banana sellers at CNN.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the case of the very cool sounding Thor Halvorssen, who began researching a multi-billion-dollar corruption case against the government of Venezuela in 2012.

Thor expected extensive exposure on the front pages of America’s national newspapers. Fusion GPS, however, was hired to spike these stories. Fusion GPS, who never registered under FARA while acting as the agent for a brutal Socialist regime which has managed to bring an oil rich nation to the brink of starvation.


In Halvorsseen’s case Fusion hired journalists to write blog posts claiming that he received treatment for a heroin addiction that was paid for by Peter Thiel. Wait, what? We can get payed? Where’s my gosh darned cheque?!? I really need to stop going after all these bigshots, man.

If there is any justice in this world, somebody at Fusion GPS will end up in prison. An American prison, where you don’t get beaten to death by the government.

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