Filthy Trucial State heathens of the Pirate Coast refuse to acknowledge Israel, get their ass kicked anyway

By John Miller

Saturday the 28th of October, 2017


The savages of Abu Dhabi, who were only recently granted their freedom upon the Pirate Coast by the Jimmy Saville of British Prime Ministers in 1972, have once again demonstrated their complete and utter disdain for sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct.


In the latest example of Saracen hospitality, the Israeli sportsman and sportswoman who won the Gold medal and Bronze medal on Thursday at the Judo Grand-Slam in Abu Dhabi were forced to sing their national anthem by themselves during the medal ceremony. Organisers refused to play the national anthem of Israel, or raise their country’s flag.

Tal Flicker, the world number one Judo expert in the men’s 145-pound category, was nevertheless triumphant, and completely dominated the tournament.


When Tal took to the podium to accept his medal he could be clearly seen mouthing the words to the Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem, as the organisers blared out some elevator music.

Gili Cohen was also treated disgracefully in her presentation ceremony, after taking shameful Bronze (just kidding, don’t hit me Gili) in the women’s under-114 pounds category.


No flag and no anthem for Gili and Tal. They were simply announced as fighting for the International Judo Federation (IJF), and the IJF flag duly rose up in front of the crowd as the IJF theme music played.

Despite all the other athletes being afforded the dignity of proudly representing their countries, the bigots of Abu Dhabi conspired to make things as unpleasant as possible for the Israeli athletes, singling out Israel alone for a ban on displaying its flag or playing its anthem during events.

This latest example of Arabs spitting the dummy follows the Egyptian Judo guy who refused to shake hands with his Israeli opponent at the Rio Olympics. I’m pretty sure he got his kicked too, but I’m not watching any judo until they start treating Israeli athletes equally, so I’m not sure.

Too bad Colin Kaepernick wasn’t around. I’m sick of the IJF oppressing its athletes.

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