Pointy-headed ecocrats begin latest countdown to extinction of humanity, now we are all going to die of [spoilers removed]

By John Miller

Friday the 27th of October, 2017


Just as the alarmist Left abandons its foxholes in the Climate Change wars, to avoid explaining why a sea-level rise of up to 20ft Al Gore predicted (for the near future) in 2006 from the melting of Antarctica and Greenland will never occur, we are confronted with the latest threat that we all need to go insane over. Caution: it’s super serial.

The Left has been banging on for so long about so little that it is hard to take them seriously any more.  It is within a context of violent alarmism and chronic exaggeration that we greet the latest round of deranged pronouncements. But we are all about to die!!! Mmmmkayyyy….

But wait, this time it is true, because it was published in the Lancet, which everybody agrees is quite prestigious.

Oh God NO! The PRESTIGIOUS (better?) journal, the Lancet, has proclaimed that we are all about to die. Good God NOOOOOO!


So what exactly is going to kill us all? Wars and murder? Pfft. Drugs? Nuh uh. Road accidents? Malnutrition? These two account for two million dead per year. Which is around the number of people killed by alcohol abuse. Is it alcohol abuse? No, but you are getting closer to the latest super-villain of the Chicken Little Left.

How about we just throw AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis into a single category. Are we going to being wiped out these three diseases? Not unless the Left can come up with a conclusive link between communicable disease and Donald Trump. They are working on it. Move along for now.

Oh, I know. It’s tobacco. We all know that smoking kills seven million every year. This isn’t Donald Trump’s fault either. How are we supposed to manufacture a crisis about something that everybody already knows is bad? And Trump doesn’t drink OR smoke….

Oh wait. How about we throw together every single person that died prematurely because they live in some crappy third world country that makes our IPhones and our Nikes and has to breath the toxic fumes spewed out to make all the junk that Davos expects from its Red Chinese overlords and investments in India? What would that look like on a graph, with Total Pollution listed as the culprit? Something like pic related?

image (1)

Pardon my interruption, but even if you ecologists are right, and all these people died for the same reason, how exactly is it an existential crisis that is going to kill us all? The countries which have the fastest growing populations are the same countries where THE PRESTIGIOUS LANCET got most of their casualties from.

Is life going to go extinct in India or in China any time soon? As I recall we used to breed quite prolifically in the West once upon a time, and that time was when we were surrounded by chimney stacks. The paradox of polluting societies is that the crappier your air quality, the more children you bang out.

Will humanity die of pollution? Give me a break, retarded Left.

These people may have terrible lives, and we should all get behind the push to clean up air and water quality, but let’s not get hysterical about what is happening. These people are transitioning from village life. If you shut down all the factories you will just take away their chance to get where we are.

I agree that we need sensible pollution laws, and these countries have to work out what is best for their own people as they try and catch up with the West, but everybody pointing at Scott Pruitt and saying he wants to kill us all is just silly.


Furthermore, acting like Virginia Coal miners have anything to be ashamed of while the CEO of Apple and the Red Chinese army get a pass while literally choking factory workers to death is just plain disgusting.

Meanwhile these same intellectual cowards continue to run away from the debate about how we are on the cusp of the ocean conveyor shutting down. You still lack proofs that we are all about to die? Come back and let me laugh at you while we watch all the stupid movies that Hollywierd banged out about the last existential crisis that you manufactured.

I relish the upcoming debate on extinction by pollution, and look forward to Mr Gore joining it. I am sure that his keen eye for graphs with an exact fit will discern that if pollution were ever likely to kill us, then the combined effects of alcohol and tobacco would already have killed us by now. It should be noted though, as it was by the honourable Justice Barton, that “graphs do not [always] establish what Mr Gore asserts.”

So as the environmentalists shout Scott Pruitt is killing humanity from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, whose absence of snow cannot reasonably be held to be attributable to human-induced climate change, and weep their tears into a dry of Lake Chad, the absence of whose waters result from population increase, over-grazing and regional climate variability, let us take a moment to consider that we are probably not all going die of pollution.


In the overall scheme of things, we are just not as important as we think we are. The earliest fleets to arrive in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Florida panhandle were wrecked by hurricanes, and despite all the panic about global warming, hurricanes will continue to occur, even if we entirely return to the age of sails.

Won’t somebody think of the children though?

What about the polar bears that are being drowned right now?

To return to Justice Barton: “The only scientific study that either side before me can find is one which indicates that four polar bears have recently been found drowned because of a storm.”

That was 2007. The Polar Bears are still fine. And the Left are still as silly as ever.


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