Iraqi Christians saved from ISIS genocide, now here come the Iranian death squads

By John Miller

26th October, 2017


Teleskof, Iraq, a Christian village liberated from ISIS by the Kurds, and considered the model for rehabilitating the Christian minority that has existed on the Nineveh Plain region of Northern Iraq since the time of the Apostles, when the first disciples of Christ arrived with the Good News. The town that took the Gospels to heart has endured much suffering, but also known much hope. Only recently it was rebuilt with $2 million of Christian charity from the Hungarian government.

Now Teleskof is once again in ruins, its humble Christian villagers ethnically cleansed by the brutal forces of the Central Iraqi government. The nominal ally of the United States which fought so poorly against the Caliph stands naked as a loyal servant only to the Ayatollahs of Iran. At Teleskoff it has been caught out slaughtering defenceless Christians, and with the armaments sent over to it by the US taxpayer.


Now that ISIS are gone, these cowards show their fangs, the Central government of Ayatollahstan and its Hezbollah paramilitary death squad allies. Both have clearly decided that the Kurds have outlived their usefulness, now that the Peshmerga have completed most of the heavy fighting against ISIS. The Iranians have unleashed their dogs.

This brutal campaign was probably meant to swiftly roll over the Christians and into the autonomous regions of Kurdistan. So far it has seen 700-1000 Christian families cleansed from Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac Christians towns north of Mosul.

The same Kurdish forces that protected the local Christians from a certain death under the Caliphate have rallied once again to the defence of their neighbours, and the Ayatollah is not making much progress. Even so, civilian casualties among the Christians of the Nineveh plain are already mounting, with women and children the first to suffer as always. If Jonah were there again right now, he would see much wickedness, but this time all of it is being perpetrated against the faithful Assyrian servants of God by the wicked Persians and their lackeys.


The fate of the 200,000 Christians of Iraq now rests squarely in the capable hands of President Trump. The only region in which they can find respite is the Kurdish territories. This is the tiny remnant of the 1.5 million Christian souls that survived the lies and failures of the Bushes and the genocidal Caliphate. Now the Iranians are coming for them, and for their Kurdish protectors.

President Trump has issued a White House directive forcing the State Department and USAID to bypass the United Nations and stop its ineffective relief efforts. He wants to help Iraqi Christians, Yazidis, and other persecuted minorities.

Mr President, with all due respect, you can’t help somebody once they’re dead.

Vice President Mike Pence recently highlighted the plight of persecuted Christians in the Middle East, speaking at the Defense of Christians annual Solidarity Dinner. He too blasted the United Nations, which fails to help the most vulnerable religious communities.

Welp, now it’s your time to help, Mr Vice President.

President Trump, Vice President Pence, the Christians of Iraq are dying today. They are being killed with weapons paid for by the US treasury, and being forced from their villages by the same Iranians who want to bring Death to America, even as the US Air Force controls the sky above.

Never mind the genocide enablers at the UN. What are you two going to do about it?

Donald Trump,Mike Pence

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