From Uranium One to the Rape of Haiti, let’s not forget about filthy Frank Giustra

By John Miller

26th October, 2017


Giustra, one of the biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation, is no stranger to Clinton controversy. In September 2005 he and Bill Clinton travelled to Kazakhstan to meet with an ex-Soviet dictator. Just days after the meeting, Giustra acquired uranium assets in three of the country’s state-run mines for a bargain price of $450 million.

Three months later when Mr. Nazarbayev won yet another election in Kazakhstan marred by an atmosphere of intimidation and ballot-box stuffing, the Clintons sent their regards. 91 percent of the vote is pretty impressive. Almost as good as a Hilldawg turnout in New York, after you purge all the Sanders voters from the electoral roll.

The payday for Bill came in 2006. Mr. Giustra gave him $31.3 million, all donated nice and legal to the Clinton Foundation.


Mr. Giustra was not always a ventriloquist’s dummy at the Clinton Foundation. He used to be a big-shot movie guy, and was founder of the Lion’s Gate Entertainment Corporation. Giustra still remains on board, despite selling the Hollyweird studio in 2003. Post-Harveygate we seem to forget that celebrities were once the virtue signalling conscience of America, and Giustra was as instrumental as anyone in getting Tinsel town on board with Clinton values.

In February 2007 Giustra merged UrAsia, which owned the Kazakh uranium mines, with another mining company, and this became Uranium One.

That same month Mr. Dzhakishev of Kazatomprom, the national uranium company for the Republic of Kazakhstan, travelled to Chappaqua, N.Y., to meet with Bill Clinton at his home. On 13 August 2007 Toshiba sold 10% in Westinghouse to Kazatomprom, for $540 Million.

Mr. Dzhakishev has always said that Mr. Giustra arranged the three-hour meeting with Bill. Mr. Dzhakishev said he wanted to discuss Kazakhstan’s intention — not publicly known at the time — to buy a 10 percent stake in Westinghouse, a major supplier of nuclear technology in the United States.

Both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Giustra at first denied that any such meeting occurred. Mr. Giustra denied ever arranging for Kazakh officials to meet with Mr. Clinton. The New York Times, not then entirely controlled by Clinton allies, confronted the two men with evidence that the meeting had taken place, and both men were forced to choke on their lies.

A Clinton spokes-mouth at the time said his earlier denial was based on the former president’s records, which he said “show a Feb. 27 meeting with Mr. Giustra; no other attendees are listed.”

Mr. Dzhakishev had a vivid memory of his Chappaqua visit, a photograph of himself with the former president.

Bill Clinton, Frank Giustra

Mr. Giustra claims that his personal stake in the shady Kazakh uranium mines deal was a paltry $45 million, and that he then sold his stake in Uranium One in 2007.

The Clinton’s continued to ride that treason pony hard. In 2008, as Hillary Clinton became the 67th US Secretary of State, negotiations began in earnest with Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency, to invest in Uranium One. Investors from Uranium One who stood to profit on the Rosatom deal made $8.65 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

In June 2009 Rosatom subsidiary ARMZ took a 17 percent ownership stake in Uranium One.

The entire amount donated to the Clinton Foundation as the saga unfolded totalled almost $145 Million. Bill Clinton still took $500,000 for a speech in Moscow on July 29, 2010 to a Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin. The same bank that was assigned to buy Uranium One stock. Some people are just plain greedy.


Frank Giustra became a noteworthy philanthropist. By his own admission to Bloomberg: “All of the money that was raised by [the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership] flowed through to the Clinton Foundation — every penny — and went to the [charitable] initiatives we identified.”

This self-confessed act of blatant nepotism relates to the Haiti Development Fund, incorporated in Delaware in August 2010 by the Clinton Foundation with an initial endowment of $20 million from shady Canadian mining mogul Frank Giustra and ironically fat Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. The Fund was widely criticised for doing little except helping friends of the Clintons swoop in and rape the Haitian economy after the earthquake which devastated the country in January 2010.


Carlos Slim is the guy who bailed the New York Times out in January of 2009 with a $250 million-dollar loan. His investment in the editorial board of the paper of record amazingly coincided with the collapse of all further serious inquiry into Clinton crimes. It was almost like the shady Uranium One deal was not actually happening any more.

The most notable beneficiary of this Times largesse apart from the Clintons was Giustra, who up to that point had been taking a hammering, and even managed to get into a spat with Times reporter Jo Becker, who once upon a time used to factually report upon treasonous acts that undermine public safety.

By October 2010 Rosatom’s majority ownership in Uranium One had been approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, on which Secretary Clinton had a seat. Who wants to guess which way she voted?

In January 2013  Rosatom took full control of Uranium One, and took it private. From then on, all that Highly Enriched Uranium delivered into the hands of Putin by the Clintons could be sold in the dark to the Iranians and the North Koreans, or to anybody else who hates America and wants a nuke. That is what HEU is for. It doesn’t have any good uses outside of American hands, or the hands of a healthy Democracy.

As for Jo Becker, she became more interested in promoting the efforts of David Boies and Ted Olson to push gay marriage equality upon the American public. Somehow this still managed to piss off Liberals and friends of the Clintons, who claimed she wasn’t obsequious enough.

The Clintons continue to get away with their crimes, but the noose is slowly tightening. They surely deserve the full censure of the nation that they betrayed, but let’s not forget about filthy Frank Giustra, the guy whose can-do Canadian corruption made their crimes possible.


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