Critically wounded Navy SEAL remembers Pupper who died because of Haji traitor Bergdahl

By John Miller

26th October, 2017


Even Navy SEALs cry when their dog dies, and one of these American heroes took the stand on Wednesday in the trial of army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, to testify against the Taliban fanboy. After modestly downplaying the critical nature of the injuries he sustained in the course of trying to rescue terrorist sympathiser Bergdahl, the ex-Navy SEAL then broke down and wept while remembering how his beloved pupper Remco died, on the same mission.

The mission that took the life of the military dog was precipitated by the disgusting treason of Bergdahl, who simply decided one day that he felt like betraying America and becoming a Haji instead. The moving testimony about Remco saw not a dry eye in the court.


After deserting his post in Afghanistan, Bergdahl was held by the Taliban for five years. Obama eventually caved to the demands of his fellow America haters, and gave them everything on their wish-list in exchange for Berghdahl.

Senior Chief Jimmy Hatch bravely led the SEAL platoon into a fierce battle to try and rescue Bergdahl. Hatch was shot and badly wounded on that mission, after running through a hail of bullets to take out two Taliban fighters that were hiding in a ditch.

After the battle, service dog Remco lay mortally wounded. Hatch, his femur shattered, went through 18 surgeries in two years. He lost his military career.


President Trump has already indicated that traitors aren’t welcome in his US military. We all look forward to the day that Haji lover Bergdahl gets his just desserts for treason.

The SEAL who testified suffered a career-ending injury during that mission. Just one of many who will pay for the rest of their lives for Bergdahl’s cowardly actions. Bergdahl pleaded guilty last week to desertion and endangering his former comrades. He faces up to life in prison.

GEOTUS needs to step in, and get this guy in front of a firing squad. Add a round for Remco, boys.

Remco was a good boy, and Jimmy Hatch is a great American. We here at the Free Peach honour his service, and that of all the SEALs, to America and freedom.

God Bless America.

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