Marijuana industry dope pushers now peddling fake polls as well as death to your children

By John Miller

26th October, 2017


In the latest case of social engineering by phoney opinion poll, we are now expected to believe that the 1028 “””adults””” who had the time and the inclination to not hang up when they were bothered at home for a telephone survey about drugs somehow represent the entire American people, and that the civilisation wrecking peddlers of death at the Marijuana Policy Project are entirely trustworthy, even though most of them got rich selling dope to your kids.

Fake News journalists are never slow to latch onto a progressive headline that suits their homosexual drug addict lifestyles, and they were quick to write the headlines about how 64 percent of America now support legalizing Marijuana. Buried somewhere deeper in the articles was the disclaimer that it was all probably BS, and just another attempt by the cartel of greedy career criminals which the MPP advocates for to manipulate public opinion with their filthy lies.


Maybe 64 percent of San Francisco want their dope to be legalised, but I sincerely doubt that a majority of the country are in favour of adopting the hippy drug laws which the Marijuana Policy Project are peddling. Fake News needs to put down that reefer.

The DEA needs to do its gosh darned job and throw the lowdown narco-traffickers at the MPP into prison already. Pushing Schedule I drugs is still a crime in America, and these guys are guilty as hell.

Schedule I is the DEA’s most serious category of illegal substances. That puts the Marijuana Policy Project dope squarely alongside heroin, ecstasy, LSD, peyote, and Quaaludes as a drug “with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

Dr Feelgood can go back in business when the DEA and the FDA agree that it is a safe and effective medicine. Until hell freezes over, all these damned dirty dope fiends need to go to jail where they belong.

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