Hillary unmasked behind Fake Trump Dossier given to Comey by McCain, Jeb! still lurking in the shadows

By John Miller

25th October, 2017


The chickens of Russiagate came home to roost for the Clintons today, with Fusion GPS forced to reveal who the final client was for the Fake Dossier compiled by British socialist dirt-bag Christopher Steele against Trump.

To nobody’s surprise, it turns out that yes the Clinton campaign did swoop in on the slanderous pack of lies that the Jeb! people had been running off at the mouth about for months in the leadup to November 8.

Marc E. Elias, an attorney representing the DNC and the Clinton campaign, also paid for the files in October 2016, as it looked increasingly like Trump might actually do the unthinkable, and win.

Prior to Fusion GPS being retained by Elias and his law firm, Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS’s research had been subsidized by an “”””unidentified””” Republican during the GOP primary. So once again the Bushes get to skate away from the mess they made with their lies?

How about no. GEOTUS, witness me.


The Bushes and the Clintons are both filthy liars, and the two dynasties have looted America with impunity and gotten away with it for long enough, thank you.

Had Trump not won on November 7, we would have had a greedy traitor in the Whitehouse, and if Jeb! had gone all the way that result would have been exactly the same. These are birds of a feather, and who else do we see flocking together with them than Republican Senator John McCain.

In a supreme act of treachery, it was none other than the evil old weasel McCain himself who personally took the Fake Trump Dossier from Hillary to James Comey. Why didn’t Hilldawg just drop it off herself? Who knows how the cold reptilian mind of Clinton works? I presume that she is used to covering her tracks, and getting McCain to do her dirty work would give her treachery the thin veneer of patriotism that some people still ascribe to a guy many of us used to look up to.

Once you’ve seen the globalist puppet strings that make Senator McCain dance, they cannot be unseen. McCain has publicly nursed his grievances against Trump, and done everything in his power to undermine and hurt the president that Arizona voters sent him to Washington to work with. He is a snake in a grass, and on December 9 that snake delivered the Steele dossier to Comey.


By December 15 Clinton was spruiking the phoney Russia narrative that she and the Bushes had cooked up. Hillary told a group of donors in Manhattan that Russian hacking was ordered by Putin “because he has a personal beef against me”. Apparently this was all due to her brave accusation in 2011 that Russian parliamentary elections that year were rigged … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … oh my LORD what a devious liar that woman is.

No mention of the $145 million dollars the Clintons had gotten paid into their slush fund by the Russians mind you, or the $35 million Putin still had invested in Joule as a golden collar on Skippy Podesta that he would have to write off now that Trump had won instead. Yeah nah, apparently Putin wasn’t sure that he could get the other 80% of America’s uranium from Clinton and Podesta if he really wanted it. As we all know, those two definitely aren’t greedy traitors … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Who in their right mind would buy this crock of doo-doo? Oh hai there Fake News…

On December 26 Oleg Erovinkin, the former KGB official, was found dead in the back seat of his car in Moscow. He was suspected of assisting dirty MI6 hatchet man Christopher Steele in compiling the Fake Dossier. Putin really, really hates loose ends.


Ehrmagerd, Trump done it. Wait, what? This was because the Bushes and the Clintons like to play dirty politics. If Trump has a beef with you, you get a twitter blast. If corpses start stacking up, then we know that it was probably Arkancide. Or Putincide. Or a Bushwhacking. Or all three.

On December 29 Obama said okey doke, and sent home 35 Russian “”””diplomats””””. He expanded sanctions against Russia and locked down two Russian diplomatic compounds, but by that time the horse had well and truly bolted.

Putin no longer cared what Obama did. The Russians were recalibrating their game for the incoming Trump regime. Not that they were going to stop acting reprehensibly. The same Russian troll-farms who gave BLM all their most outrageous reasons to hate America was already hard at work creating the Pussy-hat resistance movement. Remember that really super awesome feminist meme you shared with all your girls on Facebook to stick it to Trump? Probably made in Russia. Trolls gonna troll.

On January 10 the Bush-Clinton Sleaze Offensive began in earnest. Buzzfeed crawled in from the gutter with the Fake Dossier. CNN gave its Fake Clickbait News equivalent the full imprimatur of its false gravitas, and published the completely unverified Trump dossier by proxy. In a well-coordinated Karl Rove moment the disgusting Swamp creature dirty Rick Wilson popped up again too, and began screaming Russia at the top of his filthy old lungs.


Fake News loves Fake Republicans, and they beat the story out of all proportions as an issue of national importance to “””All Americans”””.

Rowdy Roddy Deepstate was the last piece of the puzzle to fall in place, and he was given the keys to the kingdom on January 13.

Jeff the Recuser has long since given Rosenstein full license to drive the Russia investigation. So far all we’ve gotten from his pick Robert Mueller is a fishing expedition into every possible angle that could be used to blackmail the president.

We all know that Robert Mueller is the same guy that was running uranium samples to Putin for Hillary in 2009. The draining of the Swamp that Trump has embarked upon is by no means assured.

We should all remember to keep the President in our prayers, because he surely needs the help of God to see this through.

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