Bill O’Reilly is a decent traditional Catholic, despite what Fake News says

By John Miller

25th October, 2017


When Rupert Murdoch in his infinite wisdom decided to let his sons’ wives’ book clubs hound Roger Ailes to his untimely death, and almost run Fox News into the ground, all the hypocrites on the Left were overjoyed. The decision made by Rupert to turn the dogs loose on his friend almost destroyed the network, and Ailes won’t be the last salty Conservative to have his past combed over with a fine toothcomb by the Liberal gutter press. These guys only care for facts that suit their narrative, and they aren’t above inventing them if they don’t exist.

Fake News wants you to believe that every mote of infidelity by a contrite Republican icon like Ailes is somehow the same as the scandalous beams of the Hollyweird Harvey’s which they cry a river of crocodile tears over, but this is a false and unproven equivalence. The sap who gets caught cheating on his wife deserves our censure, but to get on Weinstein’s level Ailes would have to come back from the dead and devote his second life to breaking women for his own amusement on a daily basis for at least the next forty years.


Every last organ of the Fox-hating legacy media has carried water for the mega-deviant Commiefornia super-predators for as long as anyone can remember, and it continues to do so. Why all the hypocrisy bro?

News organisations are often bought simply as window dressing for a stable of assets in which the crown jewel is an entertainment conglomerate, and hiding the degeneracy of Hollyweird from the public view comes with the territory. In this regard at least, Fox News is little better than its peers, shaping public perception favourably about a galaxy of stars that work in its owner’s entertainment division.

Having said that, we can also take with a BIG HEAPING of salt the base hypocrisy of the benighted Left, and question its motives and modus operandi. Especially before we put another of our beloved icons to the sword just on their say-so. I don’t trust any of them, and nor do I trust those they paid off to tip buckets over Fox.


Does anyone care about the shrill noises coming from Megan Kelly, who dances for money at General Electric? Where did all these establishment shills suddenly come from? All those emerging from the woodwork to carp at Roger and Bill, what is their endgame?

Without absolving Ailes and O’Reilly of their sins, and I think we can all agree that there was something distinctly un-Christian going on at Fox that remains deeply disturbing, I am suspicious about these accusers who go in for the mega-payoff. I am not saying that Gretchen Carlson and Lis Wiehl are liars. I am just saying that if what was going on at Fox even reached 1.0 on the Weinstein Scale, then it ought to have gone all the way through the courts. The details of any crime so disgusting should never be hidden from the public view.

On the other hand, it is all too easy for me to pretend that I wouldn’t take the $20 million-dollar or the $32 million-dollar payday. I am quite willing to believe that Roger and Bill treated the Fox blondes like a disposable pack of set dressings, and if this is what the ladies took umbrage with, then good on them for sticking it to the man.


Sexual assault is a very serious charge though, and it ought not to be casually bandied about and then used to set you up for life if it never really happened. Every time we hear about a sexual assault accuser who walks away with a bag of loot it makes it that much harder for those that weren’t just patted on the bum, or called hot chocolate, or whatever the heck it was that O’Reilly actually did. If Bill is evil, and not just a lousy guy at times, then tell me please.

I sincerely doubt that Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes ran a casting couch at Fox. Clearly the Network lost its way, but all this lucrative accusing and torching of Trump allies in the chaotic washup to the last presidential election hasn’t convinced me of anything. I still love Roger Ailes and Bill O, and I will continue to do so until I see the proofs.

If this were about justice on any level, and not simply sour grapes and score settling, then I would feel much better about the way that Lachlan and James went about the business of setting the torch to the Auto de Fe of Ailes and O’Reilly.

Bill O'Reilly

All this seems like it was done as a spectacle for the amusement of New York society, and for the edification of the so-called Resistance. These dapper do-nothings and loud mouthed cretins would just be more comfortable if Clinton were in Whitehouse, selling Putin whatever he wanted next. Who even cares that she gave one fifth of America’s supply of the stuff that goes into the nuclear warheads to the guy who supplies the rogue terror states, when Trump says mean things?

We already served up a boy made good from conservative small-town America to these blueblood Society heathens and pussy-hat Bolsheviks.

Watching these same degenerates go after Bill for being an uppity traditional Catholic really grind my gears.

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