We will remember them not: UK thought police push Poppy Day marchers off British streets

By John Miller

24th October, 2017


We won the war to end all wars, but they seem to have forgotten it back in Britain. The Poppy Day parade is the next item on the chopping block for the cultural beheaders of Theresa May’s Airstrip One Caliphate, where having too much to think about your vanishing Christian heritage or what is wrong with Britain today can quickly get you vanned, jailed, and killed in your prison cell in the dead of night.

Meant to honour the legacy of service of the millions of honest and decent men who died in the Great War, and the defeat of Hitler in WWII, and all those who have served since, what was once a uniting symbol of a Christian nation is now being kicked into the gutter by the social engineers, and by those who support them from high places.


Chief Superintendent Andy Lee is one such brazen antichrist. The Commander of Orwellian forces in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland at least had the guts put his name to a letter to the good men of the Royal British Legion and tell them he was shutting down their Poppy Day parade.

No such courtesy from Chief Constable Dave Thompson of the West Midlands police. Just a friendly reminder from the propaganda room to the citizens of Birmingham. Quote from the West Midlands press office: “West Midlands Police, Police Officers, Special Constables and Police Community Support Officers are not responsible for policing pre-planned road closures at any Armistice or Remembrance Day parade.”

It seems rich that they are too poor to help out for a few hours to honour the men whose great-grand-daughters they routinely fail to save from the epidemic of Jihadi grooming gangs who rape British schoolgirls with impunity in the West Midlands. What in the name of God are they spending all their money on? Probably more tolerance and diversity training.


The local communities love the Poppy Day parades. In Andy Lee’s town they annually turn out ten thousand deep to honour British war dead, and even in the Caliphate of Birmingham they haven’t invoked Sharia law against it yet. This madness is simply due to a decision from on high that Britain has had too much to think about its past, and that the Airstrip One Caliphate has better uses for its police state powers than re-routing traffic for an hour on a day that most Brits still hold sacred.

The list of local communities where the Poppy Day march is under attack is growing, and we ought to remember that the ordinary bobby is just as outraged as the rest of us over the direction that Great Britain is taking.

The despicable social climbers who abuse their position as the Chief Superintendents and Chief Constables of Britain are just the seedy enablers of the destruction of United Kingdom and its morals and Christian heritage. The true masterminds behind the destruction of every good and decent thing are the money grubbers and grand social engineers of the present British Parliament.

Enough is enough. Sharia May needs to go, and so does any local member who isn’t front and centre fighting for the Poppy Day parades.

God save the Her Majesty the Queen, and may God save Britain too.



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