The tolerant Left strikes again, sneak attack feral looking at two years jail Down Under

By John Miller

24th October, 2017


What do these self-styled “””Nazi””” punchers of the tolerant Left look like without their masks and black pyjamas? Meet the Aussie AntiFa wannabe named Astro Labe, the vigilante charged with a cowardly sneak attack on a former Australian Prime Minister. Mr Labe, a 38-year-old Tasmanian Disc Jockey, was in court Monday facing a charge of causing harm to a Commonwealth public official. If found guilty he could receive up to two years imprisonment and a $25,000 fine.

Mr Abbott was allegedly assaulted as he stopped to shake hands with Mr Labe, who asked the conservative legend, and all around good bloke Tony “Tones” Abbot, to shake his hand in a spirit of amity. The former Liberal party leader Abbott, and here I caution my readers that in Australia the Liberals are the conservatives, was out on the hustings campaigning against a Same-Sex Marriage proposition that is on the ballot. Mr Labe, who was wearing a pro-marriage equality sticker at the time, then allegedly struck Mr Abbott.


Despite running off and hiding, Mr Labe was almost immediately brought to justice, and he now faces an extended period of incarceration in which to think about the moral rectitude of assaulting people who disagree with him. Nonetheless, we wish Mr Labe all the best in his future same-sex prison marriage, and hope that none of his future attempts at hand shaking go similarly awry.

As for Tones, we wish him all the best too in his present and future endeavours. While it is comforting to know that Tones is getting justice, and Mr Labe his well-deserved comeuppance, it is worth remembering that if he hadn’t assaulted the former prime minister or another public official then Mr Labe may well have either gotten away with his crime, or simply walked away laughing from court.


Political violence is the hate crime of our times, and the tolerant Left needs to calm down and reflect a little, before somebody gets seriously hurt.

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