Here’s a small list of countries that Branson should apologise to for telling them how wonderful Soros is (he isn’t)

By John Miller

25th October, 2017


What does Richard Branson think? This is not a question that occurs to most people these days, unless they want to laugh at a desperate attention seeking celebrity scarecrow. Who even cares what somebody who became famous by constantly reminding us all how famous he was has to say, you might reasonably ask.

Not so fast, gentle reader. Reprehensible leather item Richard Branson just sent out a tweet storm of adulation aimed at George Soros, and on first blush it’s hilarious. No wait, it’s outrageous.


“George Soros is a philanthropic superpower for liberal democracy.”

Oh ho what? Clearly Richard was too busy looking in the mirror in 1997, and nobody ever told him what Soros and his cronies at Quantum were up to, colluding with corrupt banking officials to rape the currencies of Malaysia and Thailand with their multi-billion-dollar vulture fund. Or perhaps he thinks that brown and yellow people don’t deserve liberal democracy, or philanthropy?

“A person whose generosity has done much to change the world for the better.”

Was it A-OK that the Thais lost half the value of their currency in six months? God only knows how many Soros killed with his generosity in Malaysia and Thailand alone Branson, you disgusting haggard dimwit. Did the world keep changing for the better when the contagion of the Asian Financial Crisis spread to Indonesia, and to the Philippines? Liberal democracy was never meant for South East Asians according to Branson Theory, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that he also thinks it’s better that Soros took away their access to pharmaceuticals, food and fuel.


“Giant of giving for the greater good.”

Oh God Richard stop gushing about this monster, you’re embarrassing yourself. Is Davos handing out awards for outstanding Stupidity in the Field of utter Ignorance now? Are you sick in the head mate? The legendary Soros wealth is all dirty blood money and unpaid taxes. The Soros legacy is the tsunami of human misery that swept over Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, Russia, and Brazil. Even Japan politely fell into recession for the next twenty years.

Maybe Branson should stick to combing his beard, or whatever it is that made him famous, and give the politics a rest.

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