From Holy Club to LGBTBBQ Safe Space, welcome to Wesley’s worst nightmare

By John Miller

25th October, 2017


Syracuse University, Willamette University, Cornell College, Southern Methodist University, American University. What do all these fine institutions have in common? A Queer Alliance? Students for Feminism?

I mean why do they even exist? Surely to fight gender inequality? Perhaps to spread spiritual diversity? To demand the immediate legalization of drugs?

Who even made them? Oh, I know. It was some clever group of atheists, gays, bisexuals and the transgendered. Actually no, they were all founded by Christians of the Methodist faith.


Syracuse University in New York was founded in 1831 by the Methodist Episcopal Church as the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary. Jason Lee, Methodist Episcopal Church missionary, founded Willamette in the Oregon Country in 1842. In 1850 the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary moved from Lima to Syracuse, under Rev. Dr. Benjamin Franklin Tefft. George Bryant Bowman, Methodist minister, founded Cornell in Mount Vernon, Iowa, in 1853.

American University probably owes as much to the American military needing a weapons testing laboratory as it does to John Fletcher Hurst, so perhaps it belongs to the secular world.

SMU in Dallas was the labour of love of the Annual conferences of the United Methodist Church, and appeared in 1915. It took Liberals most of the 20th Century to subvert the Methodist Church and destroy its institutions, and to ruin the life’s work of so many fine Christians. So who were the Methodists, and why should you care?


Well for one thing, it isn’t right to steal another’s property, or pass their labours off as your own accomplishments. The grand theft of the crown jewels of the Methodist Church in America by the Left has so tarnished good Christian names like Cornell, and polluted the names of honest Christian territories like Willamette and Syracuse, that those names have become bywords for pompous vice and degeneracy of the lowest order.

This unholy assault upon the labours of so many pious men of God ought to be have been sternly met with remonstrance by the followers of Wesley. For John Wesley was an enlightened man, he was a gentleman and a scholar, but above all he was a pious and devout Christian.

The Holy Club that Wesley belonged to at Oxford met every night to read the Holy Scriptures for three hours, to pray and fast. These were men of discipline, the leaders of the Evangelical Revival that took place in the Church of England in the 18th Century, pastors for Puritans, Godly men.


Wesley and Whitefield deserve a better legacy than the backsliding free thinkers of the do-as-you-feel 21st Century Methodist Church, university sinecures that are passed around like reefers amongst worn-out political hacks who think they belong in higher education, and the unclean legion of pampered brats who attend colleges that teach them the world ought to revolve around their diversity parade.

This is the farthest thing in the world from what you ought to learn at a Methodist college, where young men and women should learn that daily and hourly devotion to Christ alone in thought, word, and deed is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life.

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