Christian Mingle forced to cater for gays, bride traffickers at Second Wife get a hall pass

By John Miller

24th October, 2017


Where else would you expect to find a website only for Muslim men, operating in full public view and under the auspices of a friendly Orwellian Caliphate, but oh-so-modern Great Britain. The Kaffirs may not get away with much these days, but if you want a second wife that really gets your passion for medieval cosplay, then why not join the 100,000 users already registered on

Never mind the fact that girls way younger than their potential “”””husbands””” are being trafficked online for a future of physical abuse, stop being so intolerant you bigots.


Polygamous marriages are A-OK in the UK, whether you want to go get married abroad in one of the festering third world sewers that invented them, or even if you just feel like getting married by some pervert right at home. Unregistered religious ceremonies are taking place all over Great Britain, but love is love, right? And what could possibly be lovelier than a degenerate old man wallowing in barely legal flesh. Thanks Sharia May.

So far the response from budding polygamists has seen the men outnumber the girls by three to one, so the one glimmer of hope is that there are few less fathers willing to degrade their girls than there are dirty deviants willing to groom them for an open marriage.

Perhaps the polygamous Haji harems of future will just have to make do with three cucks to every chick.

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