Podesta unmasked as Putin’s secret pet project, creepy Spirit Cooker John got millions from Moscow

By John Miller

23rd October, 2017


Now that Mueller has been outed as the uranium bagman who moonlighted from his day job as Director of the FBI to run errands to Moscow for Clinton, and there is a deluge of well-documented forensic proofs which detail the many and varied ways that Bill and Hillary got cash from Putin in return for selling him one-fifth of America’s Highly Enriched Uranium, the enraged Trump faithful have almost forgotten about the creepy Spirit Cooker Podesta.

The Trump-Russia narrative that the Clinton’s fabricated and their faithful Swamp creature Mueller used to go on a fishing expedition against the President has turned out to be a desperate ploy, but not everything that was always going to come out leads exclusively to Hillary. John had his nose in the Russia trough too.


No wonder they needed dirt on Trump, and fast, and what better mud than the same dirt that they were all already caked with. The phony Russian narrative is dead, but Mueller is still running his investigation stacked with Obama DOJ criminals as if his life depends on it, and it probably does. Treason is a capital crime in most countries.

Not that the legacy media seem to care that the Secretary of State sold Putin just what he needed for his Iranian and North Korean rogue terrorist proxies to kill every American. As long as they’ve got somebody in a funny hat who thinks America is racist, they’ll probably always lead with that instead.

It falls on citizen reporters to do their job, so let’s get to it.

Clinton wasn’t the only one taking millions from the Russkies. Clinton campaign manager and notorious spirit cooking enthusiast John Podesta was up to his neck in that dirty dirty Putin money too.

Fox Business journalist Maria Bartiromo recently caught Skippy struggling in the web of lies he created to cover up the 75,000 shares in Joule that he transferred to his family members and failed to declare when entering the Obama Whitehouse. Despite Podesta’s weaselly denials that he owned stock in any Russian company, there is a clear email record of Podesta acting as Director on behalf of Joule even as late as the 2016 election, when it was widely expected that creepy John would soon become a bigshot in the incoming Hillary administration.


So what did Putin hope to get for his $35 Million dollar investment in Skippy?

We’ll never know, because Joule seems to have only existed as a golden collar on Podesta, who probably could have pumped American taxpayer money into it and made Putin and his guys a little richer. As soon as Trump won, the company was worthless. As of last August, Putin simply wrote it off.

What we do know is that Moscow had a lot more riding on a Clinton victory than the measly few hundred thousand his Internet troll farm was caught spending on those notorious Facebook ads.

Even the $170,000 in speaking fees that Skippy’s even creepier brother got from Putin outweigh almost every single dollar that we are meant to take as conclusive proof that Moscow favoured Trump over Clinton.

The objective facts are these: Putin was always perfectly comfortable with his ability to milk everything he wanted from a Clinton administration. He was just smart enough to hedge his bets when the Hillary campaign turned into the low energy clusterthingy that it did.


That Clinton has the audacity to pretend anything more than she was ever a greedy traitor is laughable, and her bitterness that Putin was smart enough to have a little bet that he might have to face Trump, and muddy the waters with some meaningless gamesmanship that has somehow gotten overblown into this vast imaginary conspiracy between Trump and Russia is beyond ridiculous.

Fake News played America, and now we have the Mueller witch hunt. Ahem, you seem to be letting the real witch get away but Robert? Why would this be, I wonder?

Clinton and Mueller sold HEU to the Russians. This is well known, and documented by her own emails. She deserves to hang, and he needs to give us a really good explanation, or hang as well.

Podesta shouldn’t be allowed to walk away with his bag full of Russian loot either. Joule may not be as dangerous as what the Clintons did with Uranium One, but it is just as scandalous.

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