GEOTUS tees off in Virginia, Obama frantically defends last vestiges of legacy

By John Miller

23rd October, 2017


Trump won neighbouring West Virginia with his upfront commitment to God and Coal, but what works with Appalachian Christians and Coalminers won’t always wash with the Atlantic Coast Backsliders and Bureaucrats of the Old Dominion. Their outgoing governor might well have been created in a petri dish at the Clinton Foundation (thanks Steve).

Democrat Terry McAuliffe employed every trick in the dirty Democrat playbook to expand his base, furiously enrolling a legion of felons and dead people, so what chance does Republican Ed Gillespie have at replacing him as governor?

Quite a good shot indeed, by the looks of things. MS-13 Killer Norton and the Sanctuary Democrats are choking badly, and with the ballot fast approaching, Ed Gillespie is edging Ralph Norton of the incumbent party by a whisker.

Norton has the full backing of Fake News (who describe him as a folksy physician, how kawaii), and a riled-up Democrat base. Obama is stumping like mad for him. Watching Obama tear up about divisive politics probably reminds us all that America used to be a place where you could watch the football without despising the flag and the national anthem, and that once upon a time Presidents didn’t respond to the news that cop killers were burning down their neighbourhoods with an okey doke.

Image: Barack Obama

Maybe he should try another beer summit. Who doesn’t like beer?

Meanwhile Gillespie has the usual legacy media headwinds, and he is a former Chairman of the RNC at a time when the Republican base would rather lynch an establishment guy than vote for him. Trump has spent the last three weekends in the Commonwealth, but only to play golf.

GEOTUS seems supremely confident, almost as if his mere presence ought to be enough. He knows that in the Age of Trump every ballot is about him. Virginia is closer to Blue than Purple though, so Trump has to play it light and breezy. The national media salivates over even the remotest imaginary prospect of a Trump defeat.

Unlike the special elections, where Trump held his ground, in Virginia it is the Democrats who actually have something at stake. Trump is playing it cool. He wants the base to know that Ed is his guy, but he is leaving enough daylight between himself and Gillespie to let the Republican machine do its job, and claw out a close victory with the swing voters of Virginia on the local issues.

Trump can’t even lead the eagle scouts in the pledge of allegiance without being controversial in certain quarters, and the last thing the Gillespie campaign needs is some young patriot or another to remember the Obama years unfondly in front of a network news camera with GEOTUS in the frame. This would be rare oxygen for the race-baiting Democrats of Virginia.


The North Virginia suburbs are heavily infested with the crypto-socialist progressive liberal types that swarmed the booths for Hillary last November. Gillespie just can’t rely on the suburban half of the rural-and-suburban alliance which R’s in Red States take for granted. Meanwhile Norton’s guys can turn out the predictable commie blocs of the college towns and the state capital. Soros money will do the rest, and bus the professional voter brigade from booth to booth all day long.

This election is still Norton’s to lose, but Gillespie was up +1 in the last Monmouth.

More liberal tears incoming? Please Trump, I can’t handle all this winning.

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