Fake News racists smear Doctor Carson’s HUD, forget that Castro and Obama misplaced $500 Billion HUD-bux

By John Miller

23rd October, 2017


Does anybody else remember last April, when an Inspector General audit of HUD discovered that Obama flunky and aspiring 2020 empty barrel Julian Castro had lost FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS there in just two short years? Not lost as in wasted, or anything subjective like that, but lost as in HUD having to re-issue its financial statements for fiscal 2015 and 2016, because of “pervasive material errors”.

“The total amounts of errors corrected in HUD’s notes and consolidated financial statements were $516.4 billion and $3.4 billion, respectively,” the Inspector General said.


According to the IG, among the many failings of the Castro HUD were its penchant for weak internal controls over financial reporting, errors and delays in preparing financial statements leading to several “significant deficiencies”; and instances of noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Julian Castro everybody, the socialist dimwit mayor who was tapped to run HUD by Obama despite Castro’s own HUD mini-scandal while he was Mayor of San Antonio. A HUD IG report claimed $1.1 million of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds given to San Antonio from 2009 to 2011 was misused by Castro’s town hall.

Only $1.1 million misused? This guy should be in charge of running HUD!

Castro, who has since worried publicly and often that HUD was going to go backwards under Doctor Carson, was responsible for errors of breathtaking magnitude and incompetence, including his HUD rounding dollar amounts to the nearest billion, when financial guidance clearly calls for rounding to the nearest million.


This August just gone the KKK racists at New York magazine joined the fray, and tried to whip up some Fake News about how nobody was home at Doctor Carson’s HUD. Ooh, good one guys. Nobody bothered to contact Secretary Carson or his office for the story, which turned out to be all just made up claptrap, including the obligatory mystery sources that slander anything and everything about the Trump administration.

In real life, so far so good for Secretary Carson. Don’t expect the good doctor to champion commie blocks for all the folks who don’t feel like working, he is isn’t wired like that, and Trump would never let him do it if he was. Sensible and compassionate solutions for genuinely needy Americans that don’t waste the American taxpayer’s hard earned money is what we are getting and can expect more of from Doctor Carson, as he quietly and competently goes about the business of cleaning house at HUD.

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