Stopping them at the Gates of Vienna again, Kurz is the hero Europe deserves

By John Miller

22nd October, 2017


Much has been made of Trump effect that is sweeping over the European homelands, which in the last few weeks has seen resounding victories for the Christian parties of the Right against their bitter Socialist foes. Suicidal devotion to the cult of open borders is no longer the omnipresent stifling force it was before the advent of GEOTUS, and now that the Left no longer control every side of the narrative in Europe, decades of creeping Marxism is being challenged and reversed.

Enter Sebastian Kurz, the handsome young face of a new Austria, reminding us why Austria was always great, and necessary. The nation that gave us Mozart (not to mention Mendel, Haydn, Mahler, and Schubert), Schrodinger and Wittgenstein finally re-emerges after its dark chapter, and it is ready to resume its place as the saviour of Europe.


The Left are furiously invoking the spectre of the mad Socialist dictator Hitler, but as we can all plainly see these days the Far Right was always just the Far Left in disguise. Our very own violent AntiFa thugs could swap their black pyjamas for a brown shirt, and nobody would notice.

Kurz is the farthest thing from an evil megalomaniac Socialist. The fresh face of Austrian greatness claims the mantle of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. The Good Germans have returned, and the Austrian voters are like the Landsknechts of old.

Kurz and his fellows have set out their camp before the rampant horde of barbarian Jihadists, and vowed that the Gates of Vienna will never fall to the enemies of Europe and civilisation. He is a Crusader against the prevailing European rot, and looks to roll back the death by taxation and illegal immigration that was crushing Austria and the EU.


The Czechs have elevated their own good Prince to power in the last few days too, and with the liberation of Prague we stand on the cusp of the renaissance of European greatness. A new Holy Roman Empire deserves a free and mighty Bohemia, and Andrej Babis looks to be our man.

The Good Germans and the Czechs march valiantly, to join their brother Poles and Hungarians who have so valiantly manned the wall for Christian Europe in the last year.

The Saracens and Socialists are getting weaker, and we are growing stronger by the day.

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