Who is the Obama DOJ Swamp rat tapped by Mueller to lead the Trump Russia investigation?

By John Miller

21st October, 2017


If you think that your vote finally put an end to Obama’s Department of Obstructing Justice, then think again. Never mind the first Attorney General ever to be held in contempt of Congress, or the next AG who killed the Clinton investigation and then laughed about on the tarmac with Bill, Robert Mueller has quietly brought back a far more reckless Obama DOJ villain. Only the worst of the worst is good enough to run the phoney Trump investigation, and that guy’s name is Andrew Weissmann.

Trump’s faith in Jeff the Recuser ought to have ended the minute Rosenstein handed the phoney Russian investigation over to Robert Mueller, the ex-FBI Director who took a sample of Highly Enriched Uranium to Moscow for Secretary Clinton. We all know what happened next. The Swamp sold one-fifth of America’s supply of the stuff coveted by Rogue States who want to go nuclear to Putin. The Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars. The Russians gave the Iranians and the North Koreans what they wanted to make Death to America great again.

So where are the indictments, Jeff?


Instead we get Mueller, the guy named in the 2009 Clinton cable to the Moscow embassy as the uranium bagman, and his favourite Obama DOJ witch hunter, Andrew Weissmann. What. The. Heck. Jeff.

Sessions recusal, and Rosenstein’s subsequent hiring of Hillary’s Russian uranium pimp to run a phoney investigation into Trump Russia collusion is classic Swamp.

That Robert Mueller has the audacity to investigate anybody else for ties to Russia is simply disgusting, but that Sessions has allowed this farce to descend into madness, with Mueller resurrecting the very worst of the Obama DOJ to fish for bogus Trump crimes is beyond… I am at a loss for words.

Andrew Weissmann is not a well-known man outside of Swamp circles. While we were all focused on his gun-running bosses who were forced to resign for their official dealings with the Mexican drug cartels, guys like Weissmann were flying under the radar at the Obama DOJ. Weissmann is not some ordinary Obama foot soldier who just did stuff like withholding documents to the courts though.

Awful Andy is the scandalous one man wrecking crew you turn to if you have already decided on your target, but you lack a crime.

Andrew Weissmann, the federal prosecutor in charge of the En

The Supreme Court once unanimously reversed a conviction that Weissmann got against Arthur Anderson using his show trial tactics and flair for bogus crimes. The highest court in the nation labelled the imaginary Weissmann crime as corrupt persuasion.

In Arthur Andersen LLP v. United States (2005), then Chief Justice Rehnquist was entirely credulous of the Weissmann tactics used against the firm of Arthur Andersen. Weissmann, first as deputy director and then director of his government task force, conjured up corrupt persuasion to get his mark. The fake crime Weissmann used was described by Chief Justice Rehnquist as: “persuasion with an improper purpose even without knowing an act is unlawful”.

Rehnquist slapped down Weissmann: “Only persons conscious of wrongdoing can be said to ‘knowingly corruptly persuade.”

All too late for Arthur Anderson, and small comfort to the 85,000 who lost their jobs thanks to Awful Andy.

Weissmann has form not only as your guy to cook an investigation to wreck an entire industry and then walk away whistling while it sheds tens of thousands of jobs. He also is also your guy if you want someone sent to jail who never broke the law.

We are all aware of the Obama Department of Obstructing Justice dream team: Loretta Lynch and Leslie Caldwell. Weissmann was the third wheel who Caldwell brought into the DOJ. It reunited the Eastern District of New York troika, whose war on American business is the stuff of legends.


Weissmann was always the most egregious of the bunch, and the hardest to get a leg-up onto the Obama gravy train. The Fifth Court when it reversed the Weissmann prosecution in United States v Brown and set free the four men wrongly convicted and sent to jail by Weissmann declared that his team had “plainly suppressed” the evidence.

Weissmann escaped the ethical grievance against him at the New York Bar by invoking ties to the same Swamp FBI that delivered uranium samples to Putin for Clinton. Mueller and Weissmann have a longstanding relationship. Weissmann has acted as his former counsel.

As an FBI counsel, Weissmann got his case punted from the New York Bar to the Obama Department of Obstructing Justice, where it was quietly squashed in the darkness by the hilariously misnamed Office of Professional Responsibility.

Worse still, Caldwell then tapped Weissmann to head Fraud at the DOJ, after the requisite stint in the academic pastures where disgraced Dems go to be recycled.

This is the disgusting Swamp creature that leads the Mueller witch hunt against Trump.

Mister President, the Swamp is attacking you. Sessions isn’t doing his job. Time to act.

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