Ordinary Brits agree with Trump on crime in Airstrip One Caliphate, fear summary execution from Sharia May

By John Miller

22nd October, 2017


If you wonder why most Brits won’t stick their neck out in the Orwellian Caliphate that Teresa runs, just think back to last December, when Kevin ‘Bunny’ Crehan was terminated in his prison cell. His capital crime was leaving his bacon sandwich outside his local mosque, satire which isn’t appreciated in the Jihad friendly nanny state.

In the latest Trump was right moment, crime is surging in the UK, and Radical Islamic Terror is on the streets and out of control. Yet the purity spiral which handed Great Britain over to the paedophile rape gangs carries on draining the nation of its will to resist.


All of the resources of the state are focused instead on a vicious crackdown against ordinary Brits who have had too much to think about Islam, and we are all left wondering just how much acid thrown into the face of Britannia we will have to put with.

Under the mismanagement of brazen dhimmi Sue Hemming, the Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division of the CPS seems to have defined Terrorism exclusively as saying mean things about Islam, and in the Airstrip One Caliphate we all know what the punishment for Special Crimes is these days.

As we enter the long dark night of the police state that monitors our social media, and kicks down the doors of our grans who share or like unsanctioned wrong-think on their Facebook, it behoves us all to remember that an Island that fought off Napoleon, the Kaiser, and Hitler ought not to be so meekly surrendered to the Hemmings of this world.

To hell with Hemming, and Sharia May too. I stand with Trump.

Time to end Islamic crime, and end the CPS reign of terror in the UK.

God save the Queen, and God save Britain.


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