Fake Iraqi WMD Dossier apprentice made Fake Trump Dossier, and Fake News bought it again

By John Miller

20th October, 2017


When the kids used to say that Bush lied and people died, they were probably right. But to be absolutely on the money, they ought to have been saying John Scarlett lied. Blair took John’s lie and ran off to tell his good chum George, whose guys had gotten him all hyped up about getting rid of Saddam. Scarlett’s lies amounted to a case for war, and Bush reported his untrue facts to the American public.

CNN pretended to be journalists while secretly lusting for war ratings. Everybody got what they wanted, and Scarlett was the guy whose flat out lies and Fake Dossier made it possible.

Good God, how many guys did Junior send to their deaths so he could scour Iraq for Scarlett’s fantasy WMD arsenal? We searched every nook and cranny for the proofs, and we found nothing except Saddam, hiding in his hole in the ground. The Bush Doctrine of nation building and spreading democracy were the sexy gloss that got applied to mission creep. The reason we had so much creeping to do was Scarlett’s notorious September Document.

Without rehashing the events of the Iraq War, the West took a serious hit to its moral authority the last time it fell for a Fake Dossier. So let’s just take a quick look at the guys who wrote it, shall we?

John Scarlett was Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), and he put his name to the dossier. The senior officer serving under John, when John was the sort of Chief of MI6 who would lie his country and its allies into an unnecessary war under false pretences, was his protégé Cristopher Steel.

Trump dossier

The same British spy who makes a living these days turning rumours into gold as a meddler in American democracy first learned how to write this drivel as the apprentice to the master of fake dossiers. If you wanted to learn how to pack a fake dossier with invidious lies, then you couldn’t do better than be the understudy of Scarlett.

Christopher Steele took this education and parlayed it into compiling the type of seedy opposition reports which the Jeb! campaign could afford, but which good guy Jeb! had no idea what to do with it. A few bare-knuckle fighters who do mercenary work for the Bush dynasty hawked it around, but the Trump train rolled right over them anyway.

Nobody knew how to use the Fake Trump Dossier properly until the Clintons came along. Hillary got it into the hands of the right people at the FBI, who as we now know from certain notorious 2009 cables sent by then Secretary Clinton, were up to their neck in high treason. She sent Director Mueller off to Putin with a sample of the deadly HE Uranium she was hawking to the Russians, knowing full well that Moscow would simply on-sell it to terrorist states. Why should we be surprised to find out that the next Director continued to do her dirty work at home?

The same pack of treasonous rats who sold Putin a Nuclear Rogue State starter pack for a few million dollars to the Clinton slush fund has the gross indecency to smear Trump with ties with Russia. I’m not buying it, Fake News.

Seeing the division of Time Warner which exists to run interference and pump out Swamp propaganda wed to the 10 Reasons Clickbait peddlers at Buzzfeed who spam the internet with mindless boiler plate for the Google algorithm is just bizarre. Humans don’t even read Buzzfeed, do they? The AdWords and bots internet news scammers never even pretended not to be fake, did they?

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Trump looks on as Bush admits that he smoked marijuana in high school during the second official candidates debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley

In an alternate timeline Christopher Steele and his Fake Dossier rode the President Clinton gravy train off into the sunset, and nobody ever found out that Steele was a bitter socialist with loose morals who threw away his Cambridge education to write subversive adult fiction for candidates who like to win dirty. In our reality, the American people were a whole lot smarter than the Clintons, the FBI and the filth media.

Steele’s Fake Trump Dossier belongs in the trash, which is where it found Buzzfeed, and this is where they both should stay, along with Christopher Steele’s aspirations as a storyteller.

CNN ought to have known better, but they shamelessly took cover behind Buzzfeed and ran with unsubstantiated nonsense. Everybody knows why. Because CNN were too gutless to say no to the Clinton DNC. The stench of Hillary hasn’t lifted from her party organisation, which contains any number of dirty Donnas still willing to tell brazens lies for the Clintons.

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Trump listens as Democratic nominee Clinton answers a question from the audience during their presidential town hall debate in St. Louis

If anybody deserves to end up in the bowels of journalism, it is the powdered suits at CNN who pimped the Iraq war with as much phony gravitas as they could muster. Watching the silver haired devils choke on their lies under that pile of American coffins was never enough justice.

Oh, and they merrily rolled over for Obama too, when he wanted to sell a fifth of America’s Highly Enriched Uranium to Putin. Okey doke. Thanks CNN. If Trump played the Swamp game we all know that CNN would remember it was a good boy and let him walk them. Calling CNN Fake News is an insult to the Onion.

CNN anchors are high-end media prostitutes who fluff Swamp politicians all day, so what should I care if they hate Trump? Not a single one of them raised an eyebrow at the Clinton Foundation when it received a multi-million-dollar bribe from the Russians to endanger us with rogue nuclear missiles.

Do you want to impress me, Fake News? Then tell me what happened to all the Highly Enriched Uranium that Clinton sold, and why I’m wrong for saying that the Iranians and North Koreans are turning it into nuclear warheads as we speak.

America deserves better than Fake Dossiers. It deserves real answers.

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