Phony Russian investigation led by Clinton Cartel uranium pimp, Mueller unmasked as bagman who made deadly drop off to Moscow

By John Miller

19th October, 2017


The Swamp-appointed Inquisition of any and all possible Trump camp ties to Russia took a strange twist in the last few days, when Robert Mueller, the guy appointed by de facto AG Rod Rosenstein to investigate fantasy collusion with the Russians, turned out to be a real-life Clinton bagman who personally took Highly Enriched Uranium to Putin in 2009.

Thanks to dogged whistle-blower Julian Assange and Wikileaks, we know that Secretary Clinton corrupted her State Department and abused her influence, and we now know that she used Mueller, then Director of the FBI, to conclude a lucrative Clinton deal to sell HEU to the Russians.

This may or may not be the same HEU that the Russians resold to Rocket Man to fire back at us, but the idea that the Secretary of State ought to profit on any deal Russia with such outrageous risk to the American public is itself a shocking act of treason.


It gets worse. Clinton used the sitting Director of the FBI as her personal bagman. None other than the same Robert Mueller who currently leads the Deep State witch hunt into fantasy Russian collusion was helping Clinton to collude with Russia. Wait, what? Has there ever been a more galling corruption of a high official than this?

Quoting Clinton herself in a cable to John Beryle, the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, dated August 17, 2009:

“Action Request: Embassy Moscow is requested to alert at the highest appropriate level the Russian Federation that FBI Director Mueller plans to deliver the HEU sample once he arrives in Moscow on September 21.”

Putin was quite happy with his sample of Highly Enriched Uranium, and in 2010 the Russian leader acquired 20 percent of America’s uranium supply. The same Obama administration which rubber stamped the Rosatom purchase of Uranium One knew then that it was selling lethal HEU to Putin, so why the big whoop about Trump suggesting peaceful co-existence during the 2016 primaries?


Welp, whenever Clinton is involved, there is always a dark web of crimes, and entangled in the centre of that gross web we find Mueller. Without suggesting that any particular Samantha began furiously unmasking for less than patriotic reasons, or that Obama knew exactly what his administration did, we can reasonably suggest that Mueller is the last person who should ever be leading any investigation into ties with Russia.

The guy Rod Rosenstein appointed to investigate Trump is up to his neck in the Clinton Swamp, and it is time for AG Session to un-recuse himself, and start to do his gosh darned job.

Rod Rosenstein is at best an unwitting Deep State tool, and Mueller is a deeply compromised man. Investigating imaginary crimes to vindicate some perceived slight to the Old Boys network located between 9th and 10th Street is not worthy of a single extra taxpayer dollar.

Hey Jeff, perhaps a better place to look for real collusion with the Russians might be the Clinton Foundation? You know, the slush fund set up for the political coronation of Clinton as heir to Obama which took a $2.36 Million-dollar bribe while she was Secretary of State. From Russia. That place that we are supposed to be hysterical about, because Don Junior was tantalised with lurid tales of Clinton misbehaviour by the sneaky Russians. Get back to me when the Trumps give Putin the means to create rogue nuclear missiles, OK Fake News?


In what world is it acceptable for the Secretary of State to profit from a deal which places the lives of millions of Americans in jeopardy from a nuclear strike by Rocket Man, or some other Russian proxy? Why is she not already hung for high treason?

And what about the man who took Putin the sample of Highly Enriched Uranium to make the Clintons a little richer? How does the Director of the FBI get to moonlight as a Uranium pimp for the Clinton Cartel and not go directly to jail?

It ends now Jeff. You are either with Trump, or you are with the Swamp. Get back to work, brother.

Hillary for prison.

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