Halal Hawaiian activist judge does it again, Trump Jihadi vetting still too extreme for Obama Law School pal

By John Miller

18th October, 2017


Judge Derrick Watson is at it again. The Hawaiian activist judge who graduated from Harvard Law School with Obama and made headlines back in March by defying the original Trump travel ban is back, this time against Trump Extreme Vetting 3.0, a permanent ban on the failed socialist states of North Korea and Venezuela, and on the Death to America danger zone which now includes Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

The Judge and the President’s first clash was over stop-gap orders to protect America, and ended with a flawless Trump victory in the Supreme Court, when a similar challenge to the President’s authority from Maryland was vacated. The first Hawaiian order went uncommented upon by the nation’s top court.

Leftist media gloomily predict 3.0 to be upheld by the Supreme Court, where Justices Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch have all already indicated that the President is well within his constitutional rights to try and protect America from shady foreign nationals arriving from dangerous countries which are unwilling or unable to help keep America safe.

Grand Mufti Watson

Grand Mufti Watson disagrees, setting up an interesting showdown between the Obama appointee accused of judicial activism, and Justice Gorsuch, who like the Hawaiian judge and the former president also graduated Harvard Law. Unlike Obama and Watson, Gorsuch has never demonstrated any propensity to support vexatious lawsuits brought by the Muslim Brotherhood.

We are yet to hear from the Egyptian Imam who was the main plaintiff in the original Hawaii case to block President Trump’s revised temporary travel ban, or from the North American Imam Federation (NAIF) that he belongs to. NAIF is loosely affiliated with the nebulous Muslim Brotherhood, accused by some of being a terrorist organisation. Both NAIF and the Muslim Brotherhood have a long history of aiding and abetting terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Al Qaeda.

In an incredibly low-stakes move for anyone who wants to be showered with praise from the Left for being tolerant while enjoying around the clock protection at taxpayer expense, Judge Watson has decreed extreme Trump vetting of potential terrorists to be unconstitutional. With the hip Ninth Circuit unlikely to ever disagree with any progressive interpretation of the Constitution, all eyes go to the Supreme Court, where Justices Roberts and Sotomayor will likely be the deciding votes on whether urgent matters of national security can still be decided by ballot, or whether all future decisions will have to go through Judge Watson’s chambers.

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