Fake News offers Poker Millionaire lone 47-gunman narrative for Vegas, Internet makes Tucker face

By John Miller

15th October, 2017


After several months of haranguing their audience with tirades about the need to grab their pitchforks and kill Trump, his family, anybody who supports him in the Congress, anybody who voted for Trump, or who publicly agrees with any part of anything said or done by their democratically and duly elected head of state, the Anti-Trump legacy media have been remiss in accepting any share of the blame for the slew of hate crimes against those who support the President.

The call for resistance so far has been answered by four super predators who abducted and tortured a retarded kid in a MAGA hat, vigilante street violence performed by roving packs of kawaii pyjama ninja communist-anarchists, and the attempted assassination of the Majority Whip and his Congress buddies while they played baseball. Those guys probably deserved it. Imagine having the temerity to debate how to get rid of a government entitlement program and replace it with something better.


Then came the tragedy of Las Vegas, which left 58 people dead and 546 injured. Time to all come together, right? Wrong. Time to spin a bizarre Fake News narrative and go after Trump and the 2nd Amendment.

What seems most bizarre about Vegas? Is it the vanishing Jesus Campos, or is it the mysterious death of the woman who survived the massacre only to die of posting on Facebook about multiple shooters? Or perhaps the mystery of how the shooter got 23 of his 47 guns into his hotel room unnoticed, or maybe all the witnesses having their electronic devices returned by the Feds with the footage erased? Or is it the increasingly nervous sheriff who keeps changing the official timeline? Welp, how about all that AND everything we are being told about this alleged lone gunman.

Here are the facts: he was a self-made internet poker millionaire. Um OK, this seems legit. Oh, and we learned pretty quick that he was white, and probably a white supremacist. Actually, it emerged that he had liked to frequent anti-Trump protests in full pussy hat mode in pink NASA t-shirt, so that narrative was ditched for a professional diagnosis of Evil White Man Syndrome.

What caused him to become so evil that he would shoot up a gathering of likely Trump voters at a country music concert? Apart from being white, we might never know, except something something Trump’s America.


Before you could say Deep State the usual CNN Fake News race baiters had verified that yes, white men are the problem, and no, they are no way responsible for any violence that they might incidentally incite against us. Trump and the NRA did it, case closed. Now hand your guns in, bigots.

Cue the Tucker face.

Anybody who still felt safe to be an ordinary Trump supporter and go about their life in a free and ordinary American fashion in the belief that both sides would abide by the decision of the ballot box has probably gotten woke by now. After Vegas we all know that the deranged Left won’t be happy until all the Kulaks are dead, and everybody else at the tractor factory is on the Comrade Sanders starvation diet.

Guns have never been more necessary, patriots. God bless America and the Constitution.

Oh, and can someone please wake up AG Sessions?

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