President Trump slaps down Iran, vows to make Arabian Gulf Great Again

By John Miller

15th October, 2017

American President Donald Trump this week addressed the mess left for his administration in the Arabian Gulf, where a rampant Iran fuelled with pallets of cash flown back to Tehran in the dying days of the Obama administration has obnoxiously emerged to threaten the Democracy and Freedom that we fought two Gulf Wars for.

The recipient of this Billion-dollar cash bribe was an unrepentant terror state dedicated to the eternal perpetuation of civil war in Syria and Yemen, and it has almost certainly been used to strengthen terrorist networks dedicated to killing Americans in Iraq and the Lebanon, as well as fomenting strife in Qatar.

Notable biking enthusiast and former Secretary of State Kerry justified sending all this money to the Iranians in return for their solemn promise that they would not try and join the Nuclear Club, a deal which President Trump and others have remarked to be worst America ever made.

It was no surprise to the supporters of the President that he did exactly what he promised them he would, and he has decertified the deal. Nor should it surprise anyone that the regime which hoodwinked Obama into giving them to money to rebuild the same organisations that likes to drive trucks full of explosives into Marine barracks hasn’t actually changed its logo from Death to America and Israel after all.


The Iranians, who famously held a Holocaust cartoon contest, and who have unambiguously and continuously stated their aim is to kill every Israeli Jew, seem not to have changed their spots. Small wonder then that Tel Aviv was credulous at the Chamberlainesque performance which negotiated the peace in our time agreement that gave Tehran everything they needed to capture Paris. As it turns out, Macron really wants to sell those planes, and he doesn’t particularly care if they are piloted back at him by people who want to kill him.

President Trump has thrown the gauntlet down to the terror state that stayed the course better than George Bush Junior in Iraq and which (along with the Russians) made a mockery of Obama and Clinton in Syria. Lacking the spineless dithering of Obama, and with an unshakeable faith in the American military and Western values, we can expect Trump to be all Surge and no Nation Building.

Give the terrorists hell, President Trump (and in Mattis we trust).

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