Sweden Democrats cuck out on Bonnier monopoly in European Socialist trainwreck state

By John Miller

Tuesday the 20th of March 2018


The nice thing about browsing /pol/ is that I am always learning new things, and today I learned that (((the Jews))) own 80% of the media in Sweden, which seems rather odd considering the fact the government of Sweden seems hell-bent on transforming their country into Syri-Afghan-Iraq. To the best of my recollection Jews and Arabs – and indeed Jews and the entire league of Arab cosplayers – haven’t gotten along for the last 4000 years, or whenever it was that Sarah dismissed Hagar.

My own views of (((the Jews))) is relatively benign, as I think anybody who has read my hagiography of Arthur Balfour or my history of the medieval Jews will agree, and I am broadly supportive of right-wing Israeli nationalism. On the other hand I do hate all forms of Leftism, and there can be no denying that secular Left-wing Jews are particularly good at wrecking their host nations.

Whether as high party officials in the vanguard of Russian Bolshevism overthrowing the Tsar and Orthodox Church, or as Billionaire technocrat assholes who chip away at Christian values and boost degeneracy in the modern American surveillance state, one cannot but marvel at the amazing capacity for certain Jews to annihilate anything that gets in their way.

The (((Bonnier family))) own several publishing houses, including Sweden’s oldest publishing company, and they publish dozens of titles, including the Swedish weekly business magazine Veckans Affarer, the women’s monthly magazine Damernas Varld, and the women’s fortnightly magazine Amelia.

More importantly the Bonnier group controls TV4 in Sweden, which has a 20% share of the Swedish commercial television audience, and it also owns the pay TV provider C More Entertainment.

Bonnier also controls the Swedish dailies Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Sydsvenskan, and Heisingborgs Dagblad, as well as the business daily Dagens Industri.

In its infinite wisdom the Board of Peace has decided that this represents 80% of all Swedish media, which is probably bullshit, and I prefer to blame the Swedes themselves for transforming their country into what it is, and in my opinion the Bonniers are merely going along for the ride.

Was there a Jewish conspiracy to make the Sweden Democrats throw renegade MP Anna Hagwell under the bus? She no sooner insinuated that “no family or ethnic group” should enjoy a taxpayer-funded monopoly over Sweden’s newspapers than she was announcing her resignation from politics forever. Kek.

Her exact claim was that Bonnier controls most of the small newspapers in Sweden, but in the process wondered aloud why Swedish taxpayers should be subsiding a monopoly by (((the Jews))). This was tantamount to political suicide, and Hagwell was promptly hoist upon the petard of Swedish tolerance.

Her crusade against the Bonnier newspaper monopoly in Sweden could not have been timed more poorly. Sweden goes to the polls on September 9 to elect it’s next government.

The Right-wing nationalist Sweden Democrats presently control 49 of 349 seats in the Swedish parliament, which is dominated by an alliance of Communists and Hippies (138 seats) and a Socialism-Lite bloc of Cuckolds (84 seats).

The Sweden Democrats are currently polling at just under 20%, and at peak performance were running at around 25%, or roughly double what they got last time. The Swedish Far Left are looking to gain around 40% of the vote, with the Not Quite So Far Left also on 40%.

In conclusion Sweden is and will remain royally fucked, but it was nice of Anna Hagwell to fall upon her sword for the good of her party.

I await your idiotic reply, Legion of Communist Achmeds who LARP as Nazis to smear the Right on 4Chan.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support Swedish nationalism.

An Englishman must do his duty: Robinson takes on May and Fleming at Speakers’ Corner

By John Miller

Sunday the 18th of March 2018


When Lord Nelson was standing on the quarterdeck of the Victory leading the British line against the Napoleonic fleet at Trafalgar he had already given an eye and an arm for England, and when Captain Hardy begged him to remove his Admiral’s coat so that the French sharpshooters would have at least a little trouble picking him out it seemed sensible advice, for England could sore stand to lose its great Admiral.

Yet Nelson replied with stiff upper lip that he was not one for shifting coats, and then added that he did not fear to show himself to the enemy.

Nelson more than any was aware that Britain could afford to lose one hundred battles to Napoleon on the continent, but if he gave up the English Channel to the French only once then all was lost. Trafalgar was do or die for England.

Lord Nelson wore his full naval honours that day, and upon the deck of Victory he led the British line into battle, against the larger and theoretically deadlier naval force of continental Jacobins.

For Nelson knew that his country required more from him than clever naval tactics, and so he made himself as conspicuous as possible without any regard for the enemy, and thus lent his courage to his men.

A French cannonball cut the Adjutant standing just to the side of him in half, and another that narrowly missed him smashed the wheel of Victory in half and killed an officer and eight Royal Marines, but Nelson did not run for cover.

For Lord Nelson was an Englishman, and he knew that every Englishman must do his duty.

Nelson took Victory straight at the French flagship, whose tremulous Admiral was hiding behind another French 74-gunner and a Spanish warship bristling with 130 cannons.

Admiral Nelson and Captain Hardy did their duty upon the quarterdeck, where they were under constant fire from enemy sharpshooters as Victory smashed through the Jacobin lines. Indeed, a Frenchy shot Lord Nelson through the spine and paralysed him.

Lord Nelson would not allow the Marines to just take him to the infirmary though, not until he had given a Midshipman his full advice on how to best handle the tiller during the remaining action.

Trafalgar was a complete rout of the Jacobin filth, and Nelson thought little of giving his life for his country. This was when it meant something to be British, and when brave Englishmen were not in short supply.

Not so modern Britain, where Jacobin rats roam the streets in Antifa rags alongside a horde of imported foreign devils whose only true allegiance is to Mecca. The Whore of Brussels and her traitorous secret police at the GCHQ are doing nothing at all about the occupying invaders, but they are coming down with everything they’ve got upon their own people.

Theresa May has at every turn stabbed her country in the back, undermining Brexit and giving everything away to Paris and Berlin, and while she maliciously damages the British nation by her fealty to an openly hostile European power, her foreign mercenaries attack the native Britons with wanton cruelty, raping and terrorising Christians without any care at all.

And why should they have a care, these invaders who are fully protected by May’s state security apparatus, while their victims go to jail instead?

For one thing is abundantly clear, and that is that Bloody Theresa’s lackey Jeremy Fleming converted to Islam along with Jimmy Clapper. And so Obama’s alphabet agency goon may be gone, but Fleming continues to terrorise Britain. Woe betide you if you are a Christian.

Like-minded Saracens were hell-bent on merging America and Britain into a Surveillance Caliphate, but Achmed Clapper was given the boot, and now only Mohamed Fleming is left standing. All Al-Clapper has left is ten thousand acres of opium in Afghanistan and a salty twitter account, but Jeremy Jafari is still running amok, and he is on the rampage against British liberty.

May and Fleming have abused the GCHQ to spy upon tens of thousands of ordinary Britons and have them carted off to jail in the dead of night. Anyone who objects too hard to capitulating to Brussels and Islam is targeted, and British jails have been filled with good common British folk whose only crime was speaking out.

Meanwhile the Saracen horde and the Jacobins who cause havoc in Britain for Brussels are left untouched as they duly rape and loot entire British neighbourhoods with complete impunity.

For as we have seen time and again, the British Sharia police state is working hand in glove not only with the Islamic invaders but with the modern Jacobins of Antifa, and any British man or woman who has something to say about the dread state of affairs will be attacked by first one set of domestic terrorists and then the other, and then by the secret police, who only ever arrest May’s political enemies, and never the enemies of Britain.

So then when Tommy Robinson agreed to take a speech written by a conservative activist who was arrested by the faux Conservative regime of May to Speakers Corner,   he knew it would be no easy task to read it out.

The entire leadership of the British political resistance to creeping Brussels Sharia has already been vanned by Fleming’s thought police, and a horde of foreign Jacobins has been allowed to pour across the border from Paris and Berlin to put the jackboot into the natives for Brussels.

Make no mistake, any free-thinking Englishman will be attacked by the Jacobin vermin. He will be attacked and his family will be attacked, and meanwhile the traitor May cries crocodile tears about some Russian spook that she poisoned for her CIA buddies, who all seem to be running for Congress now, and are busily whipping up the next proxy war in some Islamic shithole that will create the next tide of refugees.

Fleming is working overtime to fabricate all the evidence May and her CIA handlers need to get Christians dying again, which probably explains why he hasn’t gotten around to locking Robinson up yet. Perhaps today will be the day.

A brave man then, Tommy Robinson, walking the gauntlet of Antifa Jacobins and the occupying Muslims. May and her regime of Collaborators stand by with their truncheons to drag him off to gulag too.

The brave few who stand with Robinson at Hyde Park will also be assaulted by Moors and Jacobins, and then possibly beaten next by the police and jailed just for hearing naughty words said against the regime.

But this is England still, and every Englishman must do his duty.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support the British Christians who are fighting to take their country back from Saracens and Jacobins.

Hotel Nichifornia Sundays

By John Miller

Sunday the 18th of March 2018


I hope all you lads pulled up alright from Saint Patrick’s and made it to Church. It’s a nice sunny day here and I wanted to grab the track some talented fellow laid down on the YouTube where he mixed in Hotel California and Nichijou so I could listen to it on my music thingy while I took my afternoon stroll around the lake, but alas the Alphabet Corporation had it jailed.

So I broke it out with audio capture, and threw some old Cali footage over it. Kudos to all the artists who made the audio, but seriously fuck the Google corporation.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support the rights of music fans to to tell evil conglomerates to get stuffed. Also thanks Eagles for not suing me.



A loose and somewhat incoherent hagiography of Saint Patrick

By John Miller

Saturday the 17th of March 2018


It is a passably warm morning in Perth and also Saint Patrick’s day, and I can’t be bothered to properly re-write this article that I banged out last night while I was drinking rum, which was once our national currency.

The Irish spirit of defiance is an integral part of the Australian national psyche, and the bhoys who put on armour to fight the establishment and had their legs shot out from underneath them by the coppers probably deserve better, but this is my Guinness drinking day, so I’m in a rush lads.

The essence of readable blogging after all is unpolished truth such as the writer sees it, so please enjoy my heartfelt admiration of Saint Patrick and the Irish, couched in casual racism and sweeping generalisations about a subject that I narrowly researched while I was six deep and then embellished to suit myself.

As the Great Serpent of Brussels prepares to spit its poison upon the pristine Milesian race of Ireland, and displace the sons of the Spanish Celts who took Ireland from the Celtic Britons in a fair fight at the end of the Punic Wars, it is worth recounting the greatness of Ireland and its patron Saint.

An entire history of the land that defied Cromwell and the Corn Lawn Tories only to be defeated by the well pensioned bureaucrats of the Fourth Reich who have given the Irish until 2040 to cease being unique is probably well worth telling, but thanks to Patrick the Irish have a longer continuous written history than any Europeans aside from the Greeks and Romans, so this is beyond me. Let the communist sock puppets who revise history for Wikipedia do that instead.

It is not my intention either to dwell upon the future plans of European Socialists to genocide the Irish, or even pontificate upon the travails of Fenians in the new world, which my own family has not felt. Nor will I rehash the battles of Plantationers and Anglo-Irish with the Milesian Irish, or dwell upon fractures within the Church.

We must mostly skip back over the Normans too, who created just as many fine Irish families as they destroyed, being fellow Catholics. There are not a few mutted Anglo-Norman Irishmen in the diaspora who consider themselves to be quintessentially Irish, such as the Burkes and others.

It is worth mentioning briefly my own skin in the game, which like a preponderance of new world mongrels is neither purely Anglo-Saxon nor Irish. The nature of our colonial societies has given rise to a large number of Anglo-Celtic fellows such as myself, who feel a great affinity for the Celtic race even though we are more Anglo-Irish than Irish, and most of our Anglo-Irish Protestant ancestors were probably men in the mould of the Duke of Wellington, who had been drained of any sympathy for their Celtic brethren by the wars of religion and Empire propaganda.

This is no problem for me, for my pure-blooded Anglo-Saxon ancestors were Catholic dissenters on my English side, and Loyalist Scots-Irish Celtic Protestants on the other. I guess things must be different for someone whose family has expressed nothing but hatred for the other branch of Christianity across the divide during centuries of antagonism.

Yet the most important event in the history of Ireland involved a Catholic Briton crossing over to Ulster and teaching the Milesians how to Christ, so I feel that nothing about my ancestry prevents me from taking great pride in Ireland, its people, and its history, even though they made the crossing late.

And although my ancestors did not cross from Iberia in the pagan host that was fleeing from the Romans who occupied Spain as they took their revenge upon the Gallic allies of Carthage, they certainly heard Saint Patrick as he moved across the entire Celtic realm of Britain, and became good Catholic Picts, just as they had formerly been good and loyal Celtic clansmen in the days when Britain and Ireland were joined and ruled by the Tuatha de Danann.

Indeed we Falconers are part Normand and many of us blue eyed and fair haired, but just as many of us are Celtic looking, because we are also of Keith stock, and as goodly Celts we followed Lugh before we followed Christ.

My father’s father’s ancestors who did not arrive on longships from Hyperborea were named for the Welsh Cumbrian word for Woodsman, and lived in various places in Scotland, Cumbria, and Ireland. My ancestors gave hospitality to Connla, and would have marched for the sake of loyalty and honour behind the banners of Ulster all the way to Rome, had not Cu Chulainn tragically slain own son.

So much for pagan affairs, and Celtic Britain.

The truth is that the Ulaid, which is the proper ancient name of Norn Ireland, has always been part Irish and part Briton, and has often held sway over both islands together.

We ought turn now to the Ulaid in the early 5th Century, when Rome was being destroyed by German barbarians, and the vestiges of Roman Britain were being fought over by Christian Roman Celts, and the pagan Celts of Scotland and Ireland, and invading pagan Germans.

When Saint Patrick first went to Ireland he went as a slave, being a Christian Roman Celt, a Christian Briton who was captured by Irish pirates and made to serve the druids and do hard menial labour. It was during six years of brutal captivity that Saint Patrick grew to love the long-suffering Irish people as his Celtic kin, and commit himself fully to a life in Christ which would draw the folk together again.

His grandfather was a priest in Britain, and his father a magistrate, and when he returned to them it was not clear that either the Church or Roman Law would survive the collapse of the Empire, or the ravening Hun.

So when Patrick went straight back off to Ireland to speak for Christ amongst the pagans it seemed like madness, but in truth it was the salvation of both Ireland and Britain, and Bangor and the other monasteries created by Patrick and his followers provided the front line soldiers for Christ who wore down the Anglo-Saxons, and Christianised them too.

The Ulaid were a Milesian tribe as well as a kingdom. They were then ruled by a family living in Armagh, but Saint Patrick went first amongst the common folk of County Down, also in the Ulaid, where he had friends. The first Catholics in Ireland renamed their city Downpatrick, the Stronghold of Patrick.

The monastery at Bangor is also in County Down, and here the Irish Christians mastered the skills necessary for copying the Gospels and other manuscripts.

As the Goths and Sarmatians and Huns burnt and pillaged their way across the Roman Empire, Bangor and the other monasteries became increasingly important as repositories of ancient knowledge and Christian teaching.

The devil worshipping druids were not fully eradicated by Patrick and his men of Christ though, and even in Louth upon the borders of Ulaid they still seized Christians for their foul Molech worshipping rituals, which they share with the Carthaginians who were their masters when they were mercenaries in Spain.

Saint Brigid’s mother was a Pict who was an early follower of Christ in Ireland, after witnessing his marvellous Catholic oratory and miracles, and the Saint herself was seized in Louth as a small child.

The druids tried several times to defile Brigid, but Christ would not let them harm her, or feed her any food offered to their lowly idols, and for this reason they considered her a holy child, and gave her the name of one of the ancient divine queens of the Tuatha de Danann, who had ruled her ancestors in Celtic Britain, and indeed ruled all Ireland when the Milesians came from Iberia to dislodge them.

The first settlers in Ireland were by most accounts an ancient race that arrived in County Cork around the time of the Great Deluge, and were probably Basques.

These were subjugated by an ancient prince named Parthalon, said to be descended from Magog the son of Japheth. Partholon then was the first Indo-Aryan prince of a Scythian tribe to get all the way to the Atlantic with his host and cross over to Britain or Ireland. His kingdom was reputed to be in Kerry, and like the old kingdom of Cork which it replaced both had vanished before the Milesians arrived.

Other Scythians that were expelled from Babylonia and Assyria by the Chaldeans and the Neo-Assyrians were known by the Greeks as Cimmerians, and these fleeing to the Pontic Steppe became subordinate to a Scythian prince who led their host against Armenia and Anatolia, but there they were defeated by the Lydians, and retreated to Cappadocia, and here they encountered the Danaans in their ancient homeland, and got passage across the seas.

Control of the eastern Mediterranean was then passing from the Cretans and Mycenaean Greeks who were the ancestors of the Danaans, and into the hands of Phoenicians, a race of seafaring Canaanites who were the fathers of the Carthaginians. And before Carthage was, or Rome, these Danaans fled into the west on their boats, and made cities in Italy, and Gaul, and Iberia, and eventually came to Britain and Ireland, as the Nemed and the Tuatha de Danann.

The Carthaginian eventually took Iberia, and the local Gallic Celt were their allies against the Danaan, who was also dislodged from Italy and Sicily, first by Ionian and Dorian Greeks, and later by Romans.

The Moloch worshipping Fomorians are clearly Carthaginians, who persecuted the remnant of the Danaan race who were settled amongst the mass of the Celtic folk. At that time the Fomor demanded children from the native Celts for sacrifice, and lived upon island fortresses, as was the Carthaginian way before the Romans obliterated them.

In the final battle in Ireland between the Nemed and the Fomor, sixty thousand of the Nemed were drowned in an attempt to take the main Fomorian island stronghold, and after that they left Ireland altogether and most migrated to Britain to live amongst the Celtic Britons, and their children joined the Tuatha de Danann, the divine race who became the gods of the ancient Celts.

Others of the Nemed went to join the Greeks, which is hardly surprising, as the Carthaginian grip upon the Western Mediterranean was loosened after the First Punic war, and they desired to die upon their ancestral soil.

The seafaring race of giants who replaced the Nemed as kings of Ireland were the Fir Bolg, most likely Norsemen unless they actually were a race of seafaring giants from Hyperborea, and these were displaced as kings by the Tuatha de Danann, who returned from Britain and reunited Britain and Ireland into a single Celtic kingdom, before the arrival of the Milesians.

So then the re-conquest of Ireland by Patrick for Christ was just another turning of the wheel, albeit the most important one, which gave us a good reason to drink beer, the secret of which was kept alive by Christian monasteries and which sustains us against repeated attacks by Moors and Molech worshippers.

OK, now let’s go have some Fenian fun. Here are some lolis playing metal. I was going to put the Jump Around vid by House of Pain here but then I figured that lolis were less likely to sue me.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support the rights of Fenians to get drunk and shoot at anyone who oppresses them.

Dutton wants to save White Farmers from Commies and give us our guns back

By John Miller

Thursday the 15th of March 2018


Just when you thought the fully compliant globalist regime of Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t drag Australia any further to the degenerate Left, and that everything was fire with our trad-Catholic ex-PM on the permanent outer and the Fake News media jackals shamelessly setting the national agenda, there appears a dark horse.



He has these amazing thought-bubbles all the time. But is Peter Dutton just a bone that the Satanic powers behind our government has thrown us, or can we actually believe in him to do the righty?

Send back the Sudo reffos who are terrorising our RSL pensioners with machetes in violent home invasions all across Melbourne. Sounds great. Anyone been sent back yet?

Pic related is Australia right now. And frankly Dutton, you’re right, they don’t belong in Australia.



Let in the White Farmers from South Africa who are being killed in front of their families by the Communist nogs who we let take down and destroy a perfectly good Christian country. Sounds better than letting in boatloads of terrorists like we usually do. Is this really the kind of thing that dead eyed Julie and the rest of the globalist golems who govern us will ever agree to though?

We get dog whistle rhetoric all the time from the Libs and Nats. The Tories did the same thing in England, and look at the state of that Haji shithole now. This is where all talk and no action gets you.



Give is our guns back? Good lord, are you trying to get v& Dutton? Imagine all the school walkouts and episodes of QANDA this kind of free thinking will provoke.

I have almost no faith in Turnbull, and I know our controlled media are going to go in hard at Dutton to give Malcolm the fig-leaf he needs to do nothing except promote degeneracy and open borders for welfare rats, like he always does.



I also know a lot of you lads don’t give a fig about what the Left thinks you should think, and always vote your conscience, and that you never gave up on the Libs and Nats and are still active in the branches.

So let’s all get in behind the Dutton in our own way and give him some support, eh lads? You never know what can happen in a country that hates its shackles, and where some of us can still remember what it felt like to imagine we were free.



Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support the rights of Christians to bear arms and fight Communists.

Finn Knight on suicide watch: British Sharia cops arrest Lauren for tweeting about Islam

By John Miller

Monday the 12th of March 2018


So the Brits have arrested two conservative girls from the New World in two days now.  And for what? For talking like the conservative half of the world does every day of their life.

Let’s be clear: Islam is a shit religion and it ruins everything it comes in contact with – but don’t expect to have any free speech rights about this toxic death cult when you enter Islamic occupied Britain.

What kind of Tory government is Theresa May even running over there? A very traditional Pakistani one, apparently.

Just how many people is she going to lock up for telling the truth in Blighty? Only time will tell.

Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern are hardly radicals, and they’re only racist if you adopt the very broad definition that Antifa uses, a definition that includes most of the rank-and-file Tories that wasted their vote to elect this disgusting Prime Minister who delivered Britain lock, stock and barrel to the cult of the invaders.

Still no word from anyone about the British girls of Telford, who the Sunday Mirror revealed have been sold into slavery under the noses of a fully corrupted and compliant local police force, and abused to death as Christian sex slaves for the amusement of the Muslim invader for the last 30 years.

The absolute state of Britain, where a conservative speaker gets dragged off the bus and arrested for speaking the truth about the vile Muslim rape gangs that everybody knows rule the streets of Occupied Britain. Oh but don’t post about it on your Facebook, or you’ll get 4 YEARS GULAG like the lad who was pulled out of Oxford and bunged up for insulting Islam. Christ, you can’t even name a teddy bear Mohamed in England without getting 15 days gulag.

Well fuck Islam, and fuck the British police state. I live in a free country, and I’ll say what I bloody well like.

I truly pity the British. They pay their TV license so that the BBC can make more propaganda about how wonderful it is to live in an Islamic dystopia.

Anyway, I have no fear for Brittany, she’s an American. Her country protects their women and girls from the Haji opportunists. Trump will get her out with a phone call.

Lauren might be in for a rough visit though. The Cuban bastard will probably apologise to May for all the trouble she’s causing, and leave her to rot. That’s a third wave feminist for you, ladies. All talk and then they run away when you actually need them.

Sleepless nights ahead for the Finn. Come to think of it, what ever happened to that guy?

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support the Holy Crusade and the rights of Christians.

Quintessentially British Saracens jail American girl for Trump-speak in English Caliphate

By John Miller

Sunday the 11th of March 2018


The despicable Islamic Bongs are at it again, jailing anybody who tells them the truth about the festering Jihadi shit-hole that Britain has become. Thanks to the torrent of Islamic invaders who now control their government, their judiciary, and their national media, it has become a crime in England to say anything about their abject state of servitude to a most vile and invasive cult.


Indeed, we have seen an increasing number of natives getting vanned by the Sharia police – but now they are coming after the tourists too.

In the latest outrage, the spineless natives have allowed an American conservative with fairly milquetoast views on the Islamic death cult that now controls them to be arrested and thrown into prison by the Islamic enforcement courts set up by the conquering horde of Moorish barbarians.


Right-wing lesbian power bottom Brittany Pettibone has received the same Pakistani ‘’’justice””” as the political leadership of the native resistance, Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding of the Britain First party.

The native resistance are being systematically jailed for the abhorrent crime of putting Britain first, and simply pointing this out as Pettibone dared to is a grave crime in the British Caliphate.


No wonder then that the natives continue to cower in the shadows, as Theresa May’s Halal Tories purge the land of any resistance. The ravening Islamic horde meanwhile crashes upon the shores of England in never-ending waves, expecting their council flats and welfare checks, without even a whimper of protest from the hapless Brits.

And why not, this has been their birthright since their ancestors took control of Britain in the 1960s. Both the Fabian Socialists of Labour and the Tory Mohammedans are bending over backwards to accommodate them – but who is looking out for the British?


Pettibone will doubtless be allowed to go free eventually, unless she gets killed first by the Saracens, who control the British jails and administer the punishments.

May enjoys talking out of both sides of her face, and on the one side she’ll strip every true-born Englishman of his rights to please the Saudis and Kebabosphere, but on the other she hasn’t the guts to tell Trump that she’s keeping an American girl locked up for saying the kinds of things that Trump says on the regular, if he objects to it.


And this is the abject state of Britain today, ruled over by cowards, and under the thrall of a vicious set of criminals who are masquerading as police and judges. Has there ever been such a vile set of collaborators in the history of the Anglo-Saxon race? The answer, unfortunately, is no.

The English and their Welsh, Scottish and Irish compatriots are deep within the darkest hour of the most depressing night right now. The brave few who set out to fight against the Islamic tyranny that rules in the bleak Twilight of once Great Britain have few advantages – except raw courage and indomitable spirit.

Fight on, Britain, fight on. It is always darkest before the dawn, Christian soldiers.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. I support the Holy Crusade and the rights of Christians.