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Meet the Petty Bureaucrat Shitbag who's quietly dismantling your Internet Freedom

Wednesday the 20th of Smarch, 2019

Malcolm Turnbull Ruined Everything Edition

By Julie Inman Grant Is A Filthy Cocksucker


Well lads it's only Wednesday fucking morning, and I'm writing to you again already.

What the fuck is even up with that?

Am I bored? Seeking attention like a ten year old girl? Maybe and almost certainly. But most of all I'm mildly fucking concerned about the ABSOLUTE FUCKING STATE of this semi-Communist bootlicking shithole of a country.

Not only do we have no functional government, we also have a Fourth Estate full of lazy shit eating vermin. Do they even bother to report any form of the news except the one that conforms to their pre-existing feelings and comes with all the """facts""" already pre-written?

No they fucking do not. They just parrot whatever shit is at hand and sounds Globalhomo enough.

These utterly useless fucking shitbag cunts report only what they see on each others twitter, are good for nothing, and are worthy of nothing except contempt. But you already knew this.

What you probably did not know, because nobody does investigative journalism any more, is that one faceless fucking petty bureaucrat is presently shutting down all the parts of the Internet that she doesn't like. Because E Saftey. Lol fkn what bro??????



What you aren't supposed to know, and what I found out last night while browsing parts of the Internet that our """"Liberal""" Government in its infinite wisdom has decided no Australian should ever be able to see again, is that the reason that the Chans have disappeared into the DNS Memory Hole for the technologically impaired masses is because of just one stupid BureaCUNT.

Having a problem with E Saftey? Woah, that seems like a problem for Internet Mommy. She'll decide what you can fucking see from now on. Thanks bitch.

So why is one fucking bureacrat allowed to just ring up the Globalhomos at Telstra and Optus and tell them what parts of the Internet are allowed in Soviet Australia? And how is it all that cunt Turnbull's fault? Let's rewind a little.

Are you ready for some E Safety goyim? Julie Inman Grant sure is.

But who the fuck even is a Julie Inman Grant, and what the fuck is she even doing in my country. And why is this cunt even allowed to tell me what I can see or talk about?

Glad you asked, champ. Julie Inman Grant is a political junky Diversity Hire Cunt who went from sucking some Congressman's dick in the 90s to sucking somebodies dick at one of the millions of useless fucking Lobby Groups that litter the DC landscape, to sucking the dick of somebody useful at Microsoft. And now you and your mom and everybody else in Australia can suck her dick. Neat.



While at Microsoft Julie Inman Grant while she was not sucking cock did other shit like being the Federal Government Affairs Manager. Which during the Clinton Administration meant she was trying to stop Microsoft from getting fined and regulated out of existence during the era when Microsoft was Big Evil and copping those massive fucking fines for being an anti-competitive piece of shit that was trying to monopolise the Internet using the power of its ubiquitous OS.

Yes, there was a time when Bill Gates still swung his dick around and didn't pretend to be a spineless fucking nerd, and when Microsoft threatened to become everything that Google and Apple eventually became instead.

And during this era Julie Inman Grant was exercising her remarkable skillset - sucking cock - on his behalf. Julie may very well have blown every high ranking member of the Congress. And the President too.

So how the fuck did all this cock sucking lead to her eventually becoming the Cheif Censor of the Internet in Australia, and why is this Nob Goblin the greatest danger to the 19th point of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ever to put on a pantsuit one leg at a time?



After Bush Junior came to power, Julie was no longer needed to suck cock in DC, because it was now the Patriot Act Era, and the entire Tech Cartel was seamlessly integrated into the Amercan Empire to willingly help it spy upon its own citizenry. Oh, and the citizenry of all Allied Nations.

So in 2004 Julie was bundled off to Australia to help Microsoft help Five Eyes to transform you and your family into mindless fucking sheep by restricting what you were allowed to see and discuss.

Here Julie was Head of Corporate Affairs for Microsoft in Australia and New Zeeland. What the fuck is that you might ask? Well not if you're a lazy shitbag journalist, but maybe if you're concerned about faceless Corporate Bureacrats like Julie stripping you of all your human rights you might like to know.

Well Goyim, according to her LinkedIn Julie was no longer just sucking cock, but now the strategic driver for Internet safety, security and privacy policy outreach, and citizenship initiatives. Blah blah blah, some other shit but mostly she was the go-to girl for law enforcement engagement and NGO partnerships.

Um yeah so Julie was Head of Fucking over Microsoft customers by selling us out to Bootlickers during the early Patriot Act era.

So thanks for that Julie, you waste of fucking skin.

Her other role at Microsft Australia was presiding over the Corporate Privacy propaganda, and during this time she cultivated the goodwill of all the spineless fucking press weasels that told us how absolutely fucking necessary it was that Big Tech and the Patriot Act Faggots should be allowed to spy on us around the clock, just in case anybody needed to be v& or droned. Lucky us.



By 2009 Julie had done such a good job at subverting the fully Patriot Act compliant Australian media and government into Microsoft friendly good boys that she was able to return to Redmond in triumph and head up the Privacy and Internet Safety divison.

Which basically means that she was briefly the Head Spy at Microsoft against its customers for the American government.

Be Internet Safety goy. Because information is dangerous, oh and feelings must be protected too. Um, OK. Thanks cunt.

But that shit only worked out for her for three months and then she was out on her ass again. Because apparently at Microsoft there were still enough geeks ten years ago who resented a professional ass kisser and cock cleaner being parachuted in from above and lording it over them.

So at the beginning of the Globalhomo Era our gril Julie came back to Australia, to Sydney.

After bouncing around for a couple of years in Sydney, where she may very well have fallen into obscurity and never been heard of again, Julie managed to find a role to suit her talents, and became the Chief Censor and pusher of Corporate friendly Globalhomo bullshit at Twitter for Australia and South East Asia.



And after that some other shit and then Manager of Government Affairs at Adobe, where she was languishing in 2017 when Malcolm Turnbull found her. A diamond in the rough. How would you like to become the Chief Censor of the Australian Internet for me Julie? Oh can I? Would you like your dick sucked, Malcolm?

And with that one sucking of a Jewish cock Julie Inman Grant became the Mutt Whore Anti-Privacy Internet Censor for the Turnbull regime of Globalhomoists, or as she is officially called, the Australian """eSafety Commissioner""".

Is your Internet too free and full of Information, Australia? Then why not go to the eSaftey homepage and narc on whichever parts of it are offending your feelings to Internet Mommy? She'll get rid of all the parts that made you cry, babby.

Julie Inman Grant, everybody. The cunt from Amercia who gets to remove any part of the Internet from the Australia public that she personally finds objective.

Welcome to fucking Clown World once again, mother fuckers.

Yes Malcolm may be gone, but he didn't just manage to destroy the Liberal party and turn them into the gutless pack of Homosexual Rights activists on the way out, he also poisoned the Internet by creating the Office of E Safety.

Which can tell your ISP and Telco what you can see and what you are not allowed to see.



Oh shit and here I was blaming the homos at Telstra when it was this stupid fucking whore E Saftey Commisar that Malcolm conjured up out of nothing who has been the Big Dick Censor chopping out all the parts of the Internet that weren't E Safety compliant all along. My bad.

How does it feel to be on a Parental Control Lock Australia, you spineless fucking cowards?

I mean it doesn't affect me in the slightest, because I'm not technologically illiterate, and it probably doesn't effect you either, because you're a fucking idiot who wants some other cunt to do all your thinking for you.

I'm done with this stupid fucking country. We got the goverment we deserve, and there is literally now no fucking difference between us and Red China.

Fuck Clive, I'm voting Communist in the next election and just getting it over with already.

Christ, and now I'm going to be hell fucking late for school. You fucking homos don't deserve me.

Ueno Number One, Pastels OK. Later, fags.



Full Disclosure: [Julie Inman Grant Is A Filthy Cocksucker]'s real name is [She Can Suck A Golf Ball Through A Garden Hose]. I'm a [Incel Death Squads Specialist] who's [Vaguely interested in Telling Julie Inman Grant To Fuck Off] and [Fuck Off Julie Inman Grant].



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