Tokyo sucks, Nagoya #1. Also Rothschild France burns down Notre Dame.

Tuesday the 16rd of Grapepril, 2019

Macron Did This Edition

By Freemasons Might Not Run The Country For Much Longer


Well good fellows it's Tuesday fucking morning here, and I've been up since whenever watching Notre Dame burn. Which means that I was doing about as much to save the Catholic heritage of France as whoever was running that """"rescue"""" operation behind the scenes in Paris was.

Make no mistake about it, somebody wants that Cathedral gone, and that somebody is a Rothschild banker whore.

The French Catholics struggled for hundreds of years to get that good spire to go up towards Heaven, with the first stone being laid in 1160 by the Bishop of Paris. It was not until Philip the Fair expelled the Jews from France in 1306 and put most of the disgraced heathen Templars to the sword in 1307 that his people even came close to completing it.

Meanhile the spite of our enemies has burned against us for the last 700 years, and today we see the fruits of their evil labours. This was the malicious act of a Jupiter worshipping Freemason and his Rothschild banker friends.

The magnificent work which the Valois dynasty completed for Christ under the swift successor to Philip the Fair was almost undone in a single day, and who can doubt that the culprit was Macron and his catspaw regime, which is a playground for the very Jews and Freemasons that Philip the Fair got rid of.

The Templar Banker Macron and the rest of his damned Masonic quisling ilk have not quit scheming aginst the French in Seven Centuries. And now they have seized their moment.



Today as we stand on the brink of the Apocalypse these Freemason Templar scum rank amongst the most dangerous servants and handmaids of the perfidious money lending Jew. These minions of the Devil have infiltrated our Police and Courts and are installed in High Places everywhere, thinking themselves untouchable.

But Justice will swiftly come to them, in this world or the next.

Why did the embattled Templar Banker Macron and his band of Occultist Heretics assault this particular Christian ediface in this particular Holy Week?

Was it simply because his grip on power is growing fragile? Perhaps in part. He needed to gain some breathing space in his life and death struggle with the Yellow Vests.

But there was also a deeper symbolism to it. And we all know how much these """elites""" love their arcane bullshit and their ancient plotlines.

It was a particular affront to Macron that Notre Dame was built by Christians upon the site of the old pagan temple of his own lord Jupiter, the pagan deity named as Moloch in the Holy Bible.

Not to mention the small matter of the leader of the Templars, Jacque de Mornay, being burned at the stake for Heresy in front of Notre Dame by Philip the Fair in 1307.

Fire for fire. But what about Yatogame-chan and Nagoya. They were fucking great again this week, unlike the rest of GoT, which was stupid and annoying. Lel, elephants.



It is difficult to enjoy even Anime knowing that the vile caste of Bankers gloat about yet another crime today. But we will see how much they are gloating once the valiant Yellow Vest movement of workaday Catholics begins to understand the full magnitude of this crime which was carried out against them, and realise who was behind it.

Things stand to get much worse for the Whore of the Jews, with Christian and Moor finally beginning to show some measure of solidarity despite all the tricks and propaganda of the enemy. We have grown immune to the never ending lies and tricks of Lugenpresse.

All of the outrageous bullshit which dumb Sandniggers and the odd """Crusader""" have been tricked or coerced into performing, the things that were meant to wedge us apart, now begin to look ridiculously contrived.

We are far less at one another's throats than the MosSaudi sponsors of ISIS would like, and Brendon Tarrant and all the other fucking idiots who spent too much time imbibing Kushner agitprop on (((Reddit the Donald))) have failed too.

Oh, they may have given our foe an opening to crack down upon our liberties, but we can endure that. At least the Muslims were too smart to fall for Jewish bait for once. So fuck ISIS, and fuck Tarrant too.



That Christians and Muslims have a common and dangerous enemy has becoming completely obvious.

The villains who once lurked behind the scenes plotting and scheming for the joint demise of Christians and Saracens are all out in the open now.

They burn down our Churches and giggle about it like giddy women in broad daylight. Macron could barely stop grinning like the Devil while the rest of France was weeping.

That both Notre Dame and the Al-Aqsa Mosque should both be set on fire on the same day shows that our enemy has grown full of hubris.

The Al-Aqsa Mosque was not always a Mosque of course. In the 12th Century the Temple Mount was occupied by the Templar Knights, who had long since abandoned their roots as Christian Crusader knights and were now a caste of international bankers. This foray into moneylending was their downfall, and overcome with greed they became wedded to the Jews.

For centuries now they have been as bad or worse than the unscrupulous coin shavers who taught them their craft, and they ought be dealt with by Holy Inquisition again.

Do you like to play with fire? Be careful, Heretics. You might get burned again.



Meanwhile in the country where Freemason Magistrates dismiss Juries with Catholics in them so they can jail Catholic Archbishops on the say-so of Junky Homos, the Liberal Zionist Party is mad at Big Bants Josh Wilson for saying Israeli checkpoints are great places to die. But Matthias Cormann is just a Glownigger Fuckhead Cunt, and he can fuck off back to Belgium.

The local Lugenpresee rag the (((West Australian))) was all over this the other day, as if I should give a shit about what some fucking foreigner named Matthias Cormann who works for Israel and the CIA in the Australian Senate has to say about anything.

Now Josh Wilson might be an International Socialist, but at least he's a fucking Australian, and not some dickhead from the Low Countries on the CIA payroll who works for a hostile and foreign power.

Josh Wilson and the WA ALP are going to smash the Globalhomo Liberals here next election, and rightly so. I used to be one of those megachurch fuckheads who thought that unless they voted for the Liberal Party they would end up surrounded by Niggers and Homos. Well fuck that, I voted for the Coalition all my life and all I got was this lousy country full of Niggers of Homos.

But getting back to the West Australian, it's hardly fucking surprising that a rag owned by some cunt who's been in bed with the Carlyle Group since 2007 would come out swinging for the Israel First party. Kerry Stokes is Balls Deep into the American Occupation of this shithole dystopia.

But now that any decent Christian Man can have his property confiscated and lose his liberty for fucking Thought Crimes, remind me of how we would be in any way worse off if the fucking Americans got beaten and we went into the Chinese Gulag instead?



It's not like there aren't twenty fucking Glowniggers watching every fucking thing that you do or say on the Internet, and recording everything you say, just in case you have too much to think about the American Fucking Empire.

Free Press? What a fucking joke that is. Our only fucking newspaper is owned by some shabby fucking cunt who owes favours to Carlyle Group, which just in case you need reminding is the same fucking cartel that engineered the War on Terror and then made fat fucking war profits off two million Iraqi dead and however many American coffins the Bushes and the Saudis and Israel were responsible for.

Remember all those fucking war crimes that Assange was talking about before the glownigger cunts honeypotted him? The Seven Media Group sure doesn't. Why the fuck would a subsidiary of Kohlberg, Kravis, Kike & Co care about that?

What about Sky News? Fuck them. Rupert is owned by the MosSaudis. Fuck all our Lugenpresse. Pack of filthy lying dirty cunts.



They lied to you and me when they said the Liberals would keep this country White and Christian, they lied about Ben Chifley being a Communist when he tried to reign in the filthy Bankers, and they'll keep on lying about that and every other thing until the end of time.

Protect the borders my ass. We're currently occupied by a foreign power that spies on us 24/7 in case we have too much to think about Israel and Banking. Who worries about what is happening on the footpath when there is already a robber in the house fucking his wife?

But it is not all smooth sailing for them either.

AIPAC is losing its death-grip on America. The British Left under Corbyn is in full revolt right now as well. The only group that seems to love their current state of abject servitude is the Right.

Well I can't be turned to ever voting for an International Socialist, so fuck it I just won't vote for anybody. But I will continue to raise Hell until they jail me.

The individual Templar and his modern Freemason counterpart are knaves of an insidious cabal, this much is clear.

Since the invention of modern Banking by this cult of Mammon they have stealthily been advancing their Sodomite agenda, and now this hive of greedy and filthy perverts have infiltrated and subverted all our Parliaments, our Courts, and our Police services.

Against them has always stood the Catholic Church, and the pious Christian layman everywhere. But we are embattled, our Holy Places are on Fire. The arrogant Sons of Mammon mock us in their moment of supposed triumph with great hubris.

But Pride, it is said, often comes before a Fall.

Fuck the Internet Censors, and Goodbye.




Full Disclosure: [Freemasons Might Not Run The Country For Much Longer]'s real name is [ALLEZ LES JAUNES]. I'm a [ALLEZ LES JAUNES Specialist] who's [Vaguely interested in ALLEZ LES JAUNES] and [Fuck Macron].



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