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French Revolutionaries arm for war against Rothschild banking cartel, David Lynch is a fucking hack

Saturday the 16th of February, 2019

Spice Edition

By Hot Cakey Maya


Well it's Saturday Night already lads, and that means I've caught up on most of the shit I wanted to watch this week. How long since we spoke last? Tuesday was it?

Tuesday is Pastels day. Sorry I haven't been in the threads much. The weekdays are pretty full-on for me with school and shit right now.

IRL Maya is a hot fucking cake though. Unfortunately she gave me no chocolate for Valentines. What a bitch. Probably too busy fucking with loliworlds and shit.

How did I feel about this episode you ask, apart from Maya being great? Well I was glad to see Michi for about 5 seconds of screen time, but I don't really like plots that are driven by hamsters. Eh, it was still good.

Just find the art for the key characters and the use of colour in this show to be comfy as fuck, lads.

Hopefully we get another episode as good as the 3rd one again soon, and a Beach episode. And an Onsensode. That ED is all kinds of misleading.



That was everything from Monday night Japan that fits in my schedule right now, and Tuesday night is nothing worth mentioning, so we'll just skip a day and arrive at Shieldbro, which is pretty fucking popular right now. I think it broke Crunchy, so it's just as well that I always grab a spare copy from Sekrit Club for the archives.

God only knows when they'll try and take anime away from us, or completely destroy the Internet. I got 1000 hours of Japanese cartoons on thumb drives that I'm hiding innwoods with a generator and a laptop. I know what you're thinking. That's not nearly enough.

Shieldbro is fucking great though. Dood has the best entourage in anime right now. Who doesn't want a loyal Sword Racoon to make sandwiches for them, and a Lolichicken dressed in magical threads. Colossal Faggots, that's who.



The other runaway hit from Japan that I'm still keeping up with is Neverland, but didn't even watch it until last night, thanks to marathoning Golden Time, which kept me up late two nights in a row.

Yeah it was an OK binge, but I'm not happy with that ending at all. Generally speaking, 2D romance is almost as fucking annoying as 3D romance.

I did enjoy watching Don punch those two fucking faggots in the face though, once I was done with the adventures of Yandere Bitch and whoever the MC was from Golden Time. Already memory holed that shit. Yandere was a pretty good protag though, to drag me through 24 episodes.

Talking of terrible shows by JC Staff, today started off quite well again with Index. Where was that village doctor going with that stethoscope? Will our lad Accel kill another ten thousand Misakas? Will Hamazura save the sick loli's village? Oh shit, twenty minutes is just not enough time. Now I know how JC Staff feels.



So Smiles was nice again but also kind of aggravating, because no Yuki-sama and no gainz for us Kingdombros. Oh well, at least we killed those fucking Imperial faggots while they were driving home.

Speaking of occupying forces of bootlickers getting fragged by the Resistance, apparently Macron's dogs are about to get a taste of lead. Fucking Rothschild Banker scum. Get em frogbros. Fuck the EU, fuck bankers, and fuck their dogs.

I wonder if our lying shitbag media will start to cover the French Revolution once the bullets start flying. It was pretty hilarious when Macron bussed in his rent-a-crowd in week 10 and suddenly our local media filth decided to cover the counter protest as if it were some kind of popular movement and Macron were the noblest of souls. Journalists are fucking scum, and I hope the French Revolutionaries guillotine the fucking lot of them.



Anyhow it's clear that the police are completely out of control in France, in Britain, and in Germany. They are little better than lapdogs of the Davos class, they arrest people in the middle of the night with no due process and torture them for their Jewish masters, and if a Christian even stands up for his own religion he is persecuted by these disgusting agents of Global Homo.

In France they are gassing our lads in the streets, and we are losing eyes and limbs and even lives on our side. So then if our lads are dying for their liberty and they have now decided to take up arms against this vile tyranny, then don't think that you won't get what you deserve. You were given a fair warning, and every opportunity to mend your evil ways, you filthy pigs and bootlickers.

Asuka and her friends were cool and sexy again. There were literal glowniggers in this episode too, and a cool and sexy Colombian cake. She died in a cool and sexy way. All this cool and sexy violence really put me in the mood to watch the shooting war in France, but it's still Friday night there and I don't think it's started yet. Hon hon.



So this afternoon I had a nap, and then watched Dune. Shit is getting a remake, and so before I watched the 2019 version with niggers in it, I thought I should watch the Lynchkino version from 1984. This guy is fucking shit, isn't he?

Dune is the Holy Grail of Science Fiction. A novel so good that after reading it, and then reading his next five novels in the Dune series you will seriously doubt whether Frank Herbert even wrote it at all.

Like the Bible, or the Sandnigger version of the Bible, Dune seems divinely inspired. Not that it is as good as the King James, but it does have a lot of Sandniggers in it. In the Lynchkino, most of them have perms and look like Italians. I love it.

Yes, the 1980s were truly the peak of White Civilisation, and now we're just a bunch of fucking homos who well and truly deserve the impending Apocalypse. But enough whining about that, let's all observe some kino from the guy who made his bones on Eraserhead and the Elephant Man.

Yeah, I'm thinking he should have stuck with black and white too. Don't feel bad. Not everybody can work with colour, bro.



Full Disclosure: [Hot Cakey Maya]'s real name is [Fuck the Empire]. I'm a [Worm Specialist] who's [Vaguely interested in Saturday Cartoons] and [Fuck Macaroni].



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