Kevin Owens IS Wrestling, also Extreme Badminton and Hardcore Soft Tennis

By Who Wore It Better

Monday the 16th of July 2018


Hello Extreme Anime fans, and welcome to HARDCORE JKMANIA. There is no undercard here, so we’ll get right underway with the terrifyingly good Season Killer Asobi Asobase. But first, these images from our sponsor.

What the fuck is Lerche even thinking, creating all this Kino? Unironic SASUGA.

Hardcore Soft Tennis anybody?

For plotfags Hanebado! brought the Girldrama. Personally I would have preferred more Yu-chan, and for all the other characters to stand around asking where Yu-chan was when she wasn’t on screen, but whatever. Here is a montage of Best Girl and some of her badminton associates.

The highlight of the episode was Extreme Match Winning by Flu-chan.

And just when I thought the wrestling was dead, Kevin Owens goes and does something like this. Truly some Mankind tier shit right there.

Will Vince stop booking this guy as a chickenshit heel and jobbing him to literal faggots now? Did KO eat Vince’s fucking lunch or something? What the fuck is actually up with that.

I know he likes his wrestlers to be pretty and oily, but I’ve really missed a crazy ugly dude like Mick Foley doing that MAD SHIT. Kevin Owens makes me want to actually watch your gay ass boring TV shows again, my dude.

And give him a gimmick and a proper Rassling name for fucks sake. I’m sick of this First Name Last Name bullshit. Christ, look at the air the man took.

CHAD MOTHERFUCKING OWENS just saved your company, breh.

I was sort of happy for Bobbo too, but that match was sloppy as fuck. Meh, it was probably Roman’s fault. Go Bobbo, go Bobbo.

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Oni Coach Saturdays and that Happy Sugar Life

By Demon Coach Karen

Saturday the 14th of July 2018


OH SHIT Milo me up fampai, the Friday night anime surge is here to Make Saturday Great Again. Will any of my Korean cartoons fall off? Does Amazon even know what fucking week this is? Am I talking to myself?? Who cares.

What can I say about Angels of Death that I didn’t say last week? It’s surprisingly watchable. Thank you JC Staff, for telling the kids that suicide is bad.

Racheru Gardener has Resident Autism. That rainbow vomit scene made me kek heartily though, innit. Still a solid 5/7 would keep watching.

Would I even care about anime on a [insert what day this is] if it wasn’t for Harukana Receive though? Probably not, Senpai. It’s in my Top Four for Summer Cour. CUTO SHOOOT.

Here is the episode highlight reel for Fatruka-chan, who got over and won the Best Girl strap after Bad Loser-chan made a surprising heel turn and refused to buy ice cream for everybody. Fucking scandalous.

What about that classy bit of sexual harassment from Pink Hair-chan? This is why Japanese television is so much better than SHIT Hollywood garbage. It’s just so much more realistic and relatable.

I kind of wanted to drop Chio-chan, just because I have a lot to do today, but this exchange with an Aussie online really got to me, so I ended up watching the whole thing again.

Eh, it’s pretty funny. Manama a baka. BAKA.

My God am I ever going to leave the house? Probably not. Lucky I have a lot of sausage rolls left over from that time I didn’t eat all the sausage rolls, eh lads?

Which brings me to Amazon and the first episode of Happy Sugar Life. Here’s the OP.

It’s fucking Dark in an Erased kind of way, and a weird hybrid of Japanese and dare I say KINO Western influences? I haven’t thought of Natty Born Killers in Years. Ezola made me re-sub to Amazon, even though the shitty Prime subs make their streams completely unwatchable. This is their first anime too. Well done, faggots.

Full disclosure: [Demon Coach Karen]’s IRL name is [Unwatchable Subs]. I’m an [Psycho Horror specialist] who’s keen on [KINO] and [prime beach volleyball ass].


Degenerates RAGE FOR THE MACHINE as Trump trolls quintessentially British Islamic Communism

By Joe McCarthy Did Nothing Wrong

Saturday the 14th of July 2018


The filthy denizens of the Murder Capital of the West turned out in style the other day to protest President Trump gracing their filthy Communist shithole with his presence, in what can only be described as a scene from the fifteenth circle of Hell, as the rainbow coalition of Pakistani Taliban, pansexual Slaaneshi degenerates, and the Red Chinese Communist provocateurs of low wage slave Globalism all ventured out onto the streets of London to hiss over the corpse of British Liberty.

With the shambolic Tories now completely Sharia compliant, with all the leaders of the native and Christian Britain First political opposition rounded up by the state police and arbitrarily jailed, and with a broken populace that is spied on relentlessly by the Orwellian GCHQ too terrified to speak to their neighbours let alone venture out onto the streets and get sent to Gulag with Tommy, the bloody streets of the most dangerous city in Europe were completely abandoned to the vile cheerleaders of state sponsored filth.

It was a laughable shitshow they put on in London, protesting in favour of the state that oppresses them, before scurrying back to their boltholes so they wouldn’t become the latest victims of Tolerance and Diversity at sundown. For this is when the nightly Purge in the terror capital begins, as bloodthirsty packs of deranged lunatics begin knifing one another as the Mayor of London and his Islamic State cronies scour the camera laden streets of the city for any lost British children out after dark to groom for live export as sex cattle.

Of course, these ingrates are still a little safer than they were before Trump was elected. The President was as good as his word, and Mad Dog Mattis completely fucking annihilated Isis. Does anybody remember when Caliph Obama was still in charge, and the denizens of European cities were routinely slaughtered like cattle by the weekly terror attack? Now that the Mayor of London has had his terrorist pipeline shut down the best he and his Islamic horde can do is ravage the Capital with medieval weapons.

The only man in England who dares speak truth to this vile dystopian state is Trump, and he came in with both guns blazing on behalf of the Silenced Majority, whose Brexit votes have been stolen by the brazen whore May, while the rabid screeching street donkeys of the Degenerate Left and the Taliban Tories brayed on.

For shame England, for shame. When the out of control whores of your debased land use the word Communist like a badge of honour, it means that you have already lost all your rights and are no better than the Red Chinese of Beijing. Chinese dissidents and British dissidents both get the midnight visit from the state police, and the native British are no less spied upon and relentlessly harassed, so what is the difference anymore? In both countries girls get DISAPPEARED, and no REAL dissent is tolerated.

Here in the colonies we have witnessed the collapse of Britain and the loss of British Liberty with shock and dismay, and it is now abundantly clear that British Democracy has become a complete SHAM. What the British public have voted for time and again they have not got, and what they want nothing to do with has been rammed mercilessly down their throats by the globalist cartel, all while the Lying Press that is owned by Saudis and thieving Russian Oligarchs and dirty money grubbing Red Chinese lackeys and manned by loose women and Christ hating faggots howls with approval at the plight of the native British.

It is good then that the natives have a pugilist like Trump in their corner, who has no fear of globalists at all, and who is presently sticking it to the Red Chinese and their slave labour factories. The President is taking a stand for Christians and their freedom in Britain, and Trump desu always comes ready to fight. If the Brits still have it in them to take their country back, he will give them all the support they need.

Theresa May and Angela Merkel are the pillars of Soft Right degeneracy, and neither is looking particularly solid. Both need to be dragged out of office, kicking and screaming if need be, so that the resurgent Right can finish off Soft Borders Vermintide Globalism once and for all, and restore our most basic liberties and way of life.

Go Croatia. Nice to see some people still actually have a home to come back to that isn’t full of dirty squatters.

Full disclosure: [Joe McCarthy Did Nothing Wrong]’s IRL name is [Free Dong]. I’m an [Free Tommy specialist] who’s keen on [SARACENS OUT] and [Communist scum fucking DIE].



Justice Kavanaugh destroys Lefty Snowflakes like the SUN, Disney ships pansex Billy with Chewie

By The Inquisition is Back

Tuesday the 10th of July 2018


SNOWFLAKE ARMAGEDDON is here: are you ready to put on your shades and drink their delicious tears? That’s right, all the Leftist enemies of Freedom have assembled before Trump: disgusting Heathens, filthy Atheists, mentally-ill Pansexuals, degenerate Whores, illegal Aliens and the Lying Press, and God Emperor Trump will destroy them all with a single mighty sword that our Lord Jesus Christ has delivered into his hands, and the name of that sword is BRETT KAVANAUGH.

But who is Brett Kavanaugh, and why are the Left trembling at the sound of his name? Could it be that this one extra warrior on the Bench can undo the thirty years of dirty tricks worth of carnage that the Left have wrought upon what was once and will be again One Nation under God?

Will the entire world now return to the high wages and happy families world of fabled yore that we all thought was gone forever and which Trump desu fights for every day? Yes it will. SASUGA.

By the sheer terror of their response to Trump naming Kavanaugh to sit on the Supreme Court, we know that the best is yet to come.

Is there anything left for the Communist filth that infest many of the once fine American institutions to degrade before they are all rounded up and hung? In the case of the Godless heathens who run Disney, apparently so.

Communist deviant and profit-hating terrorist Bob Iger has just announced that he is doubling down on his Pansexualised Feminisation of the Star Wars franchise despite the MEGAFLOP fan response to Solo. Are you ready to keep laughing at his failure, as our Star Wars Embargo wrecks his efforts and his hijacked corporation, anon?

Who in their right minds wants to humiliate Billy Dee Williams by putting him in leather chaps and heels and subbing him to a Wookie inside a retconned bitchy Feminist L3-37 Millennium Falcon that makes snide observations about gender disparity? Apart from Kathleen Kennedy? Apparently JJ Abrams does. DROPPED.

Episode Nine will destroy the last lingering threads of your childhood devotion to this debased franchise. It’s a good thing.

Let Abe-sama and glorious Japan fill the Void left by the Communist takeover of Disney, with the kind of wholesome entertainment that makes you want to climb mountains and overcome all obstacles, while Hollywood continues to burn down to the ground with its dick chopping propaganda, completely unloved and not to be missed at all.

I think I’ll go take a hike up Kings Park today and go pay respect to the ancestors at the War Memorial, lads.

It’s good to know that they are smiling down upon me from Heaven, and that they did not all die in vain just for all our countries to become cheap wage Multicultural shitholes, after all.

God bless President Trump and God bless all the leaders of the Megachad Right that are dismantling International Socialism right across the Christian West.

Full disclosure: [ The Inquisition is Back]’s IRL name is [400 Dollar Shoes]. I’m an [jurisprudence specialist] who’s keen on [hatting Yamas] and [mocking dirty Communist scum].


Yu-chan a FUCKING BADASS, AsoAso AOTS saves anime for REAL

By J.K. Bully

Monday the 9th of July 2018


Oh Shit what a weekend, and it all ended on the highest of notes on Sunday night when the Hanebado! train rolled through. In my case, this means Monday afternoons are amazing, when I finally make a hole in my schedule big enough to fit all this Kino. AND JUST HOW AMAZING WAS ASO-ASO THO??? But first, let us take a moment to laugh at Franxx.

I did make it all the way to the end (unlike that VEG cryshit that got DROPPED at 7), and it definitely had its moments, but those last two episodes??? HOLY FUCK Nishigori, what the hell man????

Why would you kill Zero Tsu and kill the merch sales only to reincarnate her and kill all that cred you would have gotten if you’d just clean-killed her? Oh shit, this guy literally pissed off EVERYBODY. Except Abe-sama, of course.

I think the Yurifags were happy that they got thrown a bone, but poor Ikuno still got the Dino AIDS for being gay and her replacement Strawberry HAS NO MAIN FISTING ARM. Toppest of Keks.

Enough of the dross. It’s KINO TIME. Have you seen my BADASS WIFE Yu-chan?

This episode was mostly about Yu-chan, so it’s obvious that Liden have their shit together. Finally a studio that realises that what we really want to see is JK’s eating meat after class.

There was also some badminton played, and a new villain introduced. It was a solid 11/10 effort all around, with all the conflict resolved in twenty minutes and plenty of happy vibes.

If I have one small criticism to make, it is that we didn’t get see enough of Brat-chan going on one of her amazingly funny autistic runs.

Next up, Asobi Asobase. SO MUCH GOODNESS.

I had already dropped one seasonal by Lerche on its first episode last week, and I barely got through the OP for this one, before I realised JUST HOW FUCKING GOOD THIS WAS. AsoAso is PURE pleb filter. It may be Nichijou-tier good.

This is the illustration that I was expecting from the VEG hype machine that Kyoani never delivered. Drawing with SOUL. Fuck it, have another clip.

Reaction faces for DAYS. A show LITERALLY good enough to watch with the sound off. But the story telling is REALLY GOOD too.

Asobi Asobase was so good that it leapfrogged all the Moe shit and went straight to the top of Summer Cour. It was so good that it almost made me forget that American money was quietly ruining anime. Not Fooly Cooly.

Full disclosure: [ J.K. Bully]’s IRL name is [MEAT DATO]. I’m an [leapfrog specialist] who’s keen on [ruining anime] and [hype].



It’s COMING HOME, Chio-chan for England

By Netrag Journalism

Saturday the 7th of July 2018


Well it didn’t look like it was Coming Home for the first thirty minutes, but the dead ball specialists of England finally overcame the parked bus of Sweden. Well done Other Harry. Maguire all over it lad.


Can England get to full time with a clean sheet? They haven’t been able to so far, and Kyle Walker is making me nervous as fuck. Oh here’s the Goal.


And so here we are at Half Time, after a spot of light comedy by Raheem fucking Sterling.

Watching England is kind of like being in the Army. Long spells of boredom broken up by too much excitement all at once. Imagine how bad the supporters of all the other teams must feel watching these shitters get to the Finals. Top Kek.

QUALITY is the theme of the night. Watched the magnificent CGI antics of Kizumono II a bit earlier, and managed to squeeze in Chio’s Road as well.


Eh here’s a clip from Chio. It is was shit but I enjoyed it, in a Bob Team Ebic meets Watamote kind of way.


Right, I’d better get back to my guests. Come on England. Score some facking goals.


UPDATE: It’s COMING HOME for sure now, lads.

Full disclosure: [Netrag Journalism]’s IRL name is [RUDE]. I’m an [free kick specialist] who’s keen on [boring football] and [jagging the World Cup].




Kiwi Pastor says banned words, gets deported by Malcolm of Arabia


Saturday the 7th of July 2018


Wew lad Malcolm is on fire. I thought Jews hated Arabs, but apparently Malcolm fucking Turnbull is one of those fancy Jews who hates White people even more.

What I hate most of about these reprehensible pricks is that they just keep changing the fucking rules to suit themselves. For the last half century or so while they were getting their numbers up it was anything goes. I may disagree with everything you say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. Ha ha ha fuck your religion buddy.

Oh well then how about fuck Islam too? Oh shit no, but you can’t say anything about those heathen Sandniggers. All well and good to run down the Church though.


Is there anything this Super Saiyan dickhead Turnbull hasn’t done yet to destroy the Church and our Australian way of life?

Sold us out to the Red Chinese – ch-check. Fuck you White pigs. Merchant Banker-chan’s moneylender friends will take YOUR house and you scum can go live on the beach or whatever while he runs interest rates up.


Filled the country with degenerate fucking Heathen savages – but don’t say anything about it Kiwi, because the ANZAC Alliance means fuck all to this cunt. Sandniggers In, Kiwis Out.

Destroyed the Catholic Church with a series of witch hunts led by the ABC – and this prick Turnbull shut down the Liberal Party members who tried to defund it.

Can Super Tones or Dutto or ANYBODY save us from this asshole???


There is probably no turning back the fag degeneracy in all our Anglo Churches, and the Methodists were mostly homos anyway, but Turnbull insisting the mega-Churches do his Satanic Poofter Marriages or he’ll get the State Police involved is OVERKILL.

Now I’m not saying that we should burn his mansion down around his ears while he’s drinking the blood of young Australians in his basement, but fuck me I hope this cunt gets the wrath of God soon.


Full disclosure: [CRUSADE FUCKING WHEN]’s IRL name is [gib Jerusalem]. I’m an [morality specialist] who’s keen on [guillotines] and [not being degenerate].