MEMERS RISE UP: Europe goes dark as Copyright Bootlickers come for our image folders

By Death To All Soft Right Neocons

Thursday the 13th of September, 2018


Holy Shitfuck Europe, when did you become a continent of such freedom hating pussies? Apparently quite some time ago, and now all your chickens are coming home to roost, as the Parliament of European Girly-men decided yesterday to come and prise your folder of Smug Anime Girls from your cold dead hands. Image Upload Filtering? Good Lord Jesus Christ, now the army of low-level bureaucrats who monitor and censor European Skynet and the legion of NPC bootlickers with nothing better to do than flag “””offensive””” shit all day for Wrongthink can use Article 13 to crush the nascent Zoomer Uprising in Europe. How does it feel to live in Soviet Europe? Even Chinese Communists are laughing at European Cybercucks now.

On the same day that the European Parliament attempted to embargo a sovereign European nation for enforcing its own laws and borders, it gave us this shit. And surprise, surprise, leading the charge were the same Soft Right Open Borders for Davos “””Conservatives”””” that are getting wiped out everywhere and replaced by the “””Far Right”””. Time to get rid of those pesky interfering kids and their may-mays, while sucking on that Copyright Jew dick, eh Merkel?

Can this fucking old hag just die already?

And if you think that Brexit will save you, think again Anglo man. Your local Tory MEP not only wants to drown you in Pakistanis, he is also lining up around the block to censor you for his Davos masters. There is hardly any daylight between the Tories and the Banker faction of the Socialist Dems on this, as the dying parties scramble for Good Goy points.

Literally fuck off with your Mays and your Moggmentum, nothing can save Britain now except the Return of Nigel and a true Libertarian Right. UKIP. UKIP. UKIP.

Join up, get active, and go save Great Britain you Bongs. Unless you are some kind of freedom hating faggot. You aren’t some kind of freedom hating faggot, are you anon?

So what the fuck is Brussels problem anyway, and why should you care about Europe’s disturbing lack of freedom?

Can’t we all just go and live on the Dark Net after Gookmoot gets his $500 BILLION DORRAR fine and is forced to meekly surrender 4chan to the Copyright Jews? Should I even care, with Janny constantly banning me for shit I (sometimes) never did. Probably.

I hate having to change my daily routines, and it is literally easier just to bring down the European Parliament than live with the shoe-on-head retards of double-chan.


First off, it’s time to doxx the ever-loving shit out of everyone who voted for this shit, and either meme them to death, or alternately just burn their house down.

Furthermore, all these Eurofaggots drive poofy cars with on-board computers, and I refuse to believe that /g/ can’t hack their brakes and assassinate them while they are hurtling along in their electric car listening to Eurobeat as they travel from one state sanctioned free dinner to the next.

And isn’t it high time that we began to stalk them back through their “””smart””” Phones and TVs and Fridges, and began to compile the footage with which to destroy them, just as they and their Alphabet Agencies and their little drones at GCHQLBBQ+ are presently doing to all of us?


So which nations are the most fucked in all of Europe?

Could it be Bulgaria? Probably not, but because Bulgarian anon bothered to post how shit his country was in the sticky, I’ll repeat his talking points.

Bulgaria voted almost as a single bloc for the garbage which their masters in Brussels put before them just to keep the Eurogibs flowing. So this is the power of Europe. MEPs from a shitty ex-Commie bloc country who want to keep riding the Brussels gravy train get to regulate the level of thought control now. The one hold-out? Some 32-year old Boomer from the Bulgarian Socialist Party.

What the fuck? Now I love Bulgarian Socialism. I will literally drive a fucking T-34 over the Old Right and then rape its wife and children while singing Katyusha if it tries to fuck with my God-given right to post whatever the hell I want on the Internet.

The New Right had better get its shit together quickly, and decide whether it loves censorship or relevancy more. While I might mark out for Christian Order and Morals as a good template for a better society generally, watch how fast the New European Right gets dropped if it cucks out on Free Speech.

There were a few freedom loving countries whose MEPs mostly opposed Article 13. The Netherlands and Poland, for example. Swedish MEPs accounted for themselves fairly well.

None of this mattered though once the Legion of French bootlickers rolled through with their White Flags. Watching Frenchy capitulate to Brussels or Berlin or a ten-year old girl with a butter-knife is hardly anything new.

What this clearly demonstrates is that those of us descended from the freedom loving British and Irish of old can never afford to rely upon the goodwill of a Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey. Nor can we trust the Post-Powell Tories, the Soft Right scum who have betrayed us at every turn.

The Maylets led the charge for censorship within the European Parliament along with the Soft Right Open Borders cucks of Germany. Both act as fanatical Janissaries for Davos, and will always put International Banker bullshit before your best interests.

If you think Article 13 won’t become the Law of the Land in May’s Britain, and that our enemies aren’t pushing it for America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, then think again. The Right is infested with the same cancer that produced the tumorous growths of Merkel and May in all our countries. It must be cut out, and quickly.

This is a hill worth dying on, and I will take whatever allies that God gives me, to fight and vanquish these reckless villains. No right-thinking man ought ever allow the state to lay its diseased hands upon his mind, or touch his stack of sacred images.

The tax on hyperlinks to the Lying Cyber-press I was at first blush more ambivalent about. Do spoon-fed retards who can’t find what they are looking for without a hyperlink deserve to freedom, bro? Yes, yes they do. Even retards deserve freedom.

In any case, this is sure to redpill the ever-loving shit out of Facebookers, Twitterers, and the rest of the Norman trash.

The Europeans have managed to wreck the Internet, and they now offer a Beijing-tier experience for all of us. Fuck the European Union.

So as Europe dies, and European Cybercucks slowly ruin the Internet for all of us with one stupid law after another, remember to never retreat, and never surrender to the Copyright Jews of Brussels.

Fight back with all the tools and autism that Christ gave you, and never forget that it is the money of Big Content that is pushing this agenda. Torrent anything and everything lads, torrent everything that does not deserve your hard-earned money until Skynet is choking on our dead hash scrapes.

Support the artists that you actually love, and bleed out the bastard cunts who exploit us with shitty IP laws at every opportunity.

Full disclosure: [ Death To All Soft Right Neocons]’s IRL name is [Smug Anime Girls]. I’m an [Freedom specialist] who’s keen on [Hack the EU] and [Merkel Must Die Now].

Japanese researcher discovers Elixir of Life, reprograms Open Wound into Healthy Skin

By Hard Working Platelet

Tuesday the 11th of September, 2018


It’s official, Zoomers will live to 250. As long as you’re not a promiscuous faggot who drinks, smokes and eats shit all day who dies before the current generation of high-techu long-life Jap science gets rolled out. You’re not a promiscuous fag who drinks, smokes, and eats shit all day, are you anon? Also make sure that you get plenty of good healthy sleep at night, because you will live forever, and it’s all thanks to glorious Japan funding the ground-breaking research of Masakazu Kurita and Juan Carlos Belmonte. These science chads have just discovered the way to reprogram cells into a stem-cell-like state. This means we can now heal skin damage on an open wound, begin to counter the effects of ageing, and eventually, God willing, eliminate skin cancers.

Good news we can all enjoy for once then, as reported in the journal Nature on September the 5th. Apparently these scientists were able to heal large ulcers by reprogramming wound cells into new skin cells, at their research institute in Southern California, the Salk Institute.

Pic related above is the Kurita image that has biologyfags so excited. It represents the first proof of successful regeneration of a functional organ (in this case the skin) inside a mammal by AAV-based in vivo reprogramming. But what the fuck does that mean?

It means WE WOLVERINE NOW, and all our lazy non-Japanese scientists need to get their shit together and trick my body into growing me a new fucking liver, so I don’t have to wait 8 years for the one I fucked up in college by being a degenerate binge drinker to re-constitute itself.

What’s that? You’re some kind of sciencefag who likes details and shit? I got you, senpai. The epithelial tissues were generated by converting red mesenchymal cells into green basal keratinocytes. So far this has only been accomplished on a lab rat. Thank you, based mouse.

The senior author of the new paper published in Nature, Professor Juan Carlos Belmonte, has already declared TOTAL VICTORY over the ageing process: “This knowledge might not only be useful for enhancing skin repair but could also serve to guide in vivo regenerative strategies in other human pathological situations, as well as during ageing, in which tissue repair is impaired.”

Ha, in your fucking face, death.

Now I will not only live forever, but also be a Chad looking mother fucker with awesome hair all the way until my inevitable death by motorcycle accident at the age of 250.

So how did all this come about?

Well it appears that Science Mega-chad Masakazu Kurita was attempting to cure a cutaneous ulcer – a type of wound which extends through multiple layers of the skin. Ordinarily a plastic surgeon would transplant existing skin over the wound, but there are limits to how effective that is, even when the transplant is grown from skim stem cells taken from the patient and grown in a laboratory. Not to mention that the entire procedure takes a considerable amount of time.

Move aside brain morons, the science of glorious Nippon is here to fucking save us all. Kurita, working with his senior fellow Belmonte, has discovered how to regenerate your wounded flesh and transform it into healthy skin again.

Do you want more science, bro?

Apparently the critical step (in wound recovery) is the migration (or transplantation) of basal keratinocytes into wounds. These stem-cell-like cells act as precursors to the different types of skin cells. However where large, severe wounds have lost multiple layers of skin, they no longer have any basal keratinocytes to start the healing process. As these types of severe wounds “””heal”””, the cells multiplying in the area are only involved in wound closure and inflammation, and fail to rebuild healthy skin.

Until the intervention of Kurita (and Belmonte), that is. What these chads accomplished was to convert the cells that weren’t doing the job into basal keratinocytes — without ever taking them out of the body.

Science god Kurita put it succinctly: “We set out to make skin where there was no skin to start with.”

Abe-sama salutes you, based science man. Now please marry Sensei, so she does not die alone.

So where are we at right now, lads?

Well, topically treated skin ulcers regrew epithelia (healthy skin) within 18 days. The epithelia expanded and connected to the surrounding skin, even in large ulcers. And within three to six months, the generated cells behaved like healthy skin cells in molecular, genetic and cellular tests.

Truly we will live forever now, or at least until God strikes us down for our hubris.

I shamelessly plagiarised this article from a Salk press release. Here are all the other science lads who worked towards the Kurita and Belmonte break-through: Toshikazu Araoka, Tomoaki Hishida, David D. O’Keefe, Yuta Takahashi, Akihisa Sakamoto, Masahiro Sakurai, Keiichiro Suzuki, Jun Wu, Mako Yamamoto, Reyna Hernandez-Benitez, Alejandro Ocampo, Pradeep Reddy and Maxim Nikolaievich Shokhirev at Salk; Pierre Magistretti of King Abdullah University; Estrella Núñez Delicado of Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia; and Hitomi Eto and Kiyonori Harii of Kyorin University.

Go and get your Nobel prizes.

Full disclosure: [Hard Working Platelet]’s IRL name is [Red Blood Cells BTFO]. I’m an [Cartoon Science specialist] who’s keen on [Platelet Supremacy] and [Well Done Sciencefags].

Swedish election: the Number One problem in the West is mindbroken NPC Tumblr women

By The Hanako Inquisition

Monday the 10th of September, 2018


How do you fix Sweden? In 2015 at the height of the Obama Refugee Crisis this apparently batshit insane nation of six million had upwards of 30,000 grown Afghani men living on state benefits, many of whom were pretending to be school children to improve their chances of amnesty. Problem? Not if you listen exclusively to Swedish state media, and to the Davos media cartel which exercises complete control over the Lying Press of that nation, which just yesterday went to the polls to elect a new Parliament.

As expected the vote for the Christian Right, or as our enemies in the Lying Press have labelled us, the Far Right – has surged amongst the native population. Well, at least amongst young Swedish men. /ourguys/ the Swedish Democrats have seen their share of the vote surge from 12.9% in the last election to 17.6% this time around, capturing between a quarter and a half of the votes of Swedish men in a majority of precincts. Well done, Jimmy.

The problem? “””Swedish””” women.

The reason SD is stuck on 63 seats in the next parliament (up from 49) is obvious. Swedish Tumblrinas and their (rapidly naturalised) migrant horde woman counterpart just won’t vote for anything that is good for them. NPC ham-beasts and Achmed’s four wives outvoted Christian Swedish women by a margin of 9-to-1 yesterday.

Swedish women have yet to break their conditioning. So when the Female NPC vote was combined with the massive harvest of votes from all the NPC Immigrants who have flooded across the defenceless and open borders of Sweden for the last five years, it narrowly drowned out the surge of support for the native Christian party of Jimmie Akesson.

Support for traditional values and Swedish nationalism is rising fast amongst young Swedish men. They have seen that Davos is trying HARD to replace them on their own soil with soulless NPCs. In 2014 it was 100,000 from Syria and Africa, in 2015 it was another quarter million, and by 2016 the Swedish government had taken in so many foreign nationals that it had to house them on an industrial scale in schools and sporting arenas.

Just the 30,000 Afghans alone which Sven took in costs the state more than 30 billion krona ($3.5 BILLION) every year to house and feed. This is more than Sweden spends every year on its Police Force. These men swiftly went from LARPing as schoolchildren to voting Socialist en masse, with the Swedish Democrats vote-share in these “””new Swede””” precincts not even reaching one-in-twenty votes. This is how they steal your elections, with Open Borders for mindless NPCs.

The third largest ethnic group in Sweden is now Iraqis, after Swedes and Finns, and after Poles (kek) the next largest group is Iranians, and then the Syrians. That is if we do not count Yugoslavians as one group, in which case they slightly outnumber Syrians, for now.

The Swedish Lutheran Church, which for a long time has been the plaything of Moloch worshipping Sodomites, and which put up little resistance to the state religion of hedonistic Atheism, has mostly acted as a cheerleader for what can only be described as an outright invasion by the Saracens.

Given the absolute YES state of Sweden, Jimmy has done an outstanding job this election. But can anything save Sweden at this stage? Apart from Jesus?

The problem for Sweden is that their Gibs are so generous that NPCs from the Middle East or Wakanda will literally charge through several other sets of Open Borders just to get those sweet, sweet Swedish Turbogibs.

These are economic refugees of the lowest order, and they are now encamped upon the welfare rolls of Sweden forever. Socialist Paradise will happily pay them to do nothing with their lives except shit out the next generation of permanently unemployed and utterly useless citizens – in return for their votes.

But how can the Swedes possibly afford all this?

Well, the fact of the matter is that they can’t. They broke.

After just three years of being a Third World shithole the Swedes have had to raise their age of retirement by three years. This was announced last December.

Davos COPE media is already preparing the NPC Hivemind in Sweden for an additional increase to the age of retirement of at least five years. The joke is that none of these idiots who voted for the Glorious Open Borders Socialism of Sweden will be allowed to retire before they are seventy, or possibly eighty if things keep going the way that they are going.

Faced with bills that they know they cannot pay, and with the EU piggybank already broken because Frau Merkel choked Germany on her own imported horde of shiftless Saracens and Wakandans, the Socialists of Sweden are royally screwed. Well, the party leaders aren’t. They just got another ride on the gravy train. Guess who will pay the bill? Poor Sven.

The Socialist government did politely ask some of the invaders if they would like to go home for a small cash prize, but they had few takers. Many whose bid for asylum has been rejected on the grounds that they are found out to be dangerous criminals back where they came from have simply refused to leave, even for a cash prize. MORE TURBOGIBS PLS.

It is estimated that there are around twenty thousand Jihadis who continue to live in Sweden after being told to go. Many of them rather comically took the payment to go home and then simply hopped back on the next flight back to Sweden and then tried to get an additional set of welfare benefits. Twenty thousand is just the number of those that were caught trying to game the system, not those who got away with it. So how many times did those guys vote, do you think?

The small army of those who are officially denied access to the welfare system exists in a state of seething limbo. Mobs of them routinely burn down one of 61 Areas of Sweden where the police have no control, the infamous No-Go Zones.

Meanwhile Swedish NPC women are voting in droves for whatever the Tumblr whales are currently virtue signalling to one another about, and remain the mind-control victims of a Lying Press which relentlessly pushes Open Borders. We need not dwell here on the rape crisis in Sweden, but when you are just as likely to be raped in a Swedish city as you are in a South African city, something clearly is askew. NPCs are idiots, but we already knew this.

Simultaneously bankrupting the country and causing a surge of lawlessness of which they are one of the main victims, you find the Eternal NPC. She is the bedrock of support for the Degenerate Left.

The problem began with the Permissive Society, which made virtues out of Adultery and Fornication. The Christian family that was the bedrock upon which all Christian nations were built was attacked and ridiculed. Our “””men””” abandoned God, they abandoned their wives and children.

These days we see the fruit of this perverse labour by our enemies. We are beset with every kind of vice. Drugs are everywhere, broken homes are commonplace, and women are commonly little more than disease spreading harlots. This life lasts for a few years, while they are at the peak of their fertility. Then they enter a much worse second life as an angry mindbroken Tumblr whale, and this drags on for decades. The state becomes their father and husband for the rest of their lives, and this is precisely the condition in which the Left wants all women to live.

Meanwhile our “””men””” are deciding whether they would rather chop their dick off or get married to some guy who wants to fuck them in the ass. I hear a lot about Incels these days, a label which is even applied by the Lying Press to Saints like Paul and Peter. Meanwhile any girl who wants to preserve their chastity until marriage and maintain a voluntary celibacy is put on trial for not being an Instagram whore, as Tinder transforms an entire generation into a giant disease incubator.

The Lying Press bangs on interminably about Sexual Liberation, but what you do not hear about is the woman who emerges destroyed after she has been cast down from this altar of diseased cocks, and who then spends the rest of her days wallowing in misery, wine and cats. These withered hags grow increasingly more gross and desperate for attention every decade. Yet somehow they remain a reliable well of support for the Leftist scum who convinced them to turn their lives into garbage in the first place. What the heck is up with that?

The hedonistic Nihilism of Atheist Sweden is a failed paradigm, and the Degenerate Left is culturally and intellectually bankrupt. Sweden was its best effort, and this election Swedish men abandoned it completely. But how do you convince a woman to stop falling into the traps of the batshit insane Left and go save her country before she loses her soul and becomes an NPC for life?

The Christian Right is now the second largest bloc in the Swedish parliament, and it got to where it is because there are still some men in Sweden who never gave up on traditional Christian values, and they are bringing their women back from the brink with them.

Ironically, the Swedish Socialists managed to deny our side power temporarily by enfranchising a bloc of new voters who are likely to be just as socially conservative or even more so than the Christians of the Swedish Democrats.

Only by conjuring up a bogeyman of imaginary Nazis was the Lying Press able to forge an unlikely alliance between the Left and Muslims, but this is not a natural fit. Just how happy their new voters will be when young Achmed Svensson comes home with his first brochure about how he ought to be getting an axe wound where his penis is remains to be seen. I think that conversation will not go well for the Socialists.

The main problem for the Right is this. How do we rescue our young women from a life of Tumblr?

The Sodomites who spew filth from our television networks and across all of our social media platforms have gotten a lock upon the fragile mind of the Female NPC. They have used this to engineer a final Pyrrhic victory of sorts for Socialism in Sweden.

Yet if the heathens of Davos and their minions in the Lying Press think that the Christian Right will not continue to grow until it is the largest bloc in Sweden, just as it is fast becoming in every other European parliament, or that the Saracens hate them any less than they hate us, then they will be disabused of their illusions soon enough.

Either there will be a return to the traditional Christian family values which made Sweden great, or that nation will fall to the Saracens. Socialism is a system which cannibalises culture and impoverishes every society that it preys upon, and it inevitably fails everywhere. Just give it enough rope, and it will hang itself.

And now for no particular reason here is the OP of Gunslinger Girl, which I quite enjoy, lads.

Full disclosure: [The Hanako Inquisition]’s IRL name is [Sweden YES]. I’m an [HANAKO GANG RISE UP specialist] who’s keen on [Ending Degeneracy] and [Burning Witches].

Pray for Bolsonaro: leader of Christian Right survives assassination by the grace of God in Brazil

By Dardanup Pies Are Awesome

Friday the 7th of September, 2018


The Communists and their (((friends))) in the Davos Banker cartels and the Lying Press are growing desperate now, as one after another the nations established by Church-going men in accordance with the Laws of God are returning to Christ before the Final Hour. The latest nation to shake off the bonds of International Finance and International Socialism and the lawlessness and utter depravity which our enemies spread is Brazil, where the leading candidate in the upcoming Brazilian elections campaigns for Christian Order, and for a Prosperity which is not snatched away from the Middle Class and Christian Workers from above and below. Alas, for his troubles the leader of the Christian Right in Brazil, the heroic Jair Bolsonaro, has just had to defy the deadly blades of an assassin, which pierced his liver and lungs.

Bolsonaro was a military man before he was a politician, a veteran of a Parachute regiment who has stood up fearlessly to the cartel of corrupt Davos yes-men and outright puppets of Communist China which has slowly subverted Catholic Brazil for the last generation. The Lying Press prefers to call him the leader of the Far Right, but as we have seen in one Christian nation after another, from Washington to Rome itself, the Far Right is what (((they))) have named the True and Christian Right, and the Godly people clamour for its return, to replace the lawless and Godless heathens of the Soft Right.

Soon Bolsonaro will join President Trump and his fellow Christian Roman – Matteo Salvini – upon the world stage, and return the banners of glorious imperial Brazil to the camp of the Lord, if it is the will of God that he do so.

Therefore all of you who fight for what is right and decent ought to pray for Bolsonaro, the leader of the Christians in Brazil. He has ever stood firmly against the abominable depravity of the Sodomites which the International Banker cartel and the Lying Press attempts to inflict upon us everywhere, even as their business partners who run the Apple and Nike Profit Gulags of Red Mordor continues to rebuild the Communist war machine that seeks to exterminate us all.

Communist China, rebuilt by the International Bankers of Davos while a string of traitorous American presidents from Clinton to Obama were paid to look the other way, has in a single generation replaced the Red Menace dismantled by the last good and decent President of the United States before Trump. So now once again it is our heavy burden to stare down the threat of total annihilation which the Communists offer.

Even as we do so we are betrayed from within by our Soft Right “””leaders””” – the Open Borders Dick Choppers who aspire to follow the path of May and Merkel – who continuously kowtow for a few pieces of that blood money which was extracted by the martyring of 100 million Chinese Christians.

The corpses of these Christian departed now lie unceremoniously buried beneath the Apple and Nike factories and the Chinese Disneyland, the profits from which the filthy Davos cartel lubricates our politics with on the one hand, and on the other the Communists invest in nuclear bombs and aircraft carriers with which to destroy us. This is the filthy cartel which Bolsonaro has stood up to, and now he is fighting for his life in hospital.

Turnbull the Antichrist is gone from Australian politics, praise Christ, and Scott Morrison will probably do the right thing by us all eventually. I’ve listened to a few sermons by Assemblies of God pastors, and these men tend not to be filthy degenerates, unlike the priests spewed out by our famous divinity schools these days. Surely then he will turn out better than Malcolm, or the dead-eyed globalist Julie who seems to be the universal favourite of the Lying Press these days.

Trump is in the White House, but he is surrounded by dirty little Judases who are constantly undermining him for their thirty shekels. It will be up to the Christian voters of America to get the job done this November, and purge the Party of Lincoln from top to bottom of the degenerates and the back-stabbing traitors which infest it. The Lying Press is omnipresent with its whispering of deceits and misinformation, and Google will not aggregate me one single headline that doesn’t confirm my complete lack of faith in them.

We are winning, but we have not won yet. In Brazil our man Bolsonaro is at the threshold of victory, but now by the machinations of the degenerate Communists who work in the shadows with the International Bankers, he is fighting for his life. Pray for Bolsonaro therefore, that South America may return to the Church for the battle that is to come.

Remember that they are already slaughtering us and stealing our land RIGHT NOW in South Africa while the degenerate whores of the Soft Right dance around comically for the amusement of the Left, and therefore hold the line in South America where we are still strong and able to seize the government from these utterly depraved Orcs who serve Red Mordor everywhere.

Full disclosure: [Dardanup Pies Are Awesome]’s IRL name is [I Enjoyed My Country Trip Lads]. I’m an [Restore Catholic Rule in Brazil specialist] who’s keen on [BOLSONARO] and [Red Mordor must Fall].

Tottenham humiliate Portuguese man in front of 70 thousand Muppets, and other entertaining things

By We All Hate Leeds Scum

Tuesday the 28th of August, 2018


I rarely think about the Soccerball these days, what with all the excitement of facking politics and daily life to rile me up, but it was actually rather nice to see the team that my idiot sister got a tattoo for because our English grandmother was a Spurs supporting glory hunter who liked Danny Blanchflower  back in the 1960s or whatever go and thrash Man United. Apparently it’s glory hunting time again, because Spurs are going to win the facking league innit governor. Can’t believe that Optus are still giving me these matches though. I could swear I told them halfway through the World Cup to fuck off. Spurs later, first up Japanese cartoons.

Is there any better use of a man’s time than watching the Asobis play with Sensei? I could be deep inna woods stockpiling guns and ammunition right now, but then I would have missed Hanako’s dope Sailor Moon impersonation.

Where were the puppets that usually pop at the end of the show though lad? Heh. They were at Old Trafford with the rest of the muppets, watching Sir Harold Kane and a Brazilian humiliate the 13th best team in England. Get in there my son.

I can’t believe we used to be their feeder club fifty years ago or whatever when they had a decent manager and used to win things. Imagine thinking that Sir Harold would leave a quality side like Spurs to go play with this trash.

Oh I am fucking laughing

Literally every Spurs player on the park had a touch before our balding Brazilian manlet ran right through the middle of the United defence and clowned them with a goal. Honestly, I felt bad for them. G’wan Lucas. Kick a facking goal my son.

God was so impressed by Lucas that he let him kick another after he substituted off for Harry Winks. HOW THE FUCK DID HE DO IT LADS. Brazilian magic.

I hope you had as much fun as I did laughing at United lads. I might not pop up for a while, as I’m heading down South to ride dirt bikes and shoot at trees that look like poofters and Chinese Communists for a bit. Maybe I’ll post up something on my old man’s computer if I can be fucked.

Better dump all my Joshis before I get there though. Oh I am fucking laughing.

Full disclosure: [We All Hate Leeds Scum]’s IRL name is [We’re Winning the League In Colour]. I’m an [Bishoujo Cosplay specialist] who’s keen on [Drunken Stadium Chants] and [Stop Making Me Sad Hinata].



It’s Boer War 3: Christian farmers vow to fight the Marxists today in South Africa

By Onward Christian Soldiers

Monday the 27th of August, 2018


After years of being pushed around and massacred by local Communists to the delight and profit of the Red Chinese overlords of Marxist Africa, the Christian farmers who were in isolation being violently tortured to death and robbed in the most brutal fashion and on a scale not seen since the Communist atrocities of the last century, these God fearing folk of South Africa who have finally in desperation banded together under the Cross, have taken up arms against the Marxist state which wants to kill them and sell off their lands to Davos and the Chinese Communists. It’s war now, and no longer just a one-sided massacre.

We have seen this happen before, in Rhodesia, and it did not end well there for the Christians. After being deserted by our feckless political class, they were murdered in the grisliest fashion by Communists. The country then went on to starve to death without its White Christian farmers, and ruin its prosperity in every way imaginable under a Marxist junta. Today Zimbabwe is little more than a backwards colony of Communist China. This is the future of South Africa under Red China.

It became quite fashionable last century to hate White Christians, and it is even more fashionable today, except for on the Christian Conservative side of politics. We finally have the President of the United States back on our side again, after a succession of NWO Davos traitors abused the Oval Office and looked the other way while we were getting massacred.

We have the Minister of Home Affairs, at least if Dutto gets his old job back, and Tones rooting for our survival from out in the wilderness, where the legion of faggots and degenerates who infested the Liberal Party for the Turnbull Putsch are still keeping him at bay. Little Bible Scott Morrison has so far shown scant indication of pushing away from the Davos banquet table or actually doing anything remotely useful, so God only knows what he is thinking while he is taking wine and cake with the Red Chinese ambassador.

Fully against us is the entire Lying Press, these militant homosexuals and mouthy harlots who would just love to cover another Rhodesian Genocide of White Christians as a sideshow. The Davos Banker scum which owns all the words that come out of their lying mouths pays them handsomely to slander us, but they would probably do it for free. Davos has a large chunk of its obscene profits coming directly from Red Chinese slave labour factories built over the graves of Christian martyrs, and it sees lucrative profits to be made from mining and pastoral leases in cahoots with Red Mordor. Once the Christian Farmers of South Africa have been piled up as corpses, and their mineral and farm rights duly transferred to the Marxist state.

Red Theresa is against us, and Red Jeremy too. The UK has become a joke of a nation under May, but we ought not forget that women have been giving away bits of the Old Empire since Thatcher, who simply bowed down to the Reds and give away Hong Kong like it was nothing. We can only hope and pray that Mogg or Nige or somebody grows a spine and stands up some time in the next five years and does something on Albion, the island which has become the main Davos dumping ground for Islamic trash. May has already told the South African Marxists how wonderful she thinks it is that they’ll finish off the Boers and other White Christians soon, much to the delight of her masters at the Moloch Club in Davos and the Lying Press.

American involvement in the Boer War is just another front in the smouldering Civil War that looks more and more likely to break out every day in the United States. Those who allowed the Communists to rebuild the Evil Empire after Reagan smashed it in the 1980s have not been idle, and the Marxist Coalition of degenerate filth is in an unholy alliance with a small but influential group of traitors in the Republican Party who are working to bring down the best American President since Reagan.

If Trump gets brought down or gets assassinated, expect all hell to break loose.  I do not for an idle minute doubt the integrity of Mike Pence or the American military though, and I doubt America will just stand back and let the Communists massacre four million Christians in South Africa on a whim.

This is why the Marxists have being sneaky about it up to now, deviously killing our brothers and sisters in the dead of night, and acting like it is just another murder amongst the tens of thousand which happen every year in that state of lawless Marxist anarchy.

Since Trump put them on notice they have become more blatant about what they are doing though, and begun to accelerate their assault upon the Christians. They have drunk the CNN Kool-Aid, and thinking that the Davos Cartel have already won and that we in the West will simply swallow the propaganda which the Lying Press spews out, they have begun to quite blatantly attack Christian Farmers in broad daylight now and admit to their Marxist agenda of land confiscation.

What was previously unthinkable to many Christian Farmers – another Rhodesia – is now the Law of the Land. The Lying Press has been contradicted time and again by the Marxist junta of South Africa, which no longer cares who knows what their end game is. And so our brothers have run out of peaceful options, and must band together to fight this crooked regime.

So far thousands of Christians have mostly been killed by African Marxist paramilitaries backed by all the resources of the South African state. They are using weapons subsidised by rents which Apple and the other Davos conglomerates pay the Chinese Communists – for the right to exploit Gulag labour – money which is then funnelled to Marxists in Africa to go about torturing and killing Christians and stealing their lands. The South African military and police are entirely Marxist now, and already fully complicit in the Rape and Pillage of the Transvaal on an industrial scale for their Red Chinese masters.

Since Trump gave his message of Christian solidarity the farmers of the Transvaal have taken heart, and they are slowly banding together to escape being butchered individually like sheep.

Now that the South African government has been outed for the pack of genocidal Communists that they are, the Boers have stopped running and begun fighting. But the Communists and Davos Banker Scum and the Lying Press which Davos owns and the batshit insane Left and the crooked Soft Right are all in league against our Christian brothers. And it is a fight to the death now.

If we allow the Boers to fight alone then they will all get slaughtered, and God knows that after the Chinese Communists are done with killing all the White Christians in South Africa and stealing their lands over there then they will do exactly the same thing to us here in Australia and New Zealand.

The Brits and Yanks and Canadians that haven’t given up on the nations that their forefathers built and the Christian traditions which made them great likewise know that once they become minorities in their own countries that it will be the end for all of us.

Thanks to the Soft Right Centrist and Leftist scum who took that Red Chinese blood money to look the other way while the Communists rebuilt their killing machine for the last twenty five years, we are now once again facing total annihilation at the hands of an enemy who have shown time and again that they are prepared to kill Christians by the millions wherever we fall under their control. This must not be allowed to happen. So stand up and fight, Christian soldiers.

It is no overstatement to say that the plight of the sixty-seven year old farmer in the North Transvaal who has vowed to never take another backwards step to Godless Communism is your plight too. He should not fight alone, and ought not die alone.

We don’t want to fight, but by jingo if we do, we’ve got the men, we’ve got the guns, we’ve got the money too. This was the slogan that was used to rile us up to fight one another during the brother wars of Empire. But it was true then, and it is true today. Nothing holds us back from Victory, except for the enemies within, the traitor class which undermines us at every turn.

Are you any less honourable than your Christian ancestors? They were fighting for honour and glory, and now you get to fight for your very right to exist upon God’s earth. You will either stand together or you will die alone upon your knees. The choice is yours, and you don’t have a lot of time to make it. Your Christian brother may already be dead before you get there.

Full disclosure: [Onward Christian Soldiers]’s IRL name is [Remember Rhodesia]. I’m an [Hanebado girldrama specialist] who’s keen on [Not Being Hacked Up by Marxists in Front of my Family] and [Holy Mother of God CR could you be any more Lazy with your Subbing?].

John McCain outlives Guardians of the Galaxy by a day, dies on the same day as boxing

By Logan Paul Won That He Did

Sunday the 26th of August, 2018


Boxing and John McCain have both been dying together for quite a while now, so it was not unexpected that they should both depart this world together. McCain, who fell off somewhere along the Maverick Expressway and ended up as That Establishment Guy who was always yelling at the Trump insurgents to get off the lawn of his Grand Old Party in his bathrobe and slippers will not immediately be remembered fondly. Not by the type of people he would have expected to miss him, but I’m sure those who hated him but hate Trump more will all bewail him disingenuously for a day or two. Perhaps because it is the Lord’s Day, and at the risk of being disingenuous, I’ll not press S.

Boomers have done a lot of damage to our nations, with their Open Borders bullshit, and their LOL But My House Price Just Went Up nonsense. I’ve more than once remarked that McCain was the Rube of the Never Trumpers. But if Communism had been finished off when it lay dying in 1990, and not been allowed by a vacuous Republican establishment composed of men like McCain to rebuild itself in Communist China with Apple and Foxconn profits made in Gulag factories built over the graves of 100 Million Christian martyrs to Red China then I guess I might have remembered him quite differently.

McCain belonged to an era of insiders who whistled in the dark while the System they ruled over and which they thought was in complete control of everything came crashing down around their ears. And so did boxing.

The old men who ran boxing into the ground were likewise hopelessly out of touch with the unwashed masses who were and still are prepared to pay to watch the spectacle of two men fighting. The sport has just this year completely returned to its amateur and carny roots, and now exists mostly as freakshow spectacle.

The biggest boxing match of the year (the decade even) was a coke addled showman fighting a Hollywood match against a man who stopped being the greatest quite some time ago. The second biggest boxing match of the year took place as McCain lay dying. It was an unsanctioned “””celebrity””” bum-fight between E-celeb trash. Who won is immaterial. Who fought is immaterial. What matters is that boxing went down to the canvass, and it won’t be getting up again any time soon.

What is worse, few aficionados of boxing even noticed, and fewer care. As boxing purists continue to dwindle in numbers, the audience for these “””celebrity””” carny bumfights is exploding. Overhyped trash-fights between people who were literal whos before the viral marketing kicked in are the future, and everybody knows it.

Just as nobody wanted to be lectured by John McCain about how to lose to Clinton and Obama any longer, nobody cares about the art and science of boxing any more.

Which brings us to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. The cinema is steadily bleeding out, and this too is a common fact. For a long time now, Hollywood has been pouring out its disdain on the half of its core audience that I belong to, and I don’t see them winning me back any time soon.

Meanwhile the angry little deviant fraction of the Disney audience that was agitating to see another Guardians of the Galaxy film directed by the mouthy old paedophile that had been poking my side with a stick has proved to be far less important than it considered itself, and Bob at Disney has not only stood by his gut-check decision to fire Gunn but has shit-canned the entire franchise. Sorry Reddit, no more talking Raccoons for you.

That McCain and Boxing and Paedowood should all get put on an “”””indefinite hiatus”””” together within 24 hours is a stark reminder of just how quickly the Old Order is crumbling. Bob at Disney hopes that he can quarantine the rest of his Capeshit money-printing garbage from the same forces that have completely obliterated his Star Wars investment, but the bad faith Kathleen Kennedy showed in attacking her audience for her personal failures will continue to haunt the Mouse.

Hollywood and Disney still have some way to go before they hit rock bottom. Though Gunn was the poster boy for boy-hungry Hollywood, nobody thinks that he was the only one or even the worst offender. And who wants to fork over their ten bucks for a lecture from Hollywood about some inane Lefty culture wars bullshit when you can just watch God tier Japanese cartoons for next to nothing? I won’t be contributing to the hush money fund for Hollywood deviants any time soon.

Hollywood likes to think of itself as bigger and more important than Boxing or John McCain, but really the monolithic entertainment industry is just a giant dead man walking. Hollywood is fatally disconnected from most of its core audience, over-represented by people who hate us, and owned and run by the worst kind of people imaginable.

There is too much Communist propaganda being spewed by Hollywood and not nearly enough entertainment. Disney himself, God bless him, would be the first to say that modern Hollywood does not deserve to live. And as it continues to choke to death on the bile of its own vile hatred for its former audience, it may not long outlive McCain and Boxing.

Full disclosure: [Logan Paul Won That He Did]’s IRL name is [Capeshitters On Suicide Watch]. I’m an [Happy Sugar Life specialist] who’s keen on [Thanks For Not Showing Me Chio’s Pantsu This Week Diomedea] and [If Bob Iger Really Gave A Fuck About Me Then Disney Would Partner With Japan and Release The Non Non Biyori Movie with Subs Fucking Yesterday].