Narco-Stalinists burn down Central America while CIA busy running for Congress

By John Miller

Tuesday the 24th of April 2018


Even as the Clinton Intelligence Agency prepares to take the House for the Beijing Democrats, so that the Globalists can finally impeach President Trump for daring to end the Korean War while averting World War Three over Syria and whipping Beijing in the Trade War, the evil Axis of Communism and Davos continues to grind away at the social fabric of one of the poorest nations in Central America.

The Battle for Nicaragua is part of a wider war upon American greatness being fought by Red China and the Moloch worshipping deviants who profit from Communist slave labour factories to destabilise the Mestizo world. In doing this they were simply stepping into the breach left by the Soviets, who were defeated by Best President and America by the end of the 1980s.

Daniel Ortega went out with the dirty bath-water of Socialist dictatorship then, but everything old became new again when the Globalists wed the Communists during the dying days of the Junior Bush regime, and with the ascension of Comrade Obama and his greedy Beijing lackey SOS, Mao Mao Hillary, Chinese Communism dropped the friendly facade and began to gobble up the former puppet states of Moscow.

What does America have to fear though, now that President Trump has re-armed the American military that the Clintons and Obama de-fanged for their Davos overlords to suit Red China? And why should we all be concerned about the Communists killing Nicaraguans right now?

Nicaragua has access to both the Pacific and Atlantic, and Beijing already has a development company in place there. The end game is a rival sea-lane to the Panama Canal controlled by a Maoist Communist regime.

Thanks to the infiltration and corruption of the CIA by Clinton puppets that began with Slick Willy and has continued unabated during the era of Democrat candidates elected with Chinese fundraiser money – who these days route everything nice and legal through their Davos golems – the Christian militias and Catholic rulers of Central and South America that Reagan used to defeat Communism have all been long since destroyed.

The Communists and their Russian allies were able to take oil rich Venezuela and turn it into a hellish starvation hole of the same Marxist Atheism that Obama and Sanders want for America, and now they are expanding their Latin franchise. The key is to secure Nicaragua, and then build a canal by which the Chinese Communist navy can easily menace the Atlantic.

This was supposed happen during the Clinton administration.

The current President of Nicaragua is a complex man, and he leads a rather odd movement of Socialist revolutionaries. His Sandinistas have never in the past been blatant Maoists such as the abhorrent Shining Path of Peru, the Atheist Cocaine traffickers with Zerg Communism values who kill with reckless disregard for human life. For while the Junta of National Reconstruction in Nicaragua is avowedly Marxist, and has made Nicaragua one of the poorest countries on earth, their Communist penchant for genocide has been tempered by a lingering respect for Catholicism that many of the Sandinista old guard carry in their hearts.

While destroying the moneyed class comes naturally to them, and wrecking the Middle Class, and bringing starvation to the masses, and economic ruin, they have often been almost honourable revolutionaries, as you would expect from men who refused to entirely abandon the Holy Mother Church.

Thus Ortega while he does the Devil’s work as a Socialist dictator with one hand, and turns a blind eye to the drug cartel cocaine trading routes which fill the nostrils of gringos and lines the pockets of the Commie-Narco terrorist warlords he relies upon, he is also at the same time far less brutal in his use of the police state than most Socialist dictators. The vermin who rule Venezuela, for example, are currently in a league of their own when it comes to Commie police state brutality in the Americas.

Ortega and the old SNLF are slowly being replaced by a much worse generation of Maoist thugs in Nicaragua though, and Beijing money is bringing with it the worst of Godless Chinese Communism.

Just this week we have seen a citizen journalist executed while giving a live report of the Communist atrocities against ordinary Nicaraguans, and there have been several deaths  right across the country.

The epiphany of Daniel Ortega as a born again Catholic ruler opposed to mercantile greed in 2011 may well have been real, but since his conversion on the Road to Damascus he has back-slid quite remarkably, and it seems by all accounts that Godless Chinese bootlickers are knifing off the political opposition both within and without the Sandinista government.

Those of you who surround our Godly President of the United States must make him aware of this crisis which the Clinton Intelligence Agency cynically helped the Communists to create, and which was years in the making. Everything has grown urgent for them, and they are rushing their plans.

The payoff for Clinton was always going to be more money from her Davos-Commie backers, but money without power is meaningless, and so the aim of her cartel backers was to entrench Wall Street Democrats with an endless stream of human misery trekking to America and overwhelming Republican voting majorities with the votes of people that were custom made to impoverish and replace them.

The greedy RINOs saw it coming and did nothing, because Corporate money wanting a low wage US economy told them to back off. This was the best future that America could hope for before Trump decided to run.

Then by the grace of the Good Lord we got another Commie fighter who was also willing to stand up for the rights of the average Christian man to have a steady job and make enough money to support his family.

That Trump has somehow been painted by the Lugenpresse as the mortal enemy of the tide of human misery composed of once proud Catholics uprooted from their homes by Communist and CIA violence and then sent forth to overwhelm the American border is somewhat ironic.

The joint efforts of the worst Republican Congress in living memory and the America Last Democrats who refuse to build his Wall or do anything to hurt the interests of the Davos vampires who make such insane profits from the Globalisation of Chinese Communism seem to have only one aim, and that is to swamp the United States with an inexhaustible supply of cheap labour.

Stopping one refugee convoy or another is helpful in the long term to the future prosperity of the American middle class, but it is not nearly as needful as rooting out Communism, which the fleeing plebeian victims of Socialism bring with them to America like a virus.

This is how Communism works. It takes away everything from a man, and once he is hungry and Godless and bites the next man he then spreads the disease.

Consider, we have not yet seen the worst of Maoist insurgency in Nicaragua. We are yet to see a horrifying spectacle like Venezuela on this side of the Canal. And this is what we will inevitably get, if Communism is not destroyed.

It is time therefore that the Contras be re-formed and re-armed, and for Ollie North to go forth and do God’s work again in Central America with his Christian self-defence militias.

The efforts of this outstanding Marine for Reagan working with the Nicaraguan Contras were instrumental in cutting the cancer of Communism out of the region, and it directly led to the collapse of the first Communist dictatorship of Ortega in 1990.

To the eternal credit of Ortega and his crypto-Catholic Marxist revolutionaries in 1990, they knew the game was up, and peacefully handed over power to a broad coalition of democratic parties.

Thus America was able to end an eleven-year Socialist famine in Nicaragua, and the Marxist economic collapse was brought to an end. This was after the Fall of the Berlin Wall though, before Chinese Communism weaselled its way into the boardrooms of our Globalist scum freeloader class, and then captured the Democrat party by bankrolling the Clinton cartel.

What a difference a quarter century makes. The Communists are rampant again, and even worse, this time we do not even know which side the CIA is on.

The CIA has always been a rogue agency which seems to think that it can kill anybody up to and including American Presidents with impunity, but they were tolerated because they were instrumental in the global battle against Communism.

Since the 1990s Langley lacking purpose has been allowed to transform into an unholy abomination that Godfathers Narco-trafficking and drums up petty wars for the Carlyle Group, and which props up nasty regimes that kick into the Clinton slush fund, all while masquerading as some kind of elite terrorist fighting outfit.

Its aims and  interests have warped to the point that the Agency is demonstrably often the enemy of both the rest of America and of humanity in general, as evidenced by the slew of Beijing placeholders that are now running against the President in the mid-terms, using the bagmoney that Clinton has gotten from her foreign donors and Davos sponsors.

But it’s never too late for a Christian to redeem himself while he is breathing, and I’m sure that there are plenty of active CIA agents who didn’t join up to take shit from Communists, so they might redeem themselves yet.

Whether John Brennan was traitor-in-chief  or just some pompous jackass who let traitors run amok out of sheer foolishness will be for history to decide.

Which brings us to Pompeio.

I don’t know what the hell kind of 57-dimensional Tic-tac-toe that Trump is playing with new SOS Mike Pompeio, but I’m prepared to believe that a man who once called out Obama for being an evil Muslim Communist can’t be all bad.

I would like to think that the worst we will see of Pompeio was the Assange-excoriating temporary CIA Director who gave us a blanket assurance that the CIA was two-thumbs up All Good. An Army Captain who made Juris Doctor at Harvard Law, Pompeio is clearly both pragmatic and highly intelligent, and a loyal man who loves his country.

The fact is that Trump may already be ten steps in front of us, and always planned for Pompeio to be both his William Casey and his George Shultz from the beginning.

Having one of your best guys as SOS is a must, but just as needful is having a friend who knows the inner workings and factions of Langley, one must assume. For the CIA has always been semi-rogue even as far back as the time of Allen Dulles and his Commie killer cowboys.

Since the post-Watergate injection of Safari Club funds the Agency acts not unlike the ancient Templars, and probably Trump wanted to know if he should play Philip the Fair and end them by Inquisition, or if they could help out in the Crusade.

Naive and reactionary plots hatched by the CIA have several times led to atrocious outcomes such as the Bay of Pigs, and with unlimited budgets subsided by all kinds of lesser entities which rely upon it for protection and given carte blanche to do whatever the hell it wanted without any serious oversight for 70 years, the CIA has become a hot mess.

I don’t know what to make of Gina Haspel, but I’m inclined to think that Pompeio was sent by Trump to find allies in the CIA. If Haspel was a Clinton crony she would already be out the door. The Beijing Democrats are going all-out to block her nomination to become the next Director, and every CIA agent on the Clinton Foundation payroll is already running for Congress, so she might well be our best last hope for a semi-accountable CIA yet.

Can the CIA be relied upon to root out Communism in its festering rat-holes such as Nicaragua and Venezuela? Or will it simply enable the next set of Narco-traffickers that masquerade as Right-wing death squads to serve the interests of the Beijing faction that surely still exists inside the Clinton Intelligence Agency?

The way in which the Agency has done business in places like El Salvador and Columbia have usually created more problems for America than it has solved. So what is the solution for a country and region which deserves better than Narco-Stalinism?

My hope is that the President will keep the CIA the fuck out of Nicaragua, and a million miles away from any place where they might come into contact with drug money, which has historically had a most corrosive influence upon the Stan Smiths of the world.

Send in the Marines, mister president.

It will not take more than one set of boots on the ground, and I am sure that Colonel Ollie North would not hesitate to go anywhere that his President asked him to go.

The Christian self-defence militias worked amazingly well in the 80s, and contrary to the lying bullshit of Lugenpresse a very capable North never once deviated from his mission, and he could quite easily put the Contra freedom fighters back together again.

It is time to once again Make America Great in Central America, to the detriment of Global Communism.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right.

I came here to tell you the truth. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Seriously though, fire up those helicopters.

God of Onions begone, only Miyazaki and Shadows can save Console now

By John Miller

Tuesday the 24th of April 2018


In the current era of MONEYGRAB Console gaming there are very few franchises worth following, and almost nothing is new. Your paycheck or NEETbux gets swallowed by a multi-billion-dollar cat wrangling scam that subsidises a legion of shady game-shills who hype you a new GOTY every other week, and everybody laughs at you as soon as you leave the store. Good times. We’re all chasing that one good title.

Case in point, God of Soy, which I was reminded of today because I dropped in on the /v/ermin to have a good laugh at the absolute state of their catalogue, which is currently being fucking BOMBARDED with GoW threads made by Sony interns. But you can’t fool autism. Some cats simply won’t be wrangled.

Basedboy shills and Onions Latte sipping faggots who spam the propaganda that the Hype Machine made them think was true will never convince me that a game from a mediocre franchise made by a mediocre studio that only exists to grind out a single formula and with a Literal Who GD can ever exceed the mediocrity that birthed it.

That said, I will eventually buy your stupid game, Sony. Probably.

An admission that if I want to Consolefag and sit in my comfy chair at home and play Hack and Slash, or anything without needing a subscription and a headset and a credit card for loot crates, then my options are not great in 2018.

How did a GoW become a Hype Event? Ever? This is fucking embarrassing for Console.

Sony should be mindful that the reason they are not epic FAILING like Microsoft is not because of their formidable Hype Division getting us to buy the dust collectors that have nearly killed Console, but because they had elite GDs making kino games exclusively for them before the Console war was won.

Guys like Hidetaka Miyazaki, who ran his street for Sony with Bloodborne. The guy who gave us Souls. The very definition of gaming kino.

The one good thing about all the GoWfag spam that I read today was that it reminded me about the last time a Console game actually managed to make me sit up and want to beat it. And that was all on Miyazaki.

If you have never played Miyazaki’s games then you have wasted your entire life. Some of you may never have heard of him, even though you tell everybody that Dark Souls 3 is your favourite game. It would be un-Christian of me to suggest killing yourself, my man, so why not educate yourself instead?

While the faggot shills who wrecked Console are telling us what the next Souls is, Miyazaki himself walked away from his monster franchise years ago. The man is an artist. A lesser being and his team would still be riding Armoured Core, let alone Souls.

Hidetaka Miyazaki and his studio FromSoftware gave us the last Dark Souls in 2016 and then walked away from the franchise to do something new. Will it be enough to save Console in 2018? I want to believe this man has another gear.

Almost everything about Shadows Die Twice is a mystery except for a tentative release date this December. There are rumours that Miyazaki was interested in developing a Science Fiction title before he went deep underground. Dark Souls 40K ? I’d buy that.

All we know for sure is that Miyazaki will turn up at E3 in June if he really wants to start the December hype.

The /v/ermin are going to be seeing a lot of Bloodborne and Souls threads for the next 9 months. Kek.

For once though, it will probably be worth it. If you are hype about GoW then you might want to consider going Fucking Mental for the game that Miyazaki walked away from Souls to make.

Damn, I might even get to use my console for something other than an anime player again. It’s been too long since I considered it a gaming rig.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Protect Anor Londo.

Manga Artist in the Franxx

By John Miller

Monday the 23rd of April 2018


After a wild week in which its fanbase made death threats and raged against the studio for that God awful episode in which nothing happened, this weekend DITF came packed with three episodes worth of robot action. Team Monster got a much needed upgrade and Team Hormones kept their feelings in check. It was actually pretty good.

Watching the monsters finally kill some humans was nice, and there was plenty of Ichigo bullying to enjoy. I hope she doesn’t Protocol 32. Poor girl.

Could it be improved? Of course. Ichigo lacks pink hair and manga drawing skills, and Zero Two isn’t even human. Clearly they are both inferior to Kaos-chan.

Let me help you out, Trigger. Check out this QUALITY.

In conclusion, what is going on with Alpha and why is this show into pegging now?

That hand was great though.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Kaos-chan is going to make it.

How much anime can I watch without sleeping this weekend?

By John Miller

Saturday the 21st of April 2018


The answer probably wouldn’t interest you. Also not interesting – most of episode one of Last Period. I’m slowly trying out all the Spring seasonals, senpai. Question: Have you ever been just entertained enough to not stop watching a show and then had a massive payoff when the ED rolled? Here is that 90 seconds that made it all worthwhile for me.


These weren’t the main characters in the ED though. Which means I might get another dopamine hit again next week? It’s the little things that count, bros. Picked up for a second episode. I’ll watch it later.

I vaguely recollect watching Comic Girls ep 3 at some stage. I’m just watching so I can mash it up with Franxx if Darlingshit disappoints me 2 weeks in a row. Honest. Jiggle jiggle bounce, Ichigofags. Am getting sorta totally over-invested in Kaos-chan’s manga career tho, bros.

Kid trying so hard to be a manga artist. What else? Megalobox episode 3.

Is Corporate Lady literally the only woman in this gay ass dystopia?

How he gonna become the Karate Kid if he can’t fight for love? No mom or sis? Not even a damn RING GIRL????

I guess we really did genetically engineer out all the girls in the future. This episode was not great. Maybe the Robots might like it. Those poor, poor robots.

What else can I say about Hinamatsuri though? Just how good can it get?

If there was one criticism from the mangafags, it was that the anime might not be dark enough. The writing goes dark when it suits the storyline, but it never forgets to be entertaining. The sheer fucking enjoyment of watching everything done well is amazing.

The writing and direction has given a whole cast of characters a chance to shine. How often is a show so confident of its star attraction that it gives a compelling sub-plot to a  supporting character? In a lesser franchise either of this weeks solo stories about Anzu and Mishima could easily have stolen the entire show.

All the voice actors and actresses are performing well, but there is something next level about the work of seiyu Takako Tanaka on Hina. What does her script look like? It’s like listening to jazz, hearing all the strange noises that Hina makes. It’s an art form.

This is her first main role, and she could easily have killed the franchise if she didn’t get it just right. Instead even the most critical mangafags I know are acknowledging what she has brought to the main character. Some of them didn’t even like Hina before (Anzufags), but now they like her (more) in the manga and in the anime (still Anzufags tho). That’s some solid work.

Which brings me to WIXOSS. OK, so episode three wasn’t quite at the level of episode two. I REALLY liked the dark story arc with Kiyoi/Piruluk from Peeping Analyse. That shit was David Lynch. It was great.

So we’re not going to be Twin Peaks every week, but who cares? Watching Autism-chan and the Selectors get all WIXOSS up in here is still Patrician as fuck.

I got my BATORU fix. Fiddy can be just as good as Vivaldi. Hold me WIXOSS bros.

Patricians don’t think. We only know one way. And that way is for batoru.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. BATORU.


Super volcanoes will kill you, but not in the way you might expect

By John Miller

Saturday the 21st of April 2018


This evening while working my way through a Sumerian poem about a cheeky lad named Shukalletudda and the pagan goddess Inana that he had his wicked way with while she was trying to sleep, I became worried about volcanoes.

Not that the ancient scribe had specifically mentioned a volcano. Why would he? He had never even seen the dreadful thing that caused much of the carnage he was writing about. A vengeful deity was wreaking havoc upon the world to punish the lecherous Shukalletudda, nothing more.

Volcanoes go off all the time, like the trifling city devouring Vesuvius. A mere 5-star explosion.  A 7-star event like the one that impacted the Sumerians changes weather patterns all around the globe.

Santorini in 1600 BC was also rated 7 stars on the Volcanic Explosivity Index – the VEI. Due to its location in the Aegean Sea few slack jawed yokels got to wonder about the monstrous smiths who worked the forges beneath the fiery mountain for Vulcan. There were no living witnesses to the cool way in which the small Minoan kingdom that was built upon Santorini was obliterated.

The ensuing tsunamis that crashed into the several adjacent islands and terrified the natives of Aegean shores were attributed to Poseidon the earth shaker and not to Hephaestus. In Egypt some giant snake demon hogged all the glory after the Sun god was blotted out for a bit.

Everything that happened in 1600 was child’s play compared to what happened in the ensuing decades. It began with the crop failures. The ash was deadly to both flora and fauna, but the real kicker was the weather going awry after a blanket of Sulphur particles was thrown up into the sky. Once fertile Crete began to starve.

The Minoans never recovered from 1600 BC. After 4500 years of doing nice things like leaping over bulls and painting frescoes, they then suddenly started burning down their cities and taking  captives to murder in their labyrinths and so forth. Starvation and mass hysteria will do that to you though.

A category 7 volcano like Santorini is such a rare event that we can count all the ones that have occurred since 1600 BC on one hand. The last one was in the Dutch East Indies in April 1815, and it ruined the last summer of the Napoleonic Wars and caused an epic hurricane to ravage New England. And that was just the start of the trouble.

The severe cooling effect of all the sulphur particles lodged in the atmosphere by an Indonesian volcano caused widespread crop failure in Europe and the Americas in 1816, with food riots occurring in Paris and London. Agricultural production recovered only very slowly, and meanwhile there was an accompanying cholera epidemic, most virulent in Thailand and the Far East, but reaching every corner of the globe.

The cumulative effects of ongoing famine and disease enraged the populace of London, and by August of 1819 the Duke of Wellington was forced to calm them with a few volleys and a cavalry charge. Europe went into meltdown, but in the Americas the same era gave rise to Mormonism, which I don’t really have a problem with because they seem so awfully nice.

Prior to 1815, Christians had known three Cat-7 volcanoes. There was the one which started the Little Ice Age in 1250, which gave us a century of bitterly cold winters and dismal summers, followed by the Black Death.

The next time you complain about the weather remember that the Little Ice Age didn’t completely end until the 1940s. Jesus can start Winter any time he likes with volcanic explosions. Would you prefer a mild summer or starvation and cholera laced with a general rebellion though?

The Cat 7 EXPLOSION before the one that caused the Little Ice Age occurred on the border of China and Korea in 950 AD. My knowledge of Chinese history is fairly basic, but the Persians stepped over the Arabs and revived many of their ancient customs and prestige at this time, and remade their oppressive Arab religion to suit themselves better.

The most obvious Cat 7 EXPLOSION that caused mass carnage in the Christian era was an eruption in New Zealand in 215 AD that led to the Crisis of the Third Century. It did not quite collapse the Roman Empire, but it severely weakened it.

The movement of hungry Goths was of particular concern. These ravening Norsemen wandered down into Europe to dislodge the Germans, who in turn had to fight their way across the Roman border for safety. These various tribes of hungry and angry white men did not settle down and become the nations of Europe for centuries.

Before these five Cat 7 EXPLOSIONS there was Cerro Blanco in Argentina, which erupted in 2300 BC. Shukalletudda got the blame for the drought that defined the Middle Bronze Age, which caused the starving Gutians to come down out of the mountains and attack the Akkadians.

The Akkadians had a fairly big reputation then, being the heirs of Sargon of Akkad and boasting of his conquests. Sargon was lucky to have conquered the soft bronze age agricultural cities of Mesopotamia. After 2300, life got harsh. Not only were there starving barbarians at the gates, but an angry and hungry populace within.

When the crops of northern Mesopotamia began to fail at first the disaster was mitigated by the Akkadian Empire being able to draw upon the granaries of the Sumerian cities of the Euphrates, who used a type of dyke and canal agriculture not reliant on rainfall.

But as the crops on the northern plateau failed year after year, and as the Gutian barbarians piled up victories against the Akkadians, the Empire of Sargon slowly fell apart.

The poem of Shu-Kalle-Tudda, which roughly translated means someone who had an excellent birth, or more specifically that his Midwife had Precious Hands, is about a raven who cultivates date palms and lush gardens. It is also about the son of a god who rapes the goddess Inana and then goes on the run.

His land is turned from a paradise to a lonely place of dust, and he becomes a lonely wandering ghost among the shepherds. The scribe essentially blames him for three centuries of hardship in Assyrian Subir and Iranian Elam.

In the myth of Shukalletudda the rapist is the son of a minor god named Igisigsig, which can mean either jaundice or the sickly shade of yellow associated with the disease. It is also the name of a crop ruining disease. Yet he was famous in the Assyrian north as a god of orchards and cultivation.

The Raven was a bird of the pagan god Enlil, father of the pantheon. In one Sumerian poem a priest encounters him in Raven form and recognises him, and Enlil then decides to let this guy and his descendants run his temple. His city Nippur also had an ancient association with the date palms.

Shukalletudda though was a northern vagabond, associated with the drought that ruined Shubat-Enlil, a very important cult city for Enlil of 20,000 that Argentinian Volcanism transformed into a ghost town for 300 years. Unable to feed or defend itself, its entire region was turned into a dustbowl.

Being a city god was a rough business. If you lost your city you became a ghost. Hence poor Shukalletudda with dust in his eyes, accused of raping the goddess who had once been his consort in his city. He was forgotten and became a wandering spirit. Shukalletudda the Wailer, whose moans were heard on the South Wind.

And this is why you should never trust volcanoes, which kill in unexpected ways, and turn civilised men into vagabond ghosts.

The next super volcano will probably erupt at Naples.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right.

I’m pretty sure we won’t die by Super Volcano today though.

O the irony: Shirtlifters want Wallabies star to get in the Christian closet

By John Miller

Tuesday the 17th of April 2018


It wasn’t that long ago that poofters were telling us that if we just let them be who they were then they would never trouble us again. Let us come out of the closet, they said. It will be fabulous. Nobody wanted to bully these strange men who cut our hair and made us coffee, so for the most part we went along with it.

Oh there were a few nay-sayers, who said that it would lead to the destruction of the institution of marriage, and kids being taught about sodomy in schools, and our Churches being desecrated. But that could never happen. R-right?

Flash forward to 2018, when you can’t even recite Corinthians in public without losing your job because some fucking faggot might find it offensive. How long before the Bible is prohibited hate speech then?

Does anybody really think that these militant homosexual atheists want to peacefully co-exist with Christians on their Gay Planet any more?

Now if committed Christian and Assemblies of God parishioner Israel Folau had actually set a homosexual on fire, instead of just giving them spoilers from the Bible, or if he had told the ARU that he refuses to play with or against poofters, then I could see how somebody might actually be aggrieved.

The spectacular crime of this fine man is to be an upstanding Christian who refuses to recant his belief in Christ and the inerrant Word of God in an era when all our journalists and commentators and sports administrators are either Leftist vermin or virtue signalling cuckolds. But they are by no means representative of those that they impose upon, who play or follow sports.

Scripture may not mean much to the hipster atheist priests who have infected our degenerate mainstream crypto-heathen denominational parishes with their Godlessness, but it still means something to the millions and millions of ordinary Christians who are routinely forced to closet their Christianity in order to accommodate the delicate sensibilities of buggery enthusiasts and their ardent Socialist supporters.

Let us make no mistake, a section of this nation is at war with the Church and has been for decades now. Until the Liberal and National parties were corrupted from within by gangs of militant Christ hating homosexuals they were not winning, but now we have entered a perilous new age of rampant catamites who think and act like they control everything.

The quiet homosexual who wishes to make his peace with Jesus I have no quarrel with at all, but the vicious atheist who threatens Christians with violence and constant strife must never have any ground conceded to them.

This has been our mistake, that we have gone quietly into the good night once too often, and now this Leftist scum – who have even wormed their way into the heart of our Right-wing parties riding upon the votes of Christians they despise – feel that this country belongs to them alone.

Most of you are better Christians than I am. You hold your tongues as your rights are being prised from your fingers, and while the enemy pushes all of you together deeper and deeper into the shameful recesses. But why should you have to be pushed around like this? This was your country before it was theirs. We weren’t always a nation of faggots.

While recognising my many shortcomings I am not content to just let these vermin have their way in everything, and I would propose to you my brothers in Christ that what we need right now is the type of Christian who made our religion universal with a fixed bayonet, or in this particular instance with a sharp pen. Then let the meek inherit the earth afterwards, when they will not be instantly defiled and devoured.

The game that is played is Heaven has and always will be a Christian sport, and any attempt to rout a Godly man from the sport ought to be fought tooth and nail by any and all Christians.

That said, I look forward to the start of the new World Series rugby competition, when our lads run out against Fiji on May 4 at NIB. Thanks Twiggy.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right.

I’ll be wearing a Folau jersey on May 4. Go Force.

Golden Megalobox: Spring anime hits the canvass

By John Miller

Tuesday the 17th of April 2018


With most Spring seasonal anime already knocked the fucked out in just the second round, is it finally time to leave the house and visit some friends? Should I dust off one of the two dozen hundred-dollar console games accumulating dust that I never bothered to beat? Or God forbid, pick up a book?

Not bloody likely. I’ll find something to watch.

Netflix? A movie? I’m trying to decrease my boredom over here. Regular television? Why not just tear my eyeballs out.

No. Only anime will do now. But apart from the Patrician styles of Hinamatsuri and the surprisingly deft WIXOSS, which of the seasonals have shown any promise?

Darlingfaggoty made Best Episode and then imploded spectacularly this week back into Twilight-shit, and Golden Kamuy just got wrecked hard by Brat Loli henpecking Immortal Satoshi. Even the short anime that I liked last week failed to reprise the two characters and interesting story-line that made me want to keep watching it.

GK still has potential. Unlike Darlingshit it has an interesting setting to vibe off, and some kind of a plot. Even though Golden Kamuy doesn’t have two interesting main characters yet – unlike the first episode of Crossing Time – at least Immortal Satoshi is kind of cool, and I know that he’ll be back next week.

Brat nagging him about how to eat a squirrel is meh, but damn those top kek QUALITY moments just keep on coming. In this clip from week two we learn the traditional Ainu method for disarming men with rifles.


I keep hearing that this is the season of Manime. To be honest, most Manime is formulaic and boring.

I decided to check out Fist of the Blue Sky anyway. I even watched it for a few minutes. It was well drawn capeshit, so I’ll pass. If I liked superheroes I probably would have loved it. Here’s a clip.


Next up for a try, Persona Five. I’d already dropped Caligula for being bland and stupid, so I had low expectations for Persona Five, which like Caligula is a Jap PlayStation game that has been turned into an anime.

Unlike Caligula, the writing isn’t a complete hot mess. It has a relatable protagonist, secondary characters that are kind of engaging, and even some kind of story arc.

The writers did a good job, until the jarring contrast between the quality of the P5A backstory and the appallingly fucking QUALITY scenes related to the game become apparent in episode two. These people need to watch an episode of WIXOSS. Batoru is supposed to be make everything better, not worse.

Which brings us to Megalobox.

Anime drawn in a classic style, a story that moves along well, so what is wrong here? Perhaps a fatal flaw: What is new? Apart from robot arms.

This is a tournament show, so you kind of know exactly what to expect. All the same, the first episode was punchy, and it made me want to immediately watch the next one.

The second episode was solid, and I’m still rooting for Joe, but I could have done without the minute of hip-hop. I’m left wondering if this isn’t just going to be a 2018 by-the-numbers production of Rocky.

Anime is great because it isn’t Hollywood. Am I being suckered into wagering that the writers can defeat the boxing story formula? It’s too early to tell. I’ll probably watch the whole season anyway. I really want it to succeed.


Spring 2018 is a season of entertaining but Journeyman shows like Comic Girls, Kakuriyo, and GGO that will be watched and even punch above their weight because of a lack of competition.

Some shows will put on a surprisingly good match, like the first Spring Cour episode of  Darling and episode one of Crossing Time, only to get pummelled down to the canvas the next week. Other shows will put on an exhibition match that will leave you wanting more, and wondering if they are actually going to make it, like WIXOSS this week.

The only genuine prize fighter so far has been Hinamatsuri, with both original moves and stylish production values. The flashy Megalobox looks good and entertains, but is it only boxing by the numbers. These are still the early rounds. I’m not counting it out yet.

Status of anime: still not saved.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie who’s keen on Conservative politics, Trump, and the Anime Right. Maybe I’ll read a book though.