America wins again losers, also Boy and Bunny girl wreck mid-terms

Thursday the 18th of October, 2018

By British Wrestling


Anime is back, and the sound of those pianos means that Japan wants you to cry.

Haha anon you didn't cry did you? What a fucking faggot. Space Fishing Girls wasn't even that sad this week.

Once again America swooped in to take all the glory at the end of the conflict, effortlessly catching some Robot Space Tuna or whatever that majestic ass-pull was about.

But who really cares? The show had already been won by then.

It was a flawless victory for Pankaeki and Lemons. Guaranteed to win over any Tsundere.

Meanwhile Bunny Girl and her Shota wrecked the mid-term exams, and everyone in the school failed and must now commit sudoko. Wow, what a pair of fucking jerks.



Pretty OK little show still desus

I like how they got the love confession out of the way in episode three, so now the Romancefags who like to spend thirteen weeks getting cock-teased about an inevitable happy ending can fuck off and watch Colourblind Witch instead.

Or go twitter at their fellow Normalbots about Kimi No Wa.

Why am I even ranting about this? This ep of Bunny Girl was great, and next week we get a whole new case of AS for Shota to solve.

Science girl episode fucking when?

In what seems like less important news, H has given us a brand new wrestling show. A UK wrestling show.

I'm not starving for entertainment today, but I'll give it a shot. A sixty minute showcase of H's extraordinary talents as a booker? Hahahahahaha. What could possibly go wrong?



The real reason I'm watching? British sports fans. The UK is shit at everything else, but it has the greatest supporters in the world.

They're drunk, they're loud in a good way, and they're often very fat and entertaining.

If you've ever been to a four or five day Test at the WACA with the Barmy Army egging on the Poms, then you know exactly what I mean.

Top fucking banter, great support.

It was good to see the English going mental at Cambridge for the H's wrestling show. Big facking smiles lads. That's the way.


O America surely wishes it could still do support like this. Jog on, muppets.

I didn't even know who the Coffey Bros were, but I was more invested in the storyline of the first match than anything WWE Creative has got going on in at RAM or Smackdown after just a bit of pantomime booing. These bastards are from Glasgow? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

But seriously, learn from this UK bingo hall how to not to sit on your hands for three hours. Perhaps everyone watching the wrestling should be mandated by law to be at least as drunk as Stone Cold.

These English lads were clapping and giving it the Woaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Wa-Hey right from the get-go. Who was that Doctor Who looking mother fucker that rushed in and saved that Welsh fellow from the dastardly Scots?

Never mind that. Who are Moustache Mountain, and why are they so over just doing a promo?



Eh, does it really matter? I want to know what Dave Masters is made of. Protip: the answer is fat.

Actually, the lads chanting Mastiff's Gonna Kill Yoo to his opponent was pretty damn funny.

Do you think the fans still love their old school wrestling and a good gimmick? Indyshitting was a mistake.


Damn. I almost want to go watch Smackdown Live in, uhhh, Cardiff. Aberdeen? Brum? Crikey, maybe RAM in Manchester?

Never mind that. An Aussie girl is wrassling. Toni Storm is over with the UK crowd by the looks of it too. God God, we even got an Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi going on. Our lads are in that crowd. Fucking toppest of keks.

Giant fucking pops from the crowd. Ring announcers for main events. The crowd. Where were you when the British saved wrestling, lads?







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