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Tuesday the 20th of October, 2018

Not Ebina is a Pig Edition

By Censor All The Lolis


Holy Shit is it Tuesday already? Where did the time go?

There was that episode of Anima I was just watching, uhhh, yesterday..... and I know that another day started, because I had some Radio Girls to watch when I got up this morning.

I can see how a lot of my fellow autists never get any sleep.

Now that I'm fucking around with PCs 24/7 and once I get focussed on a task it is quite easy to just melt away a whole day and night without even blinking.

Make sure that you get out and walk around in the sun at least once a day, bros.

I took in some Bushland and bought some onions (no filters) and tomato and tuna to supplement the lettuce and avacado for my daily lunch wrap.

It felt kind of weird not eating it at my desk, but now that my """work""" is my home and I don't have a cleaner to come by every night I'm mindful of attracting pests if I eat in my room. Plus I really like sitting in the Sun.



Sophie wins the Bannerbowl again for Week Seven of Fall Cour. I fucking love my Tonari Saturdays.

If there is anyone more chill than Sofe then I would like to meet them.

Scared of lightning? Why not go back to sleep? Noice.

Junko and Cornflakes were also banner worthy, but I'm more of a Sakifag or LEGENDbro. Also, SHRIMPY GANG.

So anyhow, I've been playing around with audio a lot, as I'll have to make all my own noises.

This meant I had to play a lot of Vidya and pay attention to the audio (sigh), and then I got to playing around with sound files and when I woke up it was a different day.

I really LOVE the OST that came with Mechanicus, and right now I'm listening to it way more than I'm playing the actual game itself.



That was that one image I grabbed of Nana from last week's ep of Radio Girls that got bannered, plus a Chloe-banner because it was her week, with some peak Siri Asuka from this week to break up the banner dumps.

Last couple of days I've been going through my five gigs of Monogatari OSTs. No particular reason, except I enjoy listenting to them. I don't think they'll be useful for creating a Minoan vibe or anything like that.

There has been a lot of shilling for Bat by the BIDF on 4channel lately. What the fuck is wrong with these 4channelers? Snail has always been best Monogatari. /a/channel needs a lesson in taste.

Hey newfriends. Fresh off the boat, kid? Bat is fine, so is Doll, but Snail is Best.

Heh, forget about what the trannys at 8dit and Redgag told you, here at 4channel if it lacks a backpack, it has to go back.

So here is your Snail OP from Bake with Emiri Kato.

It's no Perfect Slumbers, but it's very kawaii and Patrician as fuck.



I snuck the last of my bannerposting in there too.

Say what you like about White Fox being sloppy and lazy with GS, they really put some good work in on the model for Sword Maiden, and I thought her scars were bannerworthy.

OK I got a lot of fucking around on PCs to do, so God only knows when I'll be back.

Japan isn't doing anything noteworthy until the Shrimpy episode drops on Thursday night, and the Jews have destroyed all other forms of entertainment.

Even Vidya is looking pretty desolate until Smash drops, but I'll be playing Hitman, Soul 6, and Warhammer until then. Plus some more Mechanicus I guess, and maybe some more Arthur if I get really bored.

I was looking at the Bayeux Tapestry today and was thinking of writing about the Normans, but then I went for a walk instead and lost interest.

Also I got a lot of shit to do if I ever want to make a gayme. Later fags.



Full Disclosure: [Censor All The Lolis]'s real name is [Snail>Doll>Incest>Riffraff>Shit>Snek]. I'm a [FBI Specialist] who's [Interested In Normans] and [What The Fuck Is A 4channel].



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