Boomers crush all dissent: Franking credits now, franking credits forever

Sunday the 19th of Mecha, 2019

Heil Boomers Edition

By I For One Would Like To Welcome Our New Boomer Overlords


Well you young Boomers, it's Sunday here, and I still haven't prepared a proper sermon yet for my new Church. Also my (hopefully not) fag younger sister wants to go watch the Niggerball today, which means that I'm going to get dragged out to a Pub some time in the next few hours.

Apparently Perth is in the Finals or some shit. Yay, Perth.

It's my own fault for liking it when she was an impressionable child I guess. I wonder if Jamie is still playing? Probably not.

In any case, I'll probably just steal one of George Whitefield's sermons. He was Reformed, and one of the founders of the Evangelical Movenment, and a good Empire man to boot.

I think he was good chums with the Methodist Brothers back at Oxford in jolly old England when the Church of England was on one of its many flameouts, and the new breed were stepping up. 1780s? 1790s? Something like that.

Heh, wonder what they'd think if they saw all the fucking Antichrist homos that took over the Churches they founded. All those Liberal Arts colleges the CofE evangelicals founded too. Every single one of them overrun with poofs and atheists now. Bloody Disgusting.

Protestantism can do better, and it should.

Don't expect too much from me though lads, I'm probably irredeemable. But at least you're in a safe pair of hands with Jesus. So look to him, first, second and last.



So what else, what else...

How about those fucking Boomers. Actually it was a pretty comfy night, even though I didn't vote. All those salty fucking faggots that came to aus/pol/ to troll, stuttering about Climate Change and shit. I'm not on that board a lot these days, but elections are always fun. Especially when Fabian Socialist Zoomers are having their hopes and aspirations crushed by Uncle Boomer. Sipps.

Now I've got a whole week or maybe even a month of hearing them whine about how the Earth is Kill. The amount of tears that ScoMo is pulling out of frightened ten year old girls ought to be a criminal offence, lads.

Tones is out, Dutto got over and gave the best speech of the night. I think he pissed Penny Wong off so much that she went home and beat up her wife. Lesbian domestic violence is real, boys. Unlike lesbians themselves, who are just placeholders for Chad or Daddy.

Here's a video I prepared earlier about Lesbians. See if you can tell where I fucked the audio up playing with the keyframe sliders. Also where my PC shat itself juggling too many balls.



Fucking Queensland killed em though. Thank you for the laughs, based Queensland.

Not to mention Based Fatman hoovering up all those votes which cost the Leftycunts one or two seats in Tassie, and probably saved a shitload for the Boomers in a bunch of states.

By the time it got to the West it was All Ogre. The first returns had the Labour primary down 10% here or some shit. Based WA, kicking a commie faggot when he's down and gasping for air.

Actually thought Labour was going to do a lot better here this time, but instead they bled hard to One Nation. And the Boomer vote was rock fucking solid.

Makes me think I should just get back on the Boomer path, lads. It's almost fucking ineviatble, and I was almost done with Accounting Grad School.

Eh, I'll probably get arrested for being a Nazi soon anyway. Which is a reasonably solid social position in Western Australia the Swan River Penal Colony, so who gives a fuck.

Can't wait for my Harley Davidson and racist Philipino wife though lads.



George Whitefield sermon on the The Heinous Sin of Profane Cursing and Swearing

Matthew 5:34, "But I say unto you, Swear not at all."

Among the many heinous sins for which this nation is grown infamous, perhaps there is no one more crying, but withal more common, than the abominable custom of profane swearing and cursing. Our streets abound with persons of all degrees and qualities, who are continually provoking the holy one of Israel to anger, by their detestable oaths and blasphemies: and our very children, "out of whose mouths," the psalmist observes in his days, "was perfected praise," are now grown remarkable for the quite opposite ill quality of cursing and swearing.

This cannot but be a melancholy prospect, for every sincere and honest minister of Jesus Christ, to view his fellow-creatures in; and such as will put him on contriving some means to prevent the spreading at least of so growing an evil; knowing that the Lord (without repentance) will assuredly visit for these things. But alas! what can he do?



Public animadversions are so neglected amongst us, that we seldom find a common swearer punished as the laws direct. And as for private admonition, men are now so hardened through the deceitfulness of sin, that to give them sober and pious advice, and to show them the evil of their doings, is but like "casting pearls before swine; they only turn again and rend you." Since matters then are come to this pass, all that we can do is, that as we are appointed watchmen and ambassadors of the Lord, it our duty from time to time to show the people their transgression, and warn them of their sin; so that whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear, we however may deliver our own souls.

That I therefore may discharge my duty in this particular, give me leave, in the name of God, humbly to offer to your most serious consideration, some few observations on the words of the text, in order to show the heinousness of profane cursing and swearing.

But, before I proceed directly to the prosecution of this point, it will be proper to clear this precept of our Lord from a misrepresentation that has been put on it by some, who infer from hence, that our Savior prohibits swearing before a magistrate, when required on a solemn and proper occasion. But that all swearing is not absolutely unlawful for a Christian, is evident from the writings of St. Paul, whom we often find upon some solemn occasions using several forms of imprecation, as, "I call God as witness;" "God is my judge;" "By your rejoicing in Christ Jesus," and suchlike.



And that our savior does by no means forbid swearing before a magistrate, in the words now before us, is plain, if we consider the sense and design he had in view, when he gave his disciples this command. Permit me to observe to you then, that our blessed master had set himself, from the 27th verse of the chapter, out of which the text is taken, to vindicate and clear the moral law from the corrupt glosses and misconstruction of the Pharisees, who then sat in Moses's chair, but were notoriously faulty in adhering too closely to the literal expression of the law, without ever considering the due extent and spiritual meaning of it.

Accordingly they imagined, that because God had said, "Thou shalt not commit adultery," that therefore, supposing a person was not guilty of the very act of adultery, he was not chargeable with the breach of the seventh commandment. And likewise in the matter of swearing, because God had forbidden his people, in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy, "to take his name in vain," or to swear falsely by his name; they therefore judged it lawful to swear by any creature in common discourse, supposing they did not directly mention the name of God.



Our blessed Savior therefore, in the words now before us, rectifies this their mistake about swearing, as he had done in the verses immediately forgoing, concerning adultery, and tells the people, that whatever allowances the Pharisees might give to swear by any creature, yet he pronounced it absolutely unlawful for any of his followers to do so. "You have heard, that it has been said by them of old time," (namely, by the Pharisees and teachers of the Jewish law) "Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but perform unto the Lord thine oaths; but I say unto you," (I who am appointed by the Father to be the great prophet and true law-giver of his church) "Swear not at all, (in your common conversation) neither by heaven for it is God's throne; (and therefore to swear by that, is to swear by Him that sits thereon) neither by the earth, for it is his foot-stool; nor by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King; neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black: but let your communications (which plainly shows that Christ is here speaking of swearing, not before a magistrate, but in common conversation) let your communication be yea, yea; nay, nay, (a strong affirmation or negation at the most); for whatsoever is more than this, cometh of evil;" that is, cometh from an evil principle, from the evil one, the devil, the author of all evil.

Which by the way, methinks, should be a caution to all such persons, who, though not guilty of swearing in the gross sense of the word, yet attest the truth of what they are speaking of, though ever so trifling, by saying, Upon my life, -- as I live, -- by my faith, -- by the heavens, and such like: which expressions, however harmless and innocent they may be esteemed by some sorts of people, yet are the very oaths which our blessed Lord condemns in the words immediately following the text; and persons who use such unwarrantable forms of speaking, must expect to be convicted and condemned as swearers, at our Savior's second coming to judge the world.

End of Part I


Well that's time for me. Gotta go see my sister of she'll get angery. Stay cool, everybody.

GOTT MIT UNS, Heil Dutto, and Goodbye.

Full Disclosure: [I For One Would Like To Welcome Our New Boomer Overlords]'s real name is [Lol fk Climate Change]. I'm a [Perth Glory Specialist] who's [Vaguely interested in Winning the Cup or Whatever] and [Who the Fuck are we even playing though].



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